Art of the Day: Gem with Herakles at Rest
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This gem shows Herakles reclining to left, resting on the lion skin: The lion tail is visible between the hero’s legs, while fur and paw appear behind his back and below his right leg. His right hand rests with the club on the ground next to him, while he raises a large kantharos with his left in front or him. A (palm?) tree behind the hero indicates scenery. Depictions of Herakles reclining are attested as early as the 6th century BC, but the sculptural type was introduced only in the 4th century BC. It shows the almost always aged and bearded hero resting from his labors and as symposiast, associating him with the world of Dionysos. It became a popular and widespread theme in Hellenistic and Roman times (see LIMC 4 (1988), s.v. Herakles, 777). Learn more about this object in our art site:
Reflecting on 2012: A Journey of Transformation, Rediscovery and Gratitude

I’ll try not to natter on too long here.

2011 was a year of enormous personal upheaval and transformation for me, and the aftershocks continued to reverberate through 2012.  Birth is painful and long, arduous work, so I suppose it stands to reason that rebirth would be likewise.  But there are many things for which I am very grateful - and one of them happens to be you folks.  For through the exercise of becoming involved in this fandom, of undertaking and completing Project Wendy - of letting myself be open to possibility in a way to which I’m unaccustomed - I’ve learned, or perhaps relearned, some things about myself which are incredibly empowering.

So I humbly thank you, my friends and followers, for your interest and support.  I hope I will continue to be worthy of your attention.

If nothing else, 2013 should be good for a few laughs, as I no doubt will continue to make a right cake of myself…

Happy New Year - and #MadLove to you all!