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My illustration was used in this song by Limaria! Please support this producer if you like Mayu, i seriously enjoy their music.

(Also i think tumblr stepped up their nico support, only you still can’t see the videos from your dashboard)


Fragile File Clam (Limaria fragilis)

..a species of bivalve mollusc that is distributed throughout the Indo-Pacific region. Fragile file clams are often found in shallow waters and are usually tucked away in crevices or under rocks with only their tentacles showing. Like other members of Limidae the fragile file clam can swim by opening and closing its valves and expelling water to propel itself. Its numerous tentacles help as well and are used like oars (however it does not need them to swim). 

Fragile file clams are protandrous hermaphrodites, meaning that they start their lives as males and change sex to females later on in life. They also have the ability to emit small flashes of bioluminescence, it is not yet known why they do this. 



Images: Silke Baron and