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INSIDE by Playdead



Much like Limbo, INSIDE is just as mysterious from the start, though while playing, you get a lot more insight to what may be going on, but you don’t get any definitive explanations. It all starts when you press your first button. A boy with a red shirt, no face, and black pants slides down some rocks into what seems to be a wooded area. As you move through this place it quickly becomes apparent that there’s something really fucked up going on as the boy starts to hide from the men in masks that are seen around this place. It also becomes quickly apparent that the light is not your friend. It’s always comforting knowing that you are forced to be in the dark or you’ll die. Fun fun. But nothing in this game can make you fear the light more than you’ll fear the water.

As you are forced to escape these men in the masks, you slowly begin to realize that there are few things found alive other than these men and maybe a few feathered friends. The first dead creatures you encounter are on the outskirts of a farm where several dead pigs lay about in the streets or piled up on a cart that you so excitedly get to jump into at one point.


As you traverse this farm, trying to find your way through on a linear path, you realize what may have killed all the swine. In a small garden plot and sticking out of several orifices of the pigs laying around, you’ll see squirmy little parasites that, for some reason, don’t seem to have any interest in you whatsoever.

The deeper you go into this town the more fucked up things become. Not even just in the puzzle sense or the death sense, you come to realize that a whole lot more is going on and these government-like people are easily behind it all. Could this be a take on Area 51? Possibly. That would be insanely amazing actually. One can only imagine as there isn’t much to go on as you try and penetrate these vague secrets.

From mind control of a dead vessel to the marching of corpses through the streets of an abandoned town… all the way to horrific scientific experimentation. While I love me some scary games and fucked up happenings, this game made my stomach hurt and I loved every twinge of pain. This game grabs at your emotions and not in a way you would expect. You feel a sense of love and fear while playing this game. You feel a mixture of emotions FOR this game that make you feel like a terrible person. The reason being… Most of those emotions are super positive.


I can’t have much to say here. I bought INSIDE on steam and I changed the controls to suit me.

As far as smoothness… this is a mediocre gamer’s wet dream. They take real physics to an extreme in this game.

Graphics and Gameplay-

No game will probably ever feel like this. You don’t normally get a feeling of dread or real fright from a game like you do this one. I bring to your attention again the phrase I just used: This is a gamer’s wet dream. While the graphics are very minimalist, the fluidity of movement in this game is incredible. One thing I would like to touch on… all over. I will touch on this point until it is deflowered completely. The fact that Playdead could make a faceless child have so much emotion packed into his tiny body is just incredible to me. The way he looks over at things and the way you can hear his scared shitless breathing and the way he hides… It is really incredible.

No game will probably ever feel like this. You don’t normally get a feeling of dread or real fright from a game like you do this one.

The underwater shots are incredible as well. Just look at that.

The physics in this game are probably the best I’ve ever seen. Not one time will you see evidence of anything non-realistic as far as weight distribution or falling/jumping animations. It is just… UGH I CAN’T GUSH ENOUGH OVER THIS GAME. IT. IS. INCREDIBLE.

My take on things-

This is a game everyone should play. I don’t care if you don’t like scary games or sidescrollers or you just plain don’t play games. This game needs to be appreciated by all. I am actually considering writing a fan fiction… I have to really obsess over something to write a fanfic about it. I may never write it but you can bet I’ll make sweet brain love to the idea.

I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get as mad at this game as I thought I would. I was more nervous to the point where I needed to take a break or I was going to barf. This game… it’s just messed up. If it wasn’t for the Game Grumps playthrough I probably wouldn’t have made it through this game.

If I had to give any hints or tips about this game here is what I would tell you…

  1. The light is bad. Avoid the light. If there is another way you can go to avoid the light, do it.
  2. Don’t be too hasty. It may torture you the entire time but you need to take your time a lot in this game. Sometimes… you won’t find the answer until you wait a few seconds.
  3. Sometimes… you have to be caught.

After playing through this game, I would have to say that I love going online to discussions and seeing what other people’s theories for this game are. I have found one that I am particularly fond of. I may even post a few good theories I’ve found a little later on. 

I highly recommend this game to everyone, everyone’s mother, grandmother, newborn babies, and pets.

This game is just… incredible. Oh… and don’t forget about the secret alternate ending. Winkity wink wink.


Touhou Shinhiroku ~ Urban Legend in Limbo Trailer!

The graphics, effects and music look so awesome OMG. Too bad there’s no Youmu.

…Or Watatsuki sisters.