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don't know how Cole is coping, Lili is looking so good, probably the best out of all the girls (with the possible exception of asha, the third pussycat). lili's stylist didn't get it right last comic con but she definitely did this time round

I doubt Lili had a stylist then, TBH….in fact, wasn’t Lili’s stylist a friend of Cole’s???

@ymanimon happy birthday my love! I’m wishing you all the good things (which includes a lot of good sleep) and keep being the awesome sweet bun that you are!

lily and james, a few months ago: being a parent will be soooo easy lol

lily and james now:

a part of a birthday gift for @wingedcorgi , happy birth!! ❤️


 I DREW MY CLOSEST INTERNET FRIENDS !!!!! w the inclusion of me on the bottom right

I wanted to draw all of you because you mean so much to me, those who have been with me for years and those who have for a few months now! thank you all for being so wonderful, ilu<3

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  • Lily: Sirius! You picked Remus and James?! You can not have two backups!
  • Sirius: Of course I can! It’s just good sense to backup your backup.
  • Remus: Sirius! We’re both your backup?!
  • James: How could you do this to me?!
  • Sirius: Okay, this kind of back talk is not gonna fly when we’re married!
  • Lily: Sirius you can’t have both of them, you have to pick one!
  • Remus: Pick me!
  • James: No! Pick me! I don’t want to end up an old maid!
  • Sirius: All right well let’s see, Remus would be a good father, but James is rich...This is hard!
  • James: This is crazy, I wanna switch to Lily!
  • Remus: Oh, I wanna switch to Lily too!
  • Lily: Okay, this is what we’re gonna do! I’m gonna write James on one napkin and I’m gonna write Remus on the other napkin and we are going to pick one and that person is going to be our backup! Okay?
  • Sirius: Alright.
  • Lily: Pick one.
  • Sirius: [reading the napkin] James.
  • Lily: [reading the napkin] Remus.
  • Sirius:
  • Lily:
  • Sirius and Lily: [switching papers] We should switch.
  • James and Remus: Yeah.