lim dul

The Big GoblinTinkering Commander 2016 Reveal

It’s happening. It’s finally here. An Article! On my partners of choice for Commander 2016- the two that I have just preordered in all their foil glory…

I call it “Suicide Grixis” and it will be a deck I play semi-competitively. The basic premise comes down to cards like this:

Everybody dies. Yet, between the random damage of Vial Smasher breaking parity and the subtle encouragement of Ludevic for my opponents to fight each other… well. Thrown in some damage doublers, give Vial smasher some lifelink… bam. We’ve broken parity. And if all else fails, we have some insurance!

So! I set up my Havoc Festival or my Lim-Dul’s Hex or whatnot… I go ahead and Sunder or something and let my commanders do the rest. A little burn, a little stax, a little land destruction… and a whole lot of damage. We all go down together! I just go down slightly slower.

I’ll have the decklist more solidified in due time; it’s gonna take a good balance of the effects I want on a strong curve for me to make it happen like a well-oiled machine.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am!