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1. The magazine that reported the Brit after party fiasco was Lifestyle & if you go to their website they only give you a snippet. You had to buy the magazine to see the whole story but someone posted it on a blog & I saved it, so I'll be sending them in parts bc it's really long lol. You might wanna post this all together in the end so it makes sense chronologically. The story is also backed up by the snippets we got to see of Tayvin in a behind-the-scenes video by a BBC presenter

After the BRIT Awards last Wednesday at London’s O2 Arena, Taylor Swift – winner of the night’s International Female Solo Artist award – got very touchy-feely with Best Single runner-up Calvin Harris – and heat witnessed the entire thing. Yep, the hand-holding, the protective arm, the seductive dance moves and the moment when Calvin moved his hand down from Taylor’s waist, put it on her bottom and kept it there. Let’s just take a moment to get our breath back and start from the beginning…

11:20PM Taylor, 25, arrives with supermodel BFF Karlie Kloss at her record label Universal’s after-party at the Soho House pop up in Holborn, London, and heads straight to the VIP area with a ten-strong entourage (and a man whose only job seems to be carrying her lime green handbag).

 11:45PM Twenty-five minutes later, Calvin, 31, arrives with his mate, Theo Hutchcraft from Hurts. After a trip to the bar, he heads up to the VIP area where Taylor is hanging out with Karlie K, Ellie Goulding and Cara Delevingne.

 12:41AM Just under an hour later, as Nick Grimshaw takes to the decks for his DJ set, Calvin leaves the VIP area holding Taylor’s hand. He leads her, along with Ellie, Karlie and various members of their entourage, up to dance behind Nick on the stage. As everyone rushes forward to dance behind Nick – Ellie, in particular, throwing some serious shapes – Taylor and Calvin move towards the back of the crowd and don’t stop talking for eight minutes. (We counted.) Taylor laughs as Calvin speaks into her ear and she drapes her arm over his shoulder to get closer. It doesn’t end there. Taylor starts showing off her best bump-’n’-grind dance moves right in front of him and it’s sexier than her Shake It Off video. Calvin can’t take his eyes off Taylor as she jiggles away in front of him, and Taylor seems to delight in having Calvin’s full attention.

 *PS This part is what the anon was talking about* After about 30 seconds, the pair resume their chat with more gusto than before – until they are interrupted by a male fan wanting a selfie with Tay-Tay. He steps towards them and motions for Taylor to have a picture. She looks as though she is about to agree, but Calvin takes her hand and pulls her away from the fan. He keeps his arm around her waist, but moves it onto her bum as they chat.

00:56AM After 15 minutes, Taylor and Calvin walk back towards the VIP section. Ellie follows with the entourage, plus somehefty bouncers who shout, “No pictures,” as people clamber around to get a photo of Tay. Back in VIP, we watch the pair carry on chatting, even though it looks like they have moved into a quiet corner to be alone.

Here’s the Brit Award after party story.