“I want to be free…. free… I thought it would have been time by now. the pain multiplies infinitely. never stops. (yet(¿?) im here, STILL alone, still in pain. so is she. The thing i have concluded is that fate will decide when we should be together. Decided when our existence started, it should end the same way, with us unknowing, in limbo. I love you [edited]. Always have, will. The scenarios, images, pieces of happiness still come. They always will.”

- Dylan Klebold 1/20/99


Jimmy Fallon taps on his desk a few times as he moves onto his next question. “Hey, you’re married now, right?”

You give a wide grin that only a happy newlywed can. “Yep, officially a Hiddleston now!” The audience cheers for you and you smile even wider.

“You’re changing your name, taking his name?”

“Jimmy, I’ll be honest with you - I take everything that man offers me,” you wink playfully and laugh loudly when Jimmy blushes and give his own laugh.

“Hey, this’ll sound really weird but, is it true that you kind of created loads of crossovers, like fan crossovers?”

“You mean ‘cos of the wedding?”

“Yeah,” Jimmy chuckles.

“Well, I didn’t ‘create’ these crossovers, not exactly. What happened is, uh, I’m in Sherlock, and me and Tom are both in the Marvel Universe, so we had guests from all different fandoms. And when photos of the wedding started coming up online, the internet - mostly Tumblr - did some amazing and hilarious things with these photos.”

“I think we have some,” Jimmy offers, pointing to a monitor with a few photos of yours and Tom’s wedding.

The first photo is of you and Tom kissing at the altar. “Ah, that one” you start, “is called ‘Agent Smith and Loki’. Agent Smith is my character’s code name in Sherlock and obviously Tom is Loki from Marvel.”

The second photo is of Scarlett Johansson and Martin Freeman doing the limbo. “Yep, ‘Black Widow vs Watson: Limbo Edition’.”

“Who won?” Jimmy teased.

“I think it was a firm tie!”

The next photo comes up. “Oh my god, this is my favourite!” The picture shows Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr having a pretty intense conversation. “The best one ever: ‘No Shit Sherlock Squared’.” Jimmy and the entire audience laugh outrageously. “What you don’t know is that in that photo, Ben and Robert are actually arguing about whose Sherlock is better. But, get this, they’re arguing for the other guy’s version! Like, Ben was saying that Robert was better, and Robert was saying Ben’s better.”

“What happened next?”

“Deadpool came up behind them both and shoved them into a coat closet and told them they couldn’t come out until they had sex. Best. Wedding. Ever!”



Codiac can jump between worlds by deleting herself whereas CODEC cannot delete himself. However, Codiac can ONLY delete when she is in Limbo and nothing else. Codiac is all-powerful in her world.

CODEC can build (Method 1), delete, and edit in Limbo using preexisting objects. He cannot build by pulling stray codes from Blackout. CODEC is all-powerful in his world but he can’t control his powers.