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Va a llegar el día en el que no recuerdes ni siquiera porque nos dejamos de hablar y pensaras oye que ha sido de ella le mandaré un mensaje y yo estaré aquí y si recordaré que fue lo que pasó, quizás te siga detestando, quizás ya no me inmute con tu aparición, pero no quiero ser esa, la que recuerde cada minúsculo hecho de nuestra relación, la que guarde el rencor, quiero ser libre, quiero soltarme de ti, quiero olvidarte, hacerte de lado, seguir con mi vida, quiero no saber quién eres, quiero verte y no reconocerte, hoy te dejo ir, de a poquito, de a ratitos, pero abro mis manos y te dejo en libertad.
—  Lily Rdgz
dating lili reinhart | (would include)

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- lili always showing you her exorcist trick with her neck

- “baby no! i told you it freaks me out”

- taco bell -all- the damn time

- facetime

- lots & lots of texting

- dating the actual meme queen

- always running them by you

- “is this one good babe?”

- “its hilarious”

- because they always are

- spending majority of your time at lili’s apartment

- moving in

- movie days

- ordering in -most- of the time

- but when you don’t you alway cook for her

- “im good with taco bell babe”

- pet names -a lot- of them

- impromptu singing

- being absolute goofballs

- recording each other

- taking silly snaps

- insta lives -all the time-

- “yes yes i know my girlfriends super hot”

- stealing all of lili’s clothes -especially- her caps

- movie nights

- comforting her with her anxiety and depression

- staying in a lot

- especially when she’s feeling down

- you cancel your plans and buy icecream and tounsit on the couch and watch rick and morty

- singing along to the theme song -loudly- and defiantly off key

- cuddles in the bed

- and on the couch

- you literally cuddled everywhere

- even in between takes

- or when someone else is filming a scene

- proud girlfriend™

- flying to vancouver from la often because you miss your girl

- buying her flowers and surprising her on set

- letting her take you around vancouver on her days off -rarely-

- getting along with the whole cast

- especially madelaine and camila

- spending a lot of time with the three girls when you’re back in LA

- coachella with he riverdale gang

- lili taking you as her date to the wrap party

- drunken karaoke

- drunken makeouts

- “i totally ship beronica”

- always wearing each others clothes

- pet names

- long car rides blasting lady gaga

- lili’s lowkey obsessed with gaga

- having a special playlist thats filled with both yours and lili’s favourite songs

- dancing around your shared apartment in your underwear

- “you have a cute ass”

- going with lili to majority of her interviews

- pulling faces off screen to try and slip her up

- open relationship

- proud lili™

- going on joint photo shoots with lili & cole

- camping with the boys

- baking

- food fights

- bite watch reality tv

- watching ever episode of riverdale -multiple- times

- “did i mention how adorable you were in miss stevens?”

- banter!banter!banter!

- teasing -oh god- so much teasing

- pda

- forehead kisses

- neck kisses

- body kisses

- lili commenting on all your ig pics

- visa versa

- playing with each other hairs

- “i miss your brown hair”

- puppy dog eyes 24/7

- getting lili a puppy -well- mostly you because you get so lonely when she has to leave

- celebrating season two pick up on a flight back to ohio

- lili showing you around her home town of cleveland

- her family loving you

- her mum always cooking for you

- meeting her sisters and getting along really well with the both of them

- getting to meet her god daughter

- lili taking a butt load of pictures

- getting to baby sit

- “oh my god, my baby and my baby

- her freaking pups

- so much face licking

- so many cuddles

- happy lili

- cleveland lili

- more live streams

- airplane cuddles

- mandatory taco bell after the airport

- catching up with cami and mads

- girls nights w/ lots of wine and chocolate

- going to events with lili

- protective lili™

- slow dancing

- salsa dancing

- drunk at 2am dancing

- challenging her to a game of pool

- winning

- and being super stoked about it

- hikes

- long tiring hikes

- watching the sunrise

- lili finding a new love for photography

- always being behind the lease

- and all over lili’s instagram and tumblr

- beach days

- working on your tan

- “damn lili, you really wear that bikini”

- laughing -all- the freaking time

- cussing like sailors but not being able to control it

- watching sherk when one of you is feeling down

- “there literally nothing that icecream and sherk cannot fix”

- lili always being right

- stealing the camera from lili and taking a billion shots

- polaroid cameras

- having the film pinned up behind your bed

- photo booth strips

- giggles

- laughing so hard your stomach aches

- helping lili through the hate

- tweeting out and showing them who’s boss

- being a foodie and wanted to go out everywhere with the girls

- “i just want taco bell”

- “what about veggie grill?”

- “madelaine we aren’t going to freaking veggie grill and lili don’t even get me started on taco bell

- "im down with whatever”

- “thank you cami- maybe i should swap girlfriends”

- jealous lili

- apologetic girlfriend

- make up sex

- visiting museums together

- tagging along to mexico

- eating something that isn’t taco bell for a change

- helping lili read lines

- and prepare for press days

- trying to squeeze spoilers out of her

- “so do you know who shot fred?”

- “yes for the hundredth time yes- and no i will not tell you”

- “well does he die-”

- “baby i swear to god if you ask one more time-”

- coffee dates

- because lets face it lili gets no where near enough sleep

- trying new things

- because it’s good for lili’s health

- trying yoga together

- strong advocate for personal space

- your phone being filled with photos of her

- and the same with her

- her vancouver apartment is filled with photos of you

- hating long distance

- but being so in love with your girlfriend


james potter aesthetic

❝I have no hesitation in saying that james would have been highly disappointed if his son had never found any of the secret passages out of the castle.❞

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This is probably a really stupid prompt ://// but I've had this egobang au idea for a while where they have a daughter Lily in like middle school and some kid says something homophobic so she breaks his nose. She gets in super trouble, but she's still upset about it, and the daddies™ come to the rescue. I know it's the fluffiest of the fluff, and you obviously don't have to do it if you don't want to.

Arin/Dan: Kid Fluff

“Am I grounded?” Lily asks as they walk into the front door of their house, Arin shutting it behind Dan and Lily.

Dan and Arin exchange looks. Arin knows that she should get some kind of punishment considering Lily got herself suspended from school for three days, but he also knows the reason behind her actions and it’s making it a lot harder to dole out a punishment.

Dan looks equally unsure, biting his lip and sighing, running a hand through his ponytailed hair.

“I think that’s something your dad and I need to discuss,” Dan says. For what a huge softie he is, he takes on the role of the disciplinarian better than Arin.

Little nods, but her small pink mouth trembles and her big deep brown eyes water and Arin knows she’s trying so hard to hold it all back.

“I know I shouldn’t have punched him just…he was making fun of you guys!” Lily says, lifting her head and now big fat tears roll down her tanned cheeks.

Arin pulls his daughter in close and rubs a huge hand down her back.

“I know, I’m sorry that it happened to you, baby.”

Dan breaks too and he joins Arin on Lily’s other side. She’s tall like the two of them, even for the tender age of twelve and Arin wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up nearly as tall as he and Dan. She’s built a lot like Dan. Lily inherited his tanned skin, the dark eyes could be from either of them, Dan’s hair color but Arin’s texture save for a slight wave to her long hair.

The two of them had received a call from the principal’s office asking them to come and pick up their daughter from school. She was being suspended for punching another student and would be suspended for three days, the mandatory case for most students who are caught being violent.

To say Arin and Dan were surprised was putting it lightly. Their Lily was in trouble? Their sweet girl who can’t step on worms and does her homework every night? She hit someone? It made more sense once they got to the school and Lily could explain herself.

She hit the kid in her class because he was insulting Arin and Dan, making fun of Lily for having two dads. Lily is calm, is gentle, up to a certain point. The ‘F’ word got thrown around and then Lily had said she reeled back and socked the kid in the nose.

Now, here was their little girl, sweet and sensitive and trying to defend her family and Arin can feel his heart breaking. He had always worried this would happen and to his relief it hadn’t really come up much until now.

“He said such mean things,” she cries and Arin is holding her against his chest and stroking her hair and Dan looks like he’s close to tears himself, “Said things about you guys. I just wanted him to stop talking about my dads.”

“Lily, people are going to say things no matter who you are,” Dan says, but he’s right there, squeezing at her, at Arin, shaking with residual anger or emotion, “You gotta ignore it, baby girl. He’s got hate in him that’s strong but you’re stronger. Don’t you worry about what people might say about your dad and I. You let us defend ourselves, your job is to be happy and be a kid.”

Lily sniffles and presses her face against Arin’s shirt, but she nods.

“We’ll talk to the school and we’ll figure this out. It’ll be okay, Lily,” Arin says, promises her. He’ll do anything to fix this for his kid, anything to make her life easier if he can.

“In the meantime, why don’t we order pizza and you can choose what movie we watch tonight,” Dan says.

She leans away from his chest, “Can we watch Disney movies?”

“Of course,” Arin says as he leads their daughter to the living room.