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Et oui. Il fallait bien que je m’y remette un jour. Je sais plus vraiment ou je m’étais arrêtée, courant de la seconde saison à l’époque ou elle était sortie. Et puis, la magie de Netflix et de ses propositions. Je me suis remise dessus.

Attention : Spoiler Alert.

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Je hurle sur cette série. Je viens seulement de finir la saison 5 et j’ai peur de commencer la suivante quand je vois la fin de cette saison. Ils ont ruinés les deux couples que je préférais ;A;

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Ouais. De tour évidence, je suis… #TeamHumphrey (Je suis très triste qu’il n’y ai pas de gif #TeamHumphrey. ;w; )

Bref. La saison 5 a accomplis mes espoirs avant de les réduires en miette.

Chair, c’est dépassé. Give me more Dair. Please.

Oh et, Serena, je te laisse faire une overdose dans ton coin, tu ne mérites pas un commentaire de ma part. u_u

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What's up dawgs. What new secrets have you got stashed about our castle dwellers?

                            oooooh goody!
                 you would not believe the gossip i have for you..

there have been some wonderful things happening around the castle recently. benjy seems to have his fingers in plenty of pies… i still can’t believe that him and hestia were spotted making out at the back of the library. who knew she had it in her? i wonder if she knows that he’s also got lucinda on the go…

and let’s be honest, who do lily and james think they’re fooling? has no one noticed how close those two have been recently? i’m still shocked that no one’s called them out on it.

you’ve also got frank and alice being sickening just about everywhere. they’re so sweet that they’re almost sticky. it was a nice change of pace when mcgonagall caught them getting hot and sweaty together…

kingsley is still managing to get his hands on just about any willing girl, it would seem. then again, who can blame the poor ladies… he is gorgeous.

finally, marlene has been out of the spotlight for a while… seems like the outside world won’t be held at bay for long.. i’m looking forward to her return and to see her stirring up the gryffindor girls a little. the tower seems far too calm without her.