Reflecting on 2012: A Journey of Transformation, Rediscovery and Gratitude

I’ll try not to natter on too long here.

2011 was a year of enormous personal upheaval and transformation for me, and the aftershocks continued to reverberate through 2012.  Birth is painful and long, arduous work, so I suppose it stands to reason that rebirth would be likewise.  But there are many things for which I am very grateful - and one of them happens to be you folks.  For through the exercise of becoming involved in this fandom, of undertaking and completing Project Wendy - of letting myself be open to possibility in a way to which I’m unaccustomed - I’ve learned, or perhaps relearned, some things about myself which are incredibly empowering.

So I humbly thank you, my friends and followers, for your interest and support.  I hope I will continue to be worthy of your attention.

If nothing else, 2013 should be good for a few laughs, as I no doubt will continue to make a right cake of myself…

Happy New Year - and #MadLove to you all!