lily zi

=> Lilist: Notice there’s a pretty girl being brought into the clearing of the Deltar manor.

You were outside in the cool night air, busy tinkering with your latest invention. You were covered in oil and grease but you were in a very good mood since for once your machines were behaving. Out of the corner of your eye you see Animar walking around the lake, toward the hive and you drop your spanner and sprint to go hug her, completely forgetting the mess all over you as usual.

“Hey An1mar!!! My in^ention^5 finally working-oh 5h1t you^re pretty!!” You stop dead in your tracks as you see a girl about your age next to Animar, smiling at something she said.

“(T)his is Lilis(t) Del(t)ar, she’s my niece R(o)seli’s daugh(t)er” Animar smiles at the girl and then turns to look at you, giving you a gentle hug.

“Lilis(t), mee(t) Zi(o)lah - I was (t)hinking she c(o)uld c(o)me spend s(o)me (t)ime wi(t)h (o)ur family since mu(t)an(t) hun(t)ers are ge(t)(t)ing bad la(t)ely and she’s a limebl(o)(o)d. C(o)uld y(o)u l (o)(ok) after her while I g(o) (t)alk (t)(o) y(o)ur m(o)ms?” She’s up to something from the tone in her voice but you’re too enthralled with this new troll to care.

“5ure! H1 there Z1olah, you can call me L1l1!” You offer a hand to the other troll before remembering you’re covered in grease. “Oh 5hiver5, I^m 5orry 1 forgot 1^m co^ered 1n grease fro^^ my robot. Oop5” You grin, a little embarrassed.