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Two Types of Couples

*James and Lily staring lovingly into each others eyes in the common room*

Remus: *Has an idea*

*Deep masculine superhero voice* Oh Lily dear?

Lily: What is it?

Sirius: *High pitched ‘Lily’ voice* Yes Jamsie-poo?

Remus: How long has it been since we confessed our love for each other?

Sirius: Minutes, my love

Remus: It feels like years!

Sirius: Oh then we must do it now, my darling!

Remus: Embrace me, my love!

Sirius: Take me in your strong quidditch arms!

Lily: …. Seriously?

Thank you to @girlswillbeboys11 and @asktheboywholived for their lovely gifs!

i wish there were some famous ya books like the raven cycle, the foxhole court, ari and dante, the song of achilles, pjo, the mortal instruments, i’ll give you the sun but with f/f for instance………. it gets so tiring, like i love the rep but it’s exhausting that there’s literally no f/f rep in popular ya lit