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lydia/alison first kiss lol

Truth or Dare was such a stupid game. It had lost its charm ages ago, and yet here they were, sitting in a circle in the middle of the living floor in Allison’s new apartment playing it. Everyone was there - Scott, Isaac, Stiles, Boyd, Cora, Allison and Lydia, and they had all had their fair share to drink as the night had worn on.

But clearly, it wasn’t enough for Scott as he was dared to kiss his best friend. “No cheating,“ Cora dictated, a small smirk forming on her lips. “It has to be on the mouth.”

Stiles and Scott exchanged a look; Stiles’ face was tinged pink and he didn’t make eye contact with anyone in the room. Allison took a sip of wine, wondering if they’d really go through with it.

“You both are such sissies.” Lydia announced suddenly, cutting the silence - and the tension - in the room. “It’s just a kiss. And you’re best friends anyway so it shouldn’t be weird, like…" She paused and turned to Allison, her lips catching the brunette’s so fast that she didn’t have a chance to process what was happening. Allison’s eyes fluttered closed; Lydia smelled like Chanel No. 5 and tasted like the strawberry wine she’d brought for the occasion. It was intoxicating, and soon, Allison found herself kissing the red head back, until soon, it was over and she was left sitting there, completely dumbstruck and a little turned on. But she wasn’t the only one gaping. “See? Totally not weird at all.“

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#like i always shipped them before but i knew they needed time like #lydia had to realise that stiles wasn't below her level or whatever #that he's amazing in his own right ) I so agree but I think Stiles also had to stop idealizing her and putting Lydia on a pedestal they both had to equal out the playing field in order for their relationship to both happen and function healthily. and i'm so fucking glad they are making huge strides in doing so.

SO TRUE!!! exactly that, like i really did ship them before but i always felt something essential was missing, and that was the fact that they didn’t even know each other, they weren’t on the same playing field like you said, and now it’s finally happening??? like the best ships are the ones with slow burn and a proper build-up and i think they’re actually doing that with stydia, like this season has been amazing in terms of their progress and their relationship growing and them just leaning on each other in the midst of all the supernatural craziness… UGHHHHH IT MAKES ME SO HAPPYYYYYYY and all their interactions are perf and i think they’re both starting to appreciate and understand each other for exactly what they really are as individuals and oh god i REALLY hope this doesn’t get screwed up and asdjkhksdjfhsd i just have too many feels :””))))))