lilybaeum said: BMV is the best thing to ever happen to me, store-wise. I recently started buying comics there too, and hot damn. Saving money on books is the greatest.

It’s freaking amazing. I was there a little while ago and I bought gifts for three people, two cookbooks a novelty pop-up book for myself and I spent like maybe twenty five bucks. And yesterday, hooo man. I was like bouncing all over the comic section because everything was so cheap. I love it.
Promote of the Day: Lilybaeum

Summer 218 BC, It is the start of the Second Punic War and Praetor Amellius who has just arrived on the island of Sicily is faced with the terrifying task of holding the island against the inevitable attack of the Carthaginian navy. He must use the fleet stationed at Lilybaeum to hold off the invasion, but achieving this monolithic task will test his bravery, courage and most importantly his wits.

lilybaeum said: Wow, whattta bitch. My sister’s a fashion student and regularly requests fabric by the yard and no one’s ever been so dickish to tell her to say meters instead.

I’m pretty pissed off about it, and I wanted to get pissed off at her, but she was being a bitch about sewing and fabric…taking a step back it elicited a “Really…?” response from me. (But I still got worked up about it)