à Limantour Beach

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Pt. Reyes photos by Heather Polley, taken with iPhone, and Instagram and Camerabag apps.

I also took real polaroids, but I need to clean up the scans before I upload them. Yesterday was hot and sunny everywhere in the Bay Area except Abbott’s Lagoon, where wisps of fog hung on the water. It intensified the colors and created an eerie atmosphere. I drove down to Limantour beach on the sunny south end later that afternoon, only to find it mobbed with hundreds of people. I’ll take Abbott’s Lagoon any day.

I’m still getting used to the iPhone’s lens, which is essentially a very wide angle lens. I never use wide angle with my film work. I know why they chose to make it that way (less possibility of things being out of focus or shaky), but I wish there was an alternative. The zoom is so terrible, it’s not a real option.