lime candy

Friskriel but as Soriel. kinda.

it’s actually a bit refreshing, a flustered Frisk for a change xD
maybe it’s just me, but this ended up with an oddly Studio Ghibli sorta feel

2015 Aveleda “Quinta da Aveleda” Vinho Verde

You know what summertime is? It’s vinho verde time! Get your own bottle! This one’s taken. Lemon, apple, pear, and a hint of grass on the nose. Lemon, apple, pear, with a hint of lime and candied pineapple, nicely balanced by minerality on the palate. A little sparkle on the tongue but remember, there’s no added carbonation!

4/5 bones


Loureiro, Trajadura, Alvarinho

11% abv

Vinho Verde, PORTUGAL


You are sleeping peacefully in your bed
Suddenly, all the lights turn on
You hear sirens and see flashing lights
Lime green and candy red are everywhere
Thousands of people wearing colorful pajamas, astrological signs, and horns appear out of nowhere
The air is filled with the soft chant of 413, which slowly rises to a roar, and then a scream.

The homestucks have awoken. Your sh*t is wrecked.