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Trout Lily 2017 02 – Andrew Jackson State Park, Lancaster County, South Carolina, February 27, 2017

On one hand, there is the Buddha,
born to a life of luxury and privilege,
unable to bear the pain of the idea of pain
and suffering,
and spent his life figuring out an elaborate
escape system
that taught converts and believers
to disengage themselves
from “the world of illusion”
in seeking the bliss of contemplating bliss.

On another hand, there is “the crippled Roman slave Epictetus
who said, "I have nothing–
but earth and sky and one poor cloak,
yet, what do I lack?
I  am untouched by sorrow and fear.
Am I not free?”

On another hand, there is Seneca,
saying, “Not what you bear,
but how you bear it,
is what counts.”

We all must find our own way
of squaring ourselves up
with the reality of how things are
and what we can do about it.
We have to place ourselves
in some relationship
with the facts that limit us
and the crosses that must be borne.

Which gets us to Jesus,
“Let today’s trouble be enough for today.
Tomorrow will have troubles of its own.”
And Epictetus’ reply,
“There are no troubles that aren’t made
better or worse by the way we respond
to them” (Or words to that effect).

au where everything’s the same except Remus talks like an old southern woman.

“Y'all please”

“Harry, Harry… Bless your heart”

“Severus, I swear to the Lord, if you don’t shut your trap this instant, I’ll stick a sock in in for you”

*puts hands over Harry’s ears* “Little ears, you silly fucking asshat”

“Well, Harry, back when I was a boy”

*something happens* “Well, I never”

And who could forget:

“Sirius Black… Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit”

i have had the unfortunate opportunity to grow up in a part of the south, and i heard pretty much all of these things at some point in my life. i’m not exaggerating. feel free to add.

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Excuse me if this is random, but how would Prussia, America, England, and Romano react if their s/o out if nowhere said "Trust fall!" and then started falling. Would any of them actually catch their s/o? 😂 (I tried this with my significant other, and he tried to catch me but I ended up knocking over and we both fell)

Hello my fellow Hetalia lover~! Sorry for the slow response, like I said things at home have been a bit crazy. This is a super cute ask though and it was fun to imagine these guys reactions. :D Thanks a bunches for sending this in doll, and I hope my reply makes you smile~! 

Prussia: Gilbert would react immediately, making sure that he grabs his s/o before they can even come close to hitting the ground. He’s got great instincts so it would be easy for him. He’d keep them in his arms, looking down  at them with a big grin. He’d probably tease them a little by pretending he’s going to drop them before he pulls them up into a hug. He’d be insistent on trying this trust fall for himself but would do it at some time his s/o wasn’t expecting and they’d both end up falling over.

England: You startled him! Arthur drops whatever he’s holding to immediately catch his s/o. He almost wasn’t able to catch his s/o because of his surprise but at the last moment, he manages to grab them before they hit the ground. He stares at his s/o for a moment before he leans down and gives them a kiss. Then he’d pull them back up and scold them for doing that out of the blue. What if you had gotten hurt?!

South Italy: This poor guy. Romano would loose his cool and not be sure what to do, so he’d up just falling to the ground under his s/o, so that they don’t get hurt. He was just too shocked to catch them, but now they’re laying on top of him and well, it’s not all that bad. It’s pretty nice actually … He’d definitely be annoyed with his s/o for doing that randomly and nearly giving him a heart attack. But he’d enjoy holding them close for a little longer than necessary.

America: He’d catch his s/o so fast, they barely had a chance to fall at all! Alfred would laugh at the look on his s/o’s face before lifting them up into his arms bridal style. He’d just be very amused that they tried to pull a stunt like that, but he’d also be pleased that his s/o trusts him to catch them. He’d spin around in a circle a couple of times until both him and his s/o are dizzy and then they’d lay down on the ground together. You’re so silly s/o!

-Mod Lily

I love Joseph Paxton because he was just a boy who liked plants a whole lot, he seems like he was really chill

He started learning how to be a “garden boy” (swoon) at 15, and because his passion and enthusiasm for plants was contagious, a Duke that didn’t seem to care much about his garden was mvoed to ask Paxton to be his head gardener at age 23! And there, at the Chatsworth gardens, Paxton did a bunch of cool shit like build one of the first modern Greenhouses to help a South American Lily live and bloom! Apparently because he studied the Lily’s structure, he was inspired to create architecture following a similar structure– Biomimicry! And then what he’s famous for which is also pretty neat is designing the Crystal Palace. After more than 200 entries were turned down for the London Great Exhibition of 1851 space (one of the architects of the top 2 plans which were still rejected threw a fit and asked for compensation for no being picked..) Joseph Paxton heard about the need for a building long after the competition started, and he was like “oh, would something like this work?” and they loved it and he drew up all of the necessary plans in 9 days. BAM the Crystal Palace was born.I feel like he wasn’t trying to butt heads with anyone or make a big deal about himself, he just really liked plants and knew how to get shit done. <3 

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Which one out of Hetalia siblings would slam the doors and open the curtains on purpose while , the other one was having a hangover just to teach them a lesson about drinking too much for the first time?

Lmao, I love this request but it took me forever to do. There are a lot of characters in Hetalia and quite a few siblings. So I tried my best and if I’m missing any or got any wrong, please don’t come to my house and kill me.  Btw, I did some research on the micronations and whatnot to make sure I was getting it right. It was a bit difficult at times because there are a lot of relationships where they act like brother and sister, maybe even call each other that, but are not canonically related. That’s what I used for siblings on this list, canon siblings. So if there are characters not on here that you’re like, uhh wait, it’s probably because they’re fan characters (like Scotland) or not actually related. Or because I’m human.

It was fun to do though I took it way too seriously. X’D

Belarus and Ukraine:

The One Hungover- Ukraine
Teaches Them A Lesson- Belarus

Belarus and Russia:
The One Hungover- Russia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Belarus

Russia and Ukraine:
The One Hungover- Russia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Ukraine

England and America:
The One Hungover- England
Teaches Them A Lesson- America

America and Canada:
The One Hungover- America
Teaches Them A Lesson- Canada

Germany and Prussia:

The One Hungover- Prussia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Germany

South Italy and North Italy:
The One Hungover- North Italy
Teaches Them A Lesson- South Italy

Japan and China:
The One Hungover- Japan
Teaches Them A Lesson- China

England and Sealand:
The One Hungover- Sealand
Teaches Them A Lesson- England

France and Monaco:
The One Hungover- France
Teaches Them A Lesson- Monaco

Liechtenstein and Switzerland:
The One Hungover- Liechtenstein
Teaches Them A Lesson- Switzerland

Iceland and Norway:
The One Hungover- Iceland
Teaches Them A Lesson- Norway

Belgium and Netherlands:
The One Hungover-Netherlands
Teaches Them A Lesson-Belgium

Belgium and Luxembourg:

The One Hungover- Belgium
Teaches Them A Lesson- Luxembourg

Luxembourg and Netherlands:
The One Hungover- Netherlands
Teaches Them A Lesson- Luxembourg

Moldova and Romania:
The One Hungover- Moldova
Teaches Them A Lesson- Romania

South Italy and Seborga:
The One Hungover- Seborga
Teaches Them A Lesson-South Italy

North Italy and Seborga:
The One Hungover- Seborga
Teaches Them A Lesson- North Italy

Wy and Australia:
The One Hungover- Australia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Wy

Wy and Hutt River:
The One Hungover- Hutt River
Teaches Them A Lesson- Wy

Hutt River and Australia:
The One Hungover- Australia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Hutt River

-Mod Lily

More Kisses~

South Italy: He’s a lip biter, oh yeah~

Germany: A little short but really sweet & tender.

Prussia:Just goes for it full throttle every single time, but it’s just because he loves kissing so much.

Spain: Gets way too into it for even the most casual of kisses and especially in public. It makes people uncomfortable.

North Italy: Always very flirty and teasing~

Japan: Pretty short and small, but he always goes back in for more.

Alrighty, this is for the anon who requested these lovely kisses~! This is the same as the last, day-to-day kisses. If ya guys want hot and heavy, feel free to request! Hope you darlings enjoy this~! I know I did. ;)

-Mod Lily

Riverdale Revolution

3 things I have learned since Riverdale began.

1. Don’t like the same guy as Betty
2. Jughead Jones is the heart of the show
3. A Riverdale revolution is upon us

Betty is putting ALL Riverdale fans on notice. If she can’t have Archie nobody can. While I totally support her for being concerned about Ms. Grundy, how she went about exceeded any ex-girlfriend getting the “crazy” card. But I have to take points away from B for taking the gun and hiding it in her dresser when she KNOWS her mother is the FBI and CIA wrapped in one.

Ms. Grundy is gone!!! Or should I say Jennifer Gibson! Puppy love must have been real strong for Archie, since he refused to see the light. Alice Cooper was the only person who seemed sane to get rid of Ms. Grundy even if it did hurt Archie. BUT… mark my words, Ms. Grundy will be back.

Veronica’s mother cannot live without money as her lifeline. It’s been revealed that V’s mom having secret dealings with the mayor and the leader of the gang South Side Serpents (Remember this sentence, cause I will come back to it). This is the only time I am encouraging children to defy authority, but V has to go against what her mom stands for.

Jughead Jones makes me want to do a 180 in my life. He’s may seem odd from the rest, but that’s why you fall in love with his character. The last sense of childhood was taken from him by getting rid of the drive-n movie in town. Reasons why I hate change sometimes. Little did we know, Jughead was living in the booth that showed the drive-in movie. MY BABY IS HOMELESS! While he gathered his things, the leader of the Serpents was waiting for him.

“So where are you gonna live now?”

“I’ll figure it out dad, I always do.”


Now we know that Jughead is the son of a gang leader, who is doing deals with Veronica’s mother and the mayor. This has #RiverdaleMess all over it.

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HAHAHAHA!!! We liked the squid more than you Severus!!! In your face!! and James, just be there for Lily when everything goes south and make sure to be nice about it cuz I'm rooting for you. Also, one more suck it Severus cuz you and Lily ranked after you and the squid.

Severus: Do I seem like I care?

James: I’m rooting for me too!

Watch a teaser trailer for Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho’s new Netflix film
Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho is bringing his next film straight to Netflix. Okja, a mysterious monster movie starring Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lily Collins, and 13-year-old South Korean star Ahn Seo-hyun, will debut on the service sometime in June. Erik-Jan de Boe, the Academy Award-winning effects supervisor for Life of Pi, was responsible for the visual effects and the script was co-written by Bong and journalist / documentarist Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stare at Goats, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed). Read more