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546.5 - Cottonee are blown around by the wind due to their lightweight composition. These Pokemon are more comfortable living in large groups, which often looks like a cloud on a windy day. They are clumsy as their limbs develop, and are known to frequently trip and tumble about until they better learn to keep their footing. The experience of blowing around in the sunlight seems essential to their evolution, as captive Cottonee require frequent exposure to a Sun Stone to evolve.

Named: Cottonee - Tumblee - Whimsicott

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How I personally would change Steven Universe (LONG POST)

First off I would keep all of Season 2. The first two seasons are almost perfect minus some filler but over all it’s fine. After Same Old World would be Steven Floats and then the Lapis arc would begin.

Peridot would stay in the barn but turn it into a sort of lab. She learns about Earth there and repeatedly tries to make herself new limb enhancers (Maybe using the crystal gem star emblem). Lapis would refuse to stay with her so she ends up temporarily staying with Steven in the temple on the couch. The next episodes would be Drop Beat Dad and Mr. Greg just so Greg can become a millionaire for later and so Pearl’s Rose arc can finally end. Barn Mates would never happen and I would replace it with a Lapis arc similar to what Peridot got.

It would start with Alone at Sea. This sets up Lapis’s arc. The goal is to get Lapis comfortable around the gems and with herself so she can get to a position to confront Jasper confidently. Lapis sees her in AoS to assure her that Jasper is still out there.

After that would begin episodes where she spends time with each gem.

* An episode with Amethyst would come first. Since they share a similar sense of humor and Amethyst was not in the war, they get along fast. Lapis is then warmed up to the other gems but not as fast as with Amethyst.

*Then an episode with Pearl. Since Pearl is now an independent gem and has gotten over the loss of Rose, Pearl helps Lapis forgive herself for putting Steven in dangerous situations multiple times. Lapis and Pearl’s reckless mistakes are addressed.

*An episode with Garnet where she helps Lapis become more comfortable with fusion again. Maybe Ruby and Sapphire interact unfused to help Lapis see what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like?

After this is a bit of breather from Lapis before the pay off.

Too Short To Ride

Beach City Drift

Greg The Babysitter

Afterwards, the Jasper story would come in. 

Gem Hunt

Crack The Whip

Steven vs. Amethyst



Some changes though. Lapis would accompany Steven, Amethyst and Peridot. The beginning of Beta where they are at the barn shows Lapis begrudgingly warming up to Peridot (and some Amedot set up). They go to the Beta Kindergarten and Lapis finally confronts Jasper. They fight (Maybe Lapis has a little water pouch like Katara from Avatar or something) and Steven and Amethyst fuse to form Smokey Quartz. This is important for Lapis because she sees two gems fuse to better eachother and overcome their own insecurities. 

Know Your Fusion takes place showing that there can basically be infinite rooms in the temple so Lapis gets one. Maybe they also explain the temple’s heart and that plays a part in making rooms for gems that aren’t fusions of Ame, Garnet, Pearl or Rose. At this point, Lapis is developed and can be squared away for other episodes.

The New Lars

Monster Reunion

(A Peridot episode where she finally builds new limb enhancers)

Hit The Diamond

All the gems would be at Peridot’s barn lab anyways.

Next would come Bismuth. Now I actually think this episode is great and can stay largely the same. Maybe with some more dialogue from the gems at the end. Plus it would get Steven doubting Rose but Bismuth assuring him that he is his own person. 

Back To the Moon


So to recap Season 3. Lapis was freed and developed. She confronted Jasper and had her misdeeds addressed along with Pearl. Pearl is over Rose. Rubies are introduced. Peridot studies Earth in her lab and keeps her personality from Season 2. She develops new Limb Enhancers that also help maximize her metal bending powers. Steven is now doubting if Rose was as perfect as the people around him say she was.

Onto Season 4.

Buddy’s Book

Mindful Education

Last One Out of Beach City

Three Gems and a Baby

(Put the filler the Crewniverse loves so much here)

(Pearl and Mystery Girl date episode with Steven, Peridot and Amethyst spying. Amedot side story. Mystery Girl changes her hair style and color and either it works out anyways and they get along or Pearl leaves because she realizes that she only liked her because she looked like Rose)

Garnet Episode not focused on fusion

Steven’s Dream. 

In Steven’s Dream, Peridot flies them to Korea in the Ruby ship just to establish that she IS the pilot.  Peridot stays behind though as Greg and Steven explore Korea and see Blue Diamond. Blue Diamond is also much more cold and scary looking until she is actually seen mourning by Greg. Just to explain BD, she has an admiration of humans that comes from Pink Diamond and she has a sensitive side (hence her mourning PD) but is still a cold calculated tyrant when her guard isn’t down. 

Adventures in Light Distortion

Gem Heist

The Zoo. The Zoo isn’t portrayed as a utopia though but more as a scary… well… human zoo. The humans have basically no free will as they have just been following this voice their whole life like they’re brain dead. It isn’t pleasant. 

That Will Be All. The Gems need to know that the Diamonds could begin abducting Earthlings for info on the gems by the end of the episode.

Storm in the Room. Here’s the main thing here. Make Steven see how bs it is when Rose mentions the tape. He needs to accept that his mother had secrets and was no better than Bismuth. 

Steven unbubbles Bismuth and demands answers from her and the Crystal Gems. The episode is mostly flashbacks. Very plot heavy and Steven is determined to be better than Rose but still do what he has to do when the Diamonds come and treat them like a real threat. It is made clear that the Diamonds aren’t like other gems they’ve faced and won’t just become good. Bismuth begins to become less radical as she realizes that she hurt Steven because of it.  

So Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot, Bismuth and Lapis are preparing for the Diamonds. 

I think this order gives character plenty of development and resolves plot threads like Mystery Girl and Bismuth. 

EDIT: Fixed some words. i was kinda sleepy >.>

equinesanonymous replied to your photoset “angular limb deformity in a young horse, should be humanely…”

What exactly is the deformity? Like he definitely does not look right but I can’t pinpoint it. Also, what’s windswept?

the hind legs are extremely angled and move sideways, giving the term “windswept.” It can vary in degree, and location, often angular limb deformities develop in the front legs- some example pictures

it is typically only correctable at a very young age, like within a few weeks of life the foal should undergo surgery, and have a farrier to help correct it as well. The one in the original post is a yearling already, probably not fixable or stable and probably moves more like a wobblers horse than anything

Creature Anatomy - Week 4

Week 4 of my creature anatomy course focused on feline and canine anatomy.  We had the option of doing a canine dinosaur hybrid creature or a feline bird hybrid creature. I went with the cat bird since feline anatomy is less familiar to me. The influences for the creature came from mountain lions and harpy eagles. It also has a tiny bit of microraptor in there with the hind limb having well developed flight feathers.  

For the first time ever, scientists have produced an entire limb complete with veins and muscle, in the lab.

The artificial rat limb is an exciting development for regenerative medicine as it brings us one step closer to generating fully functioning human limbs created from a patient’s own cells, which would in theory make transplants more successful.

Find out how the scientists grew the rat limb here. 


Ok, so my original Bathtub Bacta Post has been getting a TON of really great feedback, and I’ve had Yet More Ideas, so I figure it’s time for a second post to answer some questions and clarify points!


The conclusion reached in the original discussion of this topic is that in order to be “smeared on” as is described in multiple canon works, Bacta is probably about the same consistency as neosporin or vasaline, which is about the texture you want for, uh… the rough stuff.  Bacta is also great for treating micro-tears, which is also probably a good thing when you and your eight-armed partner decide to get freaky in the back of the freighter on the way to Concord Dawn or smth.

As with all forms of personal enjoyment, everyone has their own preferences, and probably more than a few people are going to be turned of by the medical/pineapple scent, or having to wait for the stuff to thaw out before use.


So, if you’re into star wars at all, you might have noticed the series have a few issues regarding canon, namely, there’s like, six canons, they all conflict, and basically most people have learned to pick out the parts they like best and chill.

TO THAT END, I’m drawing my use and statistical theories from the media i have most readily available and enjoy the most, namely the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series, the movies, and the Edge Of The Empire tabletop RPG system, which if you like star wars and rolling dice, you should all play right now.

No, really, go to your local nerd store and get the thing, you will thank me.

I KNOW, I KNOW, some of Y’all love the old EU and Legends and whatever, and You do You.  But EU does not regularly supply me with obscure economic data that my weird gremlin brain desires, so all of this is based on the newer canon(s), which are pretty explicit about bacta being short for Bacteria, and its administration and costs, if you’re willing to read between the lines a bit.

(If you wanna make you own post about bacta based on legends I’ll definitely give it a read!)


In EotE, the creators are nice enough to provide us with costs for everything your party might need, and an interesting cost discrepancy comes up:

“Basic” Medkit, which does not contain bacta: 50 cr

“Proper” Medkit, which does: 100 cr

Refills on bacta for proper Medkit: 20 cr.

Bacta Tank, which does not need refills if you don’t use it too much: 2000 cr


Bacta itself is pretty cheap, but the devices to administer it are expensive.  It also comes up in EotE that Bacta is transported Frozen (as half a sentence in the middle of an extensive paragraph about world-building, but it was important to keep the Players from doing something particularly VILE, so remember GMs- ALWAYS read all of your source material!), which leads me to believe that the extra 30 cr in the “proper” medkit are an administration device that thaws the stuff out

TANKS on the other hand, are like the vats bacta is grown in, and contain live cultures, so they don’t need to be re-filled.  It was a hell of a thing for the rebellion to accquire, but ultimately more cost-effective than trying to re-supply constantly.

Also, if you just sort of convert credits into USD, bacta is only slightly more expensive by the ounce than really good lube is.

4. to the half-dozen people int the tags freaking out that: YOU CAN’T JUST GROW A MEDICALLY IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR TUB!!!!

Guys, growing bacteria cultures is literally the easiest thing ever.  Just don’t do the dishes for a week.  No, really, growing bacteria for human consumption is a thing humans have been doing since probably three weeks after intentionally farming crops was discovered.

I have a red-wine-vinegar culture in an extra-large mason jar in my pantry right now.  His name is Steve, and I gave him a bottle of two-buck-chuck three months ago and give him a skimming every week or so.   Mom has a sourdough culture in the fridge back home.

This is easier than houseplants, and WAY easier than trying to brew your own booze, which has got fermentation, extraction AND the potential to explode on you, but people all over the world have been doing that with a remarkable level of safety since forever.

Like, it requires some know-how and probably a sterile container, but i promise IT’S NOT HARD AND REALLY FUN.


So, if Bacta is a microbial agent suspended in extra-thick Saline with vitamins, why not put other stuff in?  Especially if you were already in the Spice Trade, why not make a value-added product.  It’s not popularly discussed, but pretty much all banned drugs in the US have medicinal properties- IN REALLY SMALL DOSES. So while adding a lot of product to your bacta is probably a waste/going to kill someone, adding small amounts might get you something medically valuable.

To the one person in the tags concerned about “Pineapple Express” being a treatment of PTSD- yes, PTSD is a complicated disorder than needs probably both meds and therapy.  The name was a joke about my cousin’s favorite marijuana strain for treating his, and how it’s a pun about the smell.  Psychoactive compounds in Bacta would probably be very symptom-specific (anti-seizure, anti-anxiety, sedative, etc), and would not be a substitute for the therapy that like 90% of the galaxy needs.  But! It would be helpful perhaps, in treating people who have received traumatic injuries, to prevent them developing the disorder.

It DOES have an issue of any mutant strains of bacta could cause serious issues, like cancer or unwanted limbs, so there’s probably development of a bacta-killing counteragent in case of decontamination.  It’s the rebellion’s MOST secret project, both because they don’t want the empire releasing THAT on the galaxy, and because you start talking about drug-resistance and the military/diplomatic type’s eyes begin to glaze over.


So… anyone who knows anything about birth, probably saw episode three and went THAT’S NOT HOW ANY OF THAT FUCKING WORKS.  We can talk about how Lucas maybe doesn’t know how uteri work, but if we take everyone’s spectacular incompetence there as a deliberate world-building choice… it kinda fits.

See, Earth, right now, has the GFFA’s ass kicked, in terms of potential available medical care.  We have all manner of surgery that seems to be absent- like facial reconstructions and c-sections.  

The Blue Shadow Virus was a serious concern in TCW, despite the fact that they knew what the virus was (the talk of a major outbreak starts BEFORE they know it;s been modified)  Do they not have vaccinations in SW?  

In Shatterpoint, Mace Windu ruminates on how a breakdown of sanitation on Harun-Kal has resulted in the outbreak of many diseases like dysentery and pneumonia, which people die from, despite having access to a hospital.  

There’s also some debate to the average expected lifespan in SW: wookiepedia and other sources cite 120-150 as being average for humans, but the low age of consent (15 in the civilized parts), lack of secondary educational institutions and relative youth of most of the protagonists suggests that life in the GFFA is rather short. Besides a handful of force-users, there are no humanoid characters in SW over the age of 60. (and I’m 90% sure the force is pulling some life-extending BS with it’s favorite toys, but that’s another post)

MY THEORY:  because bacta (and previously, Kolto) ARE so effective at treating traumatic injury, it’s kind of sapped a lot of the demand for medical advancement in SW.  Lots of modern surgical technique was developed in response to wartime injuries, which led later on to studies like orthopedics and oncology and the like.  In a universe where people live “long enough” if they make it off the battlefield in less than three pieces, medical science lags behind due to lack of demand and opportunities to experiment.

ADDITIONALLY, as was brought up in the tags, the Jedi have been progressively losing their ability to heal using the force.  Partly, i think from Bacta serving as such an effective crutch that Healing is gradually removed from the syllabus and replaced with more lightsabers/murderology, partly from the creep of the Dark Side, and partly from people with the know-how getting killed off.

So yeah, magical healing juice? Not so great for civilization.


Ok, first of all, I’m so glad so many of you think “Uncle Jesse’s Extra-Viscosity Varmint Grease” Is funny because I thought of it at 4AM while on cold medicine and laughed way too much.  Varmint Grease comes from eastern Ohio, heartland of the northern redneck, and is used when you gotta squeeze under the porch or behind the water heater because the goddang skunk is back.  (It also makes an appearance in Futurama and I promise whoever wrote that joke is from Ohio)

Think of all the objects that get misappropriated to smuggle Bacta: Kids lunch boxes, fuel carries, imperial plumbing, some jackass carves compartments out in the doors of their speeders, which works great until they leave it out in the sun and the stuff sort of melts everywhere, doing exciting things to the upholstery.

Smugglers would also have to disguise the scent from customs officials with all manner of interesting things.  Like mint, which gives you an exciting sort of tingle if you’re one of those deviants that uses it as lube, or possibly vanilla.  Do not disguise scents with vanilla, it’s more potent than you think.

“Why does this ship smell like a bakery?”  Asks some dumbfounded official to the smugglers, who then produce the cookies they had to learn how to bake to explain why their ship smells like the Pillsbury doughboy’s asshole.

Their Pineapple-vanilla clusters turn out to be a great side business tho.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Originally posted by omghealthyandfitpostsx

Summary: Reader does yoga to help with a bad back and Sam wakes up one morning to enjoy the show. (Adho Mukha Svanasana is also known as the downward facing dog pose in yoga)

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2100ish

Warnings/Tropes: SMUTTY yoga AU, no protection (use protection, guys), and, SMUT. Also, more gifs under the break. Also, un-betaed, so all mistakes are my own.

A/N: Just a little something to brighten up your Monday AND because somewhere over the weekend I reached 60 followers, like WHAT? I know to a lot of bloggers that doesn’t sound like much but to me it’s freaking crazy! THANK YOU GUYS! This one’s for you. <3 

The lack of another warm presence in the bed is what wakes Sam up, opening his eyes to find the other side of the bed empty, the duvet disturbed and pushed open. He grins and quietly flips himself from where he’s lying on his front to his back, feeling the muscles along his spine constrict and then relax again. He shifts a little and then gazes down at the foot of the bed.

A foot is high up in the air, pointed toes, curved arch, and then it disappears down and your whole body rises up – warrior two pose, arms as straight and high as you can hold them and your shoulders visibly shaking with effort and strain.

You’re wearing a tight white t-shirt that ends just above your ribs; your nipples are pointing through the material and Sam thinks about running the tip of his finger around the peak, and then around the dark shade of your areola, visible through the thin cotton. There’s something incredibly sexy when you go braless around the house and today is no exception. He follows the trail of skin down to your belly button and the low hem of your lacy, deep blue panties that leave little to the imagination.

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anonymous asked:

What if mikasa at some point in canon asked carla/ grisha about where babies come from uwu. bonus if it's before bedtime or during lunch~ eue

I debated on who I wanted to handle the topic with, but ultimately I went with Carla because the image of Carla talking to little Mikasa about babies made my heart melt a little. Plus I never really write anything that’s just Carla and Mikasa so this was so much fun to explore. Carla loved that little girl so much ;-; I’m not crying you’re crying.

“Mikasa!” Carla called from somewhere downstairs, and Mikasa was on her way, bare feet hitting the wood stairs. She had been cleaning her and Eren’s rooms like Carla asked, but Mikasa was always willing to take a break.

Carla was standing in the kitchen, wiping her hands on the apron and looking like she was thinking about something but what Mikasa wasn’t sure.She straightened her dress as she walked the short distance from the stairs to the kitchen, eyes looking up at the woman who only a few months ago was a complete stranger. It was a little strange, Mikasa never knew the Jaegers before that night, but now it was like they were always a part of her life. They warmed up that cold part in her heart.

“There you are,” Carla said with a smile when she saw Mikasa standing in front of her. “Would you do me a favor and run down to the market and find Eren and Armin? They’ve been gone for too long and they’ve probably gotten themselves into trouble.” She rolled her eyes. “Eren’ll be late for lunch if he doesn’t hurry back.”

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