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Who does the cooking? Who is more organized? Who initiates bedroom stuff? Who’s the cuddler? Who’s the big spoon/little spoon? Who comes home drunk at 3am? Who kills the spiders? Who falls asleep first? Their relationship summed up in a gif? Who is louder (orgasm-wise)? Who is more experimental? Who takes more risks? Do they fuck or make love? Lights on or off? Who comes first? Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Who is more sensitive? Who has the most patience? Which kinks do they share?


Who is more organized? 

Lily, definitely. Sarah is actually organized, but only with work. Lily is a bit worried about everything everyday. 

Who comes home drunk at 3am? 

Sarah I love tequila Paulson

Who kills the spiders?

Lily. Sarah just laughs and panics, while climbing into the bed or couch and screaming “Kill the motherfucker. Kill it, Lily!

 Who falls asleep first? 

Sarah. Lily has a little bit of trouble to fall asleep quick, she overthinks things and can’t stop thinking about all the things she’s done, gotta do, and will do.

Their relationship summed up in a gif? 


Who is louder (orgasm-wise)?

Miss Rabe, because she likes to scream. 

 Who is more experimental?

Sarah, she’s definitely playing all the time and learning new stuff that they can both try and do. She likes to keep the emotion and not to let things become boring and daily. 

 Who takes more risks? 

Lily, she just likes to give it a chance and follow her heart.

Do they fuck or make love?

They fuck each others heart so hard, a new unknown kind of love is created.

 Lights on or off?


 Who comes first? 

Usually Lily does, while making love she’s so drown into her feelings and into Sarah’s everything, that she can’t control herself. But boy she can make Sarah cum in 5 minutes whenever she wants.

Who is better at oral and who prefers it?

Sarah is better. Lily prefers it.

 Who is more sensitive? 

Lily princess Rabe. She can cry about everyday all day long, movies, tv shows, advice, cartoons, babys… everything. She’s just such a sweet and lovely person with tons of feelings she can’t control.

Who has the most patience? 

Sarah, although she seems like the “whatever” one. She likes to listen and understand, she can control herself from anger or manage a situation with calm and patience. Again, Lily is all about feelings.