limbs disarm

Thank you to the Limbs-Disarm collective in Italy for screenprinting this illustration called “Balor’s Banquet’.  The drawing relates to the Fomorians (Fomoire) who were hostile Gods of chaos and wild nature here in Ireland.


Hér Ferr Hafdjarfr ~ Here sails the Sea-Brave.

Hand drawn by us, available here in our shop!

Bryggen, Bergen, Norway – Some time during the early middle ages an unknown master runer carefully carved a Juniper stick with outstanding and meaningful designs. Still incredibly evocative of that past, the stick represents a complete Viking war fleet in all its power and glory, probably ready to sail, with dragonheads and pennants dominating the scene. On the reverse side of the stick is written Hér ferr Hafdjarfr, which literally means ‘Here sails the Sea-Brave’, either meaning an entire fleet or referring to the particular name (Hafdjarfr) of a local sea bold.
Juniper itself was definitely not a random choice for the job. Part of the cypress family, it is one of the most widespread conifers and Vikings, being seamen and adventures who spread throughout Europe and beyond, would have found it everywhere. From warm and sunny Mediterranean places to the freezing landscapes of Norway, Greenland and Iceland, thus infusing a sense of longevity and immortality.
This worn out flag is the celebration of one of the most evocative archaeological findings in Scandinavian history and, in particular, of its Viking Age.


Serie of patches taken from elements of the Hilton of Cadboll Pictish stone, one of the most remarkable shallow relief stones of the Pictish culture. The original stone, found at Hilton, Easter Ross (Ros an Ear), is now housed in the Museum of Edinburgh.

From top to bottom, the Hilton of Cadboll stone shows the typical Pictish Z Rod with discs, a V Rod and a couple of circles with an extremely interlaced knotwork. Below this iconography, the original stone also shows a scene, often called a ‘narrative scene’, depicting a hunting and a lady on horse, alongside incredibly precise and harmonic floreal interlaces.

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Artwork by our very talented friend @sfitzgerald-art