Guess whose back... Back again

Okay, so here’s the crack. I know I haven’t posted my weekly Wednesday post for a few weeks but I think I have a valid reason so hear me out!

A couple weeks back now I got my A level results (I did ok thanks for asking) and it dawned on me that for the first time since practically forever I didn’t have any responsibilities or expectations regarding anything but work so I kinda took a mental Heath 2 weeks and between shifts got hella drunk and slept a bit and it was kinda great.

Now I’ve had my early quarter life crisis and I’m feeling on top of the world again, we are back to business.

Please tune in on Wednesday at around 10 am for a new blog post.

This has been a public service announcement bought to you by lilyinpunk. Thank you for listening.

MUSICZ: January 2014

Music has always been an important factor in my life. I can remember dancing around the living room with my mum to old rock songs that I didn’t know when I was about 6, and my parents music taste has definitely massively influenced my own. When I was a kid, the music playing in my house could vary from Bon Jovi and Nirvana, to Cher and Christina Aguilera which is more than reflected in the eclectic mix of songs I have stored on my iTunes.

Music has always been so prominent in my life that I find it odd when meeting people that don’t have a favourite band or artist that they can fangirl (cry) over for hours at a time. I have numerous bands that I could spend a hell of a lot of time searching for on google images…

With that on mind I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite songs right now. Not all of these are necessarily newly released songs, but I change the songs in my ‘everyday’ playlist frequently so this could include anything.

(These are in no particular order by the way. It just seemed sensible to number them). If you want to check out any of the songs or bands I have mentioned then I will leave links to each song as well as a link to an 8tracks playlist with all of these songs (and maybe a few more idk) on it.

1. Haim - Don’t Save Me

Haim are slowly becoming my new favourite band. After hearing Radio 1 rave about them for months and ‘Forever’ getting stuck in my head every time it was played, a couple of weeks ago I bought their album and it IS SO GOOD. This song is insanely catchy. It’s like 80’s rock and 90’s R&B had a love child.

2. Menswear - The 1975

Seeing as this is at the top of my iTunes 25 most played I thought I should include it in this list. I can’t describe how much I love The 1975. They’re just so cool and have such a distinct and recognisable sound, just… Ugh. I could ramble on about them for hours but this is for sure my fave song of their album.

3. Son of Glenn - Glenn the Thief

FRIENDS. I’m lucky enough to know this talented bunch and this song is my fucking jaaaaaaaaaam. They’re Coalville’s best and only celebs and I love ‘em. I could listen to Josh Oakley sing forever. Check them outttttt!

4. Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks

I can’t explain how catchy this song is. I think this is my fave off AM but its so hard to choose!

5. Mystery Jets - Radlands

This song expresses all the feelings I have for my home town, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much, but other than that it’s a really damn good, chilled out song. I love this band.

6. The 1975 - Head.Cars.Bending

The 1975. Just, no. Matty Healy you are my true love. This song is insane.

7. One Direction - Little White Lies

You thought this was going to be a nice little collection of indie rock songs? You were WRONG. I love 1D, and this song is my ultimate fucking jam off Midnight Memories.

8. McFly - Foolish

My all time favourite band forever and ever and ever. The only song that I genuinely, completely like off Above the Noise. It’s cute and ahh.

I can’t find a link to this song :(

9. Nicotine - PANIC! AT THE DISCO

Ahh, Panic. The emo within me is in love with this album despite P!ATD’s new sound. This song has a really cool vibe about it!

10. The Vamps - Wild Heart

I saw these little cuties early last year supporting McFly on their Memory Lane tour and they were fab fab fab! I was aware of them for a while before I got the chance to see them live so hearing them played on national radio makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

11. One Direction - They Don’t Know About Us

The cheesiest song in the history of cheesy songs but I l o v e it!

12. Fall Out Boy - Thriller

All time favourite FOB song. I want the lyrics tattooed all over my body I love it that much. This song means a hell of a lot to me. Long live the car crash hearts!

13. Weezer - Island in the Sun

I was 6 when the album that this song is on was released. Six, but it is undoubtedly one of my favourite songs ever. It also reminds me of one of the Mary Kate and Ashley films from when I was a kid which is why I think I like it so much…

I couldn’t think of anymore so I left it at lucky 13. I think I’m going to do one of these every couple of months cause I love sharing music with people and seeing how people react to hearing songs that are my favourites for the first time!

Updates and information.

Hola bitches!

Just thought I’d update y’all about a few things.

I’ve been out of the confines of school for about a month now which means I have so much free time, that I am currently spending in bed. Not very productive! Which is why I am starting a bit of a schedule for my bold posts. Alongside continuing posting A Photo a Day images I am going to start writing and uploading a post weekly. Whether it’s beauty, fashion or just a post about how I’m feeling that week, it will be up every Wednesday! I also have a tonne of rad things happening over the next few months, and in to next year, that I can’t wait to share and document on this blog so I hope you get just as excited about that as I do. Lov ya

A Photo a Day. I’ve been wanting to do a photo a day thing for a while but I always forget about it and end up remembering mid February. So this year I’m actually going to do it cause I’m a sentimental little shit and I almost can’t wait to get to this time next year and look through what’s going to happen over the next 12 months. So here’s day 1. I’m spending New Years evening with the fam round my grandmas. I’m hanging out my arse and feel like shit but I’m putting up with my family for free food. Woohoo! Hope y’all had a fab new year


Sorta bleached my hair, sorta hate it.

I had the urge to dye my hair. So I did and it went a funny shade of yellow.

The picture doesn’t really do the awfulness much justice but it looks horrific in real life. It also makes me look about 12. Not cool.

I think I want to go peach, cause it looks super cute but idk.

Bring back the brown :(