U-Uhm… hi…? I hope this is good for the party-

((Little Artie is gonna go to Lily’s 100 Days Celebration of @ask-englat-blog! Along with Lia and Gupi~ (@askmutemermaid). So I’m gonna be posting the drawings for the event with the tag and stuff- oh, and all of this is off M!A!))

Event: 100 Days Celebration since Lily’s birth

it’s already that time huh… Time went so quickly and little baby is growing up so fast! *CRIES

What is 100 day’s celebration?  It is old tradition to celebrate a baby’s arrival and introduce him/her to family and friends on either their 30 day or 100 day birthday.  
When does is start? 1st of July
How long will it last? Till 1st of August! ^W^
What I have to do to join? It’s simple! Just send me a message or ask that you want to join or simply reblog this post so I can see that you joined! OWO 
Do I need anything additional? Well… it would be great if you could attend in formal outfit, happy mood and maybe something for the baby! ^W^
What will I get from joining? Possibility to interact with other awesome muses and mun’s that you never had interacted before! OWO 
If my muse is England or Latvia, can I still join? Absolutely! OWO The more the merrier 

Event starts: 1st of July 
Event ends: 1st of August
Requirement: wear formal wear, smiles and good food! Just joking! 

All things related to this event - Please! Tag it under lily100 tag! Thank you!
Want to join? Reblog!