Taking commissions cause my laptop is super old and crashes very often when I try to use SAI or ps (this is one of the reasons why I don’t put up digital art very often) and I’d like to raise money for a new one. 
You can see more examples of my art here.

I can draw fanart or original characters, (I can work with visual/written reference) and any details about background/actions the character(s) would be doing are also welcome. Just send me a message here, note me on deviantart or email me at (since tumblr doesn’t have the most reliable messaging system) and I’ll be more than happy to communicate about it. 
After I approve the commission and you send me the money, I’ll let you know exactly how much time it’d take me and get started right away. Once you agree with the sketch, I’ll move on with the coloring/shading/finishing touches.
I take money through Paypal. 
I will not draw heavy pornography or nudity. 

I’d be very grateful if you could please spread the word about this! 

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Eis and I design the invitations, Smokey writes the menus. Shall it be a spring wedding, so you have time to get to know each other better?

AHAHAHAHA oh good heavens. hey who wants to do the floral arrangements for us!? 

Aww thanks Simina! I love yours too! Does it mean anything? Lucy is supposed to mean light like for St. Lucy. My favorite part of having the same name as Lucy Pevensie is that she’s usually hufflepuff when they attribute the houses to the siblings and I’m a hufflepuff :)

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I-is the thing still goin? Can you talk about me? *blushes, runs back in my cave*

Yes totally!  I think you’re absolutely a sweetheart and I love your enthusiasm and I ADORE the commissions you did for me, they were so amazingly lovely, and I know you’ve been busy lately but I hope it’s the good kind of busy and I just hope you’re doing well!

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I have come running to your blog right after I watched Catching Fire cause I know you understand the fact that Johanna is all sorts of perfect and we could rant together for hours about why her portrayal was perfect and ashfkfljskalsjdkamkslal Johanna.

Johanna was as beautiful as I wanted her to be and her relationship with Katniss and what will become of her in the next movies aaaah my baby <3

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So I saw your post about people unfollowing you after posting weight loss selfies and I guess it's rather insignificant but I honestly think you're seriously beautiful, AND hella rad for sharing your progress. I don't know exactly what your process of losing weight is but I admire your effort and keep up the excellent job! (✿◠‿◠)

Thanks! I wasn’t THAT offended haha, I was just pondering, cause sometimes I’ll be meaning to unfollow people but then they post selfies and I wait a while cause I guess I don’t want them assuming that? haha

As for my weightloss thing, it was gastric bypass surgery, so I’m mostly sharing for other people rather than myself, like, I can keep track of it with my family and friends (it’s not like people are not gonna notice you losing like 60 pounds in four months) but I remember doing research before surgery and seeing nothing in the tags, so I love having a space and to be able to reach out to other people x) It makes me nervous every time though, it’s very awkward >-<