lily villar


Part 9, and possibly final of the townie makeovers! I won’t be revamping the rest since I don’t feel the need to change them. 

I liked how Joaquin turned out. I wanted something chill and reminiscent to atheleisure? Not really, hahah, he’s wearing ripped jeans and new white sneaks (out of frame). For Sergio, I kept the blue-pink palette and switched to a suit jacket.

Luna! Like Cassandra, they all wear school girl clothes, and I decided to keep the idea, but with a different outfit. And new glasses, too.

And lastly, Lily Feng. I wanted to give her a menacing vibe but still all business, so a translucent top and black wide-leg trousers (out of frame) was called for.

This has been really fun! Thank you so much to the people who followed the series. I’m excited to create and recreate other stuff in the future. Lots? Recolors? Who knows.