Lily Nakamura wanted for a Glee/Pitch Perfect crossover RPG!

At first glance, anyone would think Barden University was nothing other than another university, filled with sororities, slackers, and those few who were lucky enough to make a difference in life. But at second glance, they’d find something much more exciting it had to offer— a capella.  In fact, four a capella groups. Two are too insignificant to mention, but the Barden Bellas and the Treblemakers are known across the campus far and wide; both for their achievements and embarrassments, at least in the Bellas’ case. With a new semester coming around it means new opportunities to recruit new people into their cut-throat groups. The Bellas will stop at nothing to redeem their name, and the Treblemakers will stop at nothing to showcase their superiority over the other.

All characters are open, except for Santana, Jesse, Quinn, and Beca

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