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Episode Thoughts

Here’s a list of episodes of Tenkai Knights that focus on a specific character.

- Guren
The Tenkai Kid
Two Sides to Every Coin
Tenkai Rogue
No I in Team

- Ceylan
* Tenkai Dragon Cube
The Power Of Four
* Tributon Extreme
Oh No I Didn’t
Double Crossed
Corrupted Earth

- Chooki
Chooki’s Mojo

- Toxsa
Toxsa 2.0
Extreme Titan

* (These two are debatable since they only had two characters in the first one and there’s not actually that much focus on Ceylan even though his name is there.)

We’ve just completed a round of “upgrade” episodes where the 4 kids all gain their elemental power. This means next we’ll probably get a few character development episodes. The next episode is called “Dojo Mojo”. It could be a plot episode, but I’m leaning heavily towards it being a Chooki episode. He and Toxsa are short on character eps, and Toxsa has one right after this. Not only that, in the episode where he got his elemental power, he was shafted in favor of advancing Guren’s character. Plus the last episode with the word Mojo in it was about Chooki, and it’s quite a specific word.

What are all three Chooki episodes about? They’re about his imperfections. He’s forced to face the fact that he has flaws and accept them. The last mojo episode had Granox hitting him with the bad luck gun, but I don’t think that’s what it’ll be about. Instead I think the word dojo is suspect here. Since on Quarton training happens in fields and rocks and stuff, I think the dojo will probably be on earth.

There are two characters who might have a dojo. The first is Mr. White, though honestly I feel like maybe he’d have shown them something like that by now. The other is Gen. Why Gen? Did you even see that huge penthouse he lives in? Plus he seems well conditioned, he probably trains (in fact in his backstory montage he was punching a punching bag.)

This also ties back to the episode being about Chooki. Gen is the only human character who’s beaten Chooki at something so far (outside of fishing or with bad luck.) Gen hasn’t appeared much, but maybe now that they’re done powering up, he’ll suggest to training or something to them, and then maybe Chooki will have a sort of rivalry with Gen, what with Gen having been basically as untouchable as Chooki in most episodes. Mostly I just want to see some more Gen, he HAS to do something soon he just has to.

Next there is “Toxic Toxsa”. This is obviously going to be a Toxsa episode (especially since it’s highly unlikely to just be a powerup thing like Tributon Extreme.) My episode predictions here are pretty straightforward and conservative. Wakamei knows about the Tenkai Knights now. Toxsa mentioned that Toxic is a name that Wakamei calls him. Toxsa’s last episode was about Wakamei, and really, you can’t have Toxsa without Wakamei.

What I’m saying is, I think the episode is going to involve Wakamei. There’s just so many things to do with her, and the sister angle is the biggest part of Toxsa’s character right now (although I do want them to explore his insecurities being the youngest which I think are there a bit more.) I mean in the episode with Guren’s dad, Wakamei was practically a part of their little group.

The exact meaning of “Toxic” in the episode name is a little questionable. It could just be to reference the name, or it might actually be relevant. I’d be inclined to believe maybe he feels he’s some sort of weak link, but really that’s Ceylan’s area of expertise. Maybe it could involve some unguessable new scheme that the Corrupted have. Maybe it might have to do with finding a boyfriend from Wakamei. Who knows. Not me.

The next episode according to the wiki is “Flight Knight”. This episodes’ the hardest one to guess at the meaning of. Chooki is a bee, according to his japanese name apparently, and his elemental form sort of looks like wing things maybe kinda. Gen is now a knight, and since he’s probably not going away, he might have a character episode at some point. Maybe Ceylan’s dad’s job could even come into play, and there could be a literal flight. This could even not be a character episode, and just be a plot point. Just things to think about, I don’t have any strong thoughts yet.

The last listed episode is “Beware Betrayal”. So someone betrays someone. Historically these betrayal episode titles have been hard (for me) to predict. In “Double Crossed” it was Eurus, and not Dromus (like I had assumed) who did a betrayal. In “Dromus Betrayed” it was Beni, and not Vilius (like I had assumed) who did a betrayal. And it wasn’t even a real betrayal that time. Still though I will try to predict the basics of the episode.

Who can betray whom? You’ve got the Guardians are all under Vilius’ control, so they’re probably out of the picture until the next big finale. Slyger, Granox, Mr. White, and Beag aren’t going to betray anyone, they just aren’t. Mr. White is sometimes a little suspicious, but I don’t think it would really be a betrayal more than a secret reveal if he was going to be evil. Vilius doesn’t really have anyone to betray (Beni?) so I don’t think it’ll be him either.

I don’t think Gen is going to betray the Tenkai Knights. He just got done being on their side, reversing all that character development is for poopheads. Sometimes Tenkai Knights does some strange stuff, but for core things like this, it usually plays it by the book without any crazy twists.

I don’t think Beni will betray anyone. She’s shown no real allegiance to Vilius, (actually, have they even talked.) Hard to betray someone you weren’t working with in the first place. And I don’t think she’ll betray the Tenkai Knights again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. A second betrayal in this way wouldn’t be interesting.

So this leaves one of the Tenkai Knights. One of Ceylan’s episodes is just about him going Titan mode, and one is the recent one where he runs away from Granox. The other four though are all about some combination of him being a reluctant hero, his low self-esteem, and drama about quitting the team.

Do you know what the logical conclusion to this sort of thing is? It’s having Ceylan betray the Tenkai Knights in some way. Now you might ask “but none of the TK are evil, I just can’t imagine Ceylan being evil.” But he doesn’t really have to go full-fledged evil. He just has to go rogue like Beni. Someone as insecure as Ceylan could have any number of reasons for doing this. But in the end, when push comes to shove, he’d turn back to the good side, restoring the status quo.

That’s my crack theory anyway, which is really just extant because I ship Ceylan and Beni. Something more reasonable would be something boring like Granox or Slyger pretending to be good. This fits more in with the “Beware” part of the title (which implies that the betrayal is seriously threatening in some way.) But I find it within the realm of possibility for my previous theory to be right. And so it’s the one I’m supporting.

To summarize my predictions:

Dojo Mojo - Gen has a dojo, Chooki is also a focus
Toxic Toxsa - Wakamei. Just Wakamei
Flight Knight - Who knows, maybe setup for Beware Betrayal
Beware Betrayal - Ceylan goes rogue like Beni

If any of these are wrong I’ll feel like a butt because I wrote up this huge post about it. I’m bored. I can’t help it .-.