Trailer for new game, Lily Bergamo!!


New Lily Bergamo details and screens

Suda 51 is a mad man but in a good way. It’s why I’m pretty excited for his new PS4 exclusive Lily Bergamo and its art style sure helps..

Lily Bergamo is set in the near future of 2043. But at the present time, Grasshopper can only share the time period, as the place is still secret. From the trailer you may have noticed that the world feels Japanese. But you might also feel that “it might be American or European” as well, Grasshopper boss Goichi Suda noted.

PlayStation 4 is the platform of choice for Lily Bergamo. According to Morishita, Grasshopper “wants to make the most out of the strengths of online play, and the idea of using smartphones to play has been a big deal.”

Suda also has faith in this functionality. “There will be people who play with PlayStation 4, and there will be people who play with their smartphones,” he said. Suda hopes that people will keep their expectations up for the future announcements.

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Lily Bergamo Announced for PS4 (A Suda 51 Joint)

Suda 51 just cannot be stopped and his form of insanity will continue on the PS4 with the action title Lily Bergamo. What do we know about it? Pretty much nothing but that it’s a PS4 exclusive and will have action and knowing Suda lots of violence. 


Lily Bergamo - Concept Trailer (PS4)



Una colaboracion entre Grasshopper Manufacture y GungHo Online, dirigido por Suda51 para el Playstation 4.

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Lily Bergamo Trademarked in North America

Killer is Dead released only a couple months ago, right? Well, Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture have a new game a-coming; you might have heard of it– Lily Bergamo. Well, as of recent news, the trademark for said game has been put through.
Revealed first at a Sony press conference, the…

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If I were to use a term it would probably be ‘beyond multiplayer’,” Suda says. “Right now multiplayer is set to that we’re connecting together one person with another person, and I think with next-gen the opportunity is there to create something in addition to that. So you’re putting two people together and these people are just playing together, but what is the relationship between these people? There’s another layer to that you can add. To go beyond putting one person with another person. Not just the connection but having an actual… I want to say ecosystem. Placing two people together in a room is simple, but the type of relationship these people are going to have is completely different. I think having that relationship is an additional layer that next-gen is going to be able to provide.