etsyfindoftheday | 6.25.17

organic face and body soap collection by evyjoandco

sometimes it’s hard to choose just one scented soap, but this 4-pack saves you the trouble of trying to decide! you get a true variety:

  • lime + eucalyptus tonifying green tea
  • patchouli + olibanum exfoliating charcoal
  • rose + ylang ylang purifying clay
  • may chang + geranium moisturizing coconut milk

and you even get a wooden soap dish!! :D

anonymous asked:

2p Canada finding out that their kidnapped s/o is gone, only to find them crying on the floor of his basement saying that he should punish them because they tried to get away and they regret it?

James was getting a bit desperate. He hadn’t seen s/o anywhere for almost the entire day. He opened the basement door, just to make sure. Oddly enough they were there crying. S/O looked up and ran to James. “Maple…what are you doing down here?” James asked, holding them close. “I-I tried to l-l-leave and I was almost k-killed by wolves and I got lost…..you need to punish me!” S/O yelped through their tears. James was baffled by it in all honesty. While he was upset they tried to run away….they still came back. “Go ahead! Do what you want! I deserve it” S/O practically demanding. James sighed and carried them upstairs, listening to them ramble and cry. “Look…I’m upset that you tried to leave but, you did come back” he told them, only to hear them object and demand a punishment. “If you really want a punishment, then just stay next to me the whole day or something” he commanded awkwardly. “C’mon something new! I need it…” S/O pressured. That gave him an idea. “If you really want to be punished, then how about we take this upstairs” he suggested with a sly smirk. S/O nodded. “Whatever you’d like”.