I’m sorry but you cannot tell me that James Potter was not the biggest bloody dumpster truck of Wolfstar trash out there. 

He’d be there at the dormitory window watching as the pair walked around the black lake, binoculars that he’d gotten from Lily glued to his face, “come on … just a bit closer.” “GOD DAMN IT PADFOOT JUST KISS HIM! KISSSS HIMMM!” 


I haven’t done a tag thing in months, and I know I missed a bunch of them, but @mybiasforsure and @ienveeus tagged me in the selfie tag fairly recently and thanks to my current entertainment by Snow App, I have a good number of recent pictures, so here we go! Please forgive so many pictures and my ridiculous love of filters…

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Also Aliens reacting to human entertainment like movies, or maybe they have their own intergalactic films. 

Alien: Human Lil-E I don’t understand this mo-vie. 

Lily: The plot of it?

Alien: Yes, how does Mike posses magic by gyrating his hips and stripping of his clothing. 

Lily: *face palms* Not that kind of magic. 

Alien: But the boy with the scar and sticks. He has magic. 

Lily: Yes. 

Alien: Can all humans do magic? 

Lily: Depends on the magic trick. I can pull my thumb off. 

Alien: *looks at his human very concerned* Keep all your digits on please. 

Just Like A Dream || Oneshot

Title: Just Like A Dream
Rating: K
Pairing: Vanessa/Lily
Summary: Immortality was cruel sometimes. Reincarnation was just salt on the wound. 

Note: For @travelingrose, on the beautiful occasion of the anniversary of your birth! I know I missed it in your timezone – I’m barely getting in under the wire in my own timezone – and I’m very sorry for that, but I do hope you enjoy it!

(Unbeta-ed because I want to get this done before it’s not even your birthday in my timezone anymore I’m sorry)

There was one thing no one could have prepared Lily for in her immortal life — reincarnation. She suspected Dorian hadn’t been aware of it, considering how little care he actually gave for the people who came in and out of his life.

Lily noticed, however. Lily saw the familiar faces of people she had known in another life. She never spoke to them, or even got near them. She had learned from her mistakes. She wouldn’t make them again.

The biggest shock had been finding Ethan again, about eighty years after the last time she had seen him. She’d run in the other direction. It was the first time since in years she had been properly scared.

London grew, however, and with that, the chances she would ever meet anyone she had known shrunk. She preferred it that way. She just wanted to live in peace.

“Oh! Sorry!”

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This definitely happened at some point probably
  • Professor McGonagall: Mr. Potter be serious and stop fooling around.
  • James Potter I: I need a month to brew a Polyjuice Potion and one of Mr. Black's hairs to 'be Sirius'.
  • Professor McGonagall: *facepalms*
wolfstar headcanon #1
  • remus and sirius are in that phase
  • the phase where theyre dating
  • and everyone knows about it
  • but sirius and remus don’t know that theyre dating
  • but they totally are
  • and as a joke, remus writes a note to sirius with the words “call me - remus
  • and puts it in sirius’ robes
  • so during class a few days later
  • when remus has given up on the funny note, thinking that sirius must have thrown it out by accident
  • sirius stands up during a very very very quiet lesson and yells “REMUS”
  • remus nearly jumps out of his skin
  • Peter spills ink all over his notes
  • and james accidentally sends a levitating quill straight into Lily’s face (she was not happy)
  • and remus just hisses “sirius sit dOWN”
  • and sirius is so confused bless “but you told me to call you”
  • I meant on the phone you nitwit” is scribbled onto his notes and slid over the desk for sirius to read
  • sirius quickly turns back around and walks back to his seat, scribbling a response on a loose piece of parchment
  • and then comes running back to remus and sticks it onto his face and runs away, his face red
  • I dont have a cell phone!!!!!
  • and remus has to hide his face because he’s giggling too much
  • and sirius is confused because why is he laughing this is seRIOUS REMUS

@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP