lily of the south

au where everything’s the same except Remus talks like an old southern woman.

“Y'all please”

“Harry, Harry… Bless your heart”

“Severus, I swear to the Lord, if you don’t shut your trap this instant, I’ll stick a sock in in for you”

*puts hands over Harry’s ears* “Little ears, you silly fucking asshat”

“Well, Harry, back when I was a boy”

*something happens* “Well, I never”

And who could forget:

“Sirius Black… Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit”

i have had the unfortunate opportunity to grow up in a part of the south, and i heard pretty much all of these things at some point in my life. i’m not exaggerating. feel free to add.

Fp’s Kid (Part 1) - Jughead Jones x Reader

Can you guys let me know if you actually want a part 2? This is kind of shitty AF

Masterlist  Part 2

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As he walked into the canteen he wouldn’t show it but he was scared. Most of the kids here were serpents. They wouldn’t appreciate a new kid around but this is where the powers that be wanted him. As he entered, one girl with the darkest mascara but the sweetest face he had ever seen stood up, causing the whole room to go silent, he noticed the jacket she wore - black leather with the serpents on the back probably like many others in the room but hers was slightly too big, as if it wasn’t hers,

“You’re FP’s kid, right? He stood in stunned silence for a moment,


“Your dad did my dad a solid. My dad would have been sent down for a long time if it wasn’t for yours. I owe you Jughead, and I’m sure that a lot of these idiots could say the same.” the people around her agreed, various ‘yeah’s’ could be heard around the room, “it’s good to have you back Jughead. You’re one of us.” Two people parted on the bench near her, making space for him to come and sit with them, doing so without hesitation.

He laughed and chatted, fitting in like never before. He had noticed the girl who had stood up before watching him every so often, her face looked oddly familiar but he couldn’t figure out why.

She stood once again and people went quiet once again, they had serious respect for this girl, “Come with me, I’ll show you around.” he stood with her, only just realising how much smaller she was compared to him, she was even more beautiful up close.

“So you’re part of my dads 'gang’ then?” he asked jokingly,

“kind of, It’s my brothers jacket - you know him, actually. Joaquin, he’s with Kevin.”
“How come you wear it?”

“I haven’t got mine yet, your dad always wanted to give me mine himself. So I’m waiting for him to get out.”
“Sounds like my dad prefers you to me.” he murmured, “They all respect you, a lot.” she smiled a little,

“We’re a family, that’s all the serpents are. It’s your family as much as it is mine.” They passed through some doors and onto a yard that was surrounded by fences, very unlike Riverdale high. He smiled wistfully, the two of you remaining quiet as she sat in the grass and he leaded against a nearby tree admiring the way she would fidget with the edges of her sleeves.

“I recognise you from somewhere.” he questioned her and she seemed to panic,

“That’s because we have met before.”

“Wait what?” He was in utter confusion and she had to admit it hurt a little.

“Our fathers are good friends, you know. They’re close, like brothers.” She hadn’t really looked at him the whole time, “I was born two days after you, Jughead. We were children together.”

“Why can’t I remember any of this?”

“I only really remember from photos and what your dad told me. After Jellybean was born, your mum wanted to move north, she wasn’t a serpent. So you left.” Jughead pondered over everything she had said, not really knowing what to say so nodded pensively, “as you grew up at Riverdale, your dad realised that you didn’t want anything to do with us, with the serpents. Then your mum and Jellybean left and FP had no one left. Jughead scoffed,

"Yeah, HE lost everything.”
“Your dad was so proud when you were born!” she accused, getting defensive, “It was me and my brother who had to check up on him. My dad who had to deal with him drunk.” Jughead looked down at her, his face blank, chewing his lip a little as she calmed down. “As he realised you weren’t coming back he passed the serpents onto Joaquin - me and him are like children to him as much as you are. Whenever your dad wasn’t around my dad would be in charge. FP had hoped he would pass command, so to speak, down to you but no.” she was fiddling with her hands, barley looking at him as he sat beside her, “after Joaquin came out your father decided it would my kids after him, if I ever had any.”

“Why wouldn’t you?”
“Because the person people wanted to be with isn’t around much.”

“Wait you would have had to be with some guy people chose?!”

“God no!” she almost screamed, “We’re a gang not some bloody cult” she laughed, even that was gorgeous and was the complete opposite of her tough exterior, “our families are close, we were close, that’s is the one thing I do remember, everyone thought that as we grew up we would be together someday but, yeah…” She trailed off, she had been getting quieter as she spoke,

“So we were meant to…?”

“Yes. We were close Jughead, really close.” she seemed vulnerable, she had lost that hard, confident exterior that she had shown in the canteen. “When you didn’t remember me, and Joaquin had to sit me down and tell me you didn’t seem to care anymore, hugging me as I cried over my lost best friend, telling me you weren’t like you used to be, you were no longer happy, It hurt me. I always remembered you Jughead.” she had a small tear in her eye as she pulled out a photo from her oversized jacket and handed it to him. It was him and her, about two or three years old, sat beside each other staring at each other with the biggest smiles of your lives on each others faces, holding hands.

“We were cute kids,” he smiled but it was only a fragment of the smile from the picture. He turned it over to find another photo, you were slightly older and Jugheads arm was around you and his lips were pressed to her cheek, at the drive in and his beanie wonky. “we were cute together.” he mumbled looking up at her. “Why can’t I remember any of this?”

“Your dad told me you began to shut everything out after you had moved. You only spoke to Jellybean and rarely to your parents. You apparently refused to talk about me or Southside or anyone else. It was like we had never existed. It got worse when your mum left.”

“How could I forget you?” he said more to himself, raking his hands through his hair after removing his beanie and tugging at his locks roughly. She leaned over, pulling his hands away from his head to stop him clawing too much,

“Jughead, it’s okay.”

“No it’s no…” he trailed off as he finally looked into your eyes again, his hands in yours and he remembered. He remembered her. He remembered how she would laugh as he attacked her with tickles or how she would sneak into the drive in with his family, staying over because his parents were like a second family to her. He remembered how she had given him this beanie…

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Maybe instead of being mad about the membership that came with the jacket, Betty looked upset when she called Jughead because she wanted to hurry and continue their interrupted make-out session which was leading to a hot sex btw.

See? This is just as logical as that. loool

Quite Amazing - Jughead Jones x Serpent!Reader

A few slight changes with this one but I hope you still like it!  MasterList

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Ever since Jughead had turned up at Southside High he seemed to be happier. When he walked in he was scowling and angry. When he sat down at your table he laughed and joked. He looked free. All until that Betty Cooper girl and her friends turned up and that scowl was back and he looked like all his baggage had just arrived.
Ever since the family next door took Jughead in, you would sit with your windows open talking to one another, watching him smile loving how when he did so, small dimples would appear in his cheeks. Learning how funny he truly was, learning about his dad and the crap he had to deal with back up the North side. The two of you would frequently fall asleep while talking to one another, both of you finally feeling at peace talking to one another, like you two truly had someone for once.
“How amazing it to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go one in your head.” He had asked one night as you stared at your ceiling wearily,
“Indeed. Quite amazing”

You were there when he was given his jacket. It was pouring rain, your eyeliner down your cheeks and you stood beside your uncle who handed the jacket over, smiling as Jughead looked at you with a smirk on his face and threw it over his shoulders still looking at you without breaking eye contact, that one look wanting to tell you something you never figured out. All until, once again, Betty Coopers voice broke it up and again that smirk was gone and that stoic annoyed face had returned. Yet Jughead still came to Southside High everyday with a smirk and sometimes his new jacket,
“Hey you.” he leaned against the locker beside you and looked at him, his hair still a floppy mess and his hands in his pockets,
“What can I do for you Juggie?” you smiled, he was still undecided about this whole serpent thing, “Where’s your jacket?” you stopped him answering your first question,
“You know I am not sure about the whole thing.”
“It makes you happier and you know it Juggie.” he sighed and looked at you,
“I know but…”
“But your friends, right?” you looked away back into your locker,
“Look, (y/n) that’s why I was here, I wanted to see if you would come to Pop’s with us tonight so you can meet them.” you looked at him intently for a moment,
“Fine,” you slammed your locker closed, “but I am only doing this for you.” A smile lit up his face again, a smile you had noticed he only gave you,
“Tonight at 7. Thank you so much” he squeezed your hand lightly and left, meeting up with some group who called him loudly before walking off.

You had arrived at Pop’s earlier that night, hopping only Jughead was there, but boy were you wrong. No one had noticed you had walked in as they were too busy at each others throats. You had never seen Jughead so angry. The look in his eyes was one you had never seen before and hoped you would never see. You knew Jughead had a dark side, everyone from the Southside did, but his was fire in his eyes.
“I don’t care Jughead! She isn’t a good person and she will hurt you!”
“Have you ever considered by not supporting me in this you were hurting me, Betty!” Jughead’s voice was strained and for the first time you noticed that he was wearing his jacket around them. For the first time he didn’t shrink away from them,
“Jughead, we’re just looking out for you.” Veronica spoke up quietly.
“I can look out for my damn self! I cannot believe you guys would be so damn shallow about her. You don’t even know her.”
“But we know that she is trying to do Jughead!“ Betty was almost screaming but luckily the place was almost empty, "She is trying to change you! Into one of them scum. You will end up like your father, you will lose everything and you will have no one left to help.” Jughead looked furious, “And you will lose us. Is that what you want, Juggie?”
“If it means I’m happy then yes, it’s what I want! That girl makes me so damn happy, happier than you make me at the moment. So much for ‘your dad is innocent’ and 'the serpents are still people’ Betty. Damn, you’re just full of shit aren’t you.” Betty’s words were still echoing around your head 'scum’? Is that what people thought of you? You turned, your boots making loud pacing noises against the tiles as you left, the group turning to look in your direction and Jughead’s voice calling you as you left, slamming the door behind you. You could hear Jughead yelling from inside,
“Well fucking done guys. You know what? Don’t expect me to come see me around anytime soon.”
You were halfway across the car park when you heard Jughead’s voice calling you again.
“(y/n). Stop please.” He ran to you, panting slightly as he reached you grabbing your arm. You looked up at him, tears streaming across your cheeks. You hated crying when you were angry,
“Didn’t you hear Jughead? I’m scum.” You spat, not aiming it at him but still being bitter at Betty. You looked away from his eyes as you sobbed a little again.
“Shhh, no you’re not I swear it.” His face nuzzled into your hair as he spoke, “And if you are, which you aren’t, I am too.” You looked up at him.
“You’re really joining us?“ you smiled up at him your hands resting on his jackets lapels looking up at his gorgeous smirk, moving his hands from your waist and up, removing his beanie and shoving it partly in his pocket.
“I have no doubt about it.”
“But what about Betty?” you asked not being able to meet his eyes again,
“That night when you gave me my jacket? She stormed out shortly after, wanted nothing to do with me until she saw me with you. (y/n), I love you… and I have no doubt about it.” You then knew what that look was that night. He had the same look in his eyes now as he had that night, “I adore you.” His hands rested on the back of your neck as he leaned in slowly, your lips meeting in the middle as your fingers once again griped his lapels and curled, pulling him closer.
“Was that okay?”

“Quite amazing, actually.”

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“What’s the matter, Evans? Thought I was gonna leave without giving you a goodbye kiss?”

“I’d just as soon kiss the giant squid!”

“I can arrange that. You could use a good kiss!”

A Hogwarts version of the south passage scene, featuring James Potter and Lily Evans. Because no one call tell me that those two didn’t argue loudly in the corridors to the amusement of everyone around them.

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france, prussia, south italy, lithuania, and russia reacting to a shy s/o who always very nervously asks them for hugs all the time

Awww anon, I love this ask! It perked up my mood a little writing the response for it. :) I’m still pretty tired though - hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow - so these are a little shorter than I would have liked. Still doll, I really hope you enjoy them and that they warm your heart like writing them did for me~! <3 

France: Ohoho~ He would be very happy to receive so many hugs on a regular basis. Maybe a little too happy, if you catch my drift. He’d probably try to get in some gropes every couple of hugs, the sly fox~ Seriously though, it does make him feel good to know that his s/o is open to showing physical affection with him, especially since they’re so shy. He feels good about himself because of this, well more so than before. When he’s not flirting, Francis would give his s/o a quick peck on the cheek as a thanks for the hugs. <3

Prussia: He’d be a little surprised the first couple of times his s/o wants some hugs. He knows how shy they can be and with his sometimes overly outgoing personality, he’s still a little unsure how they even want to be with him? However, Gilbert definitely wouldn’t turn them down, he’d be giving his s/o big bear hugs whenever they wanted them! Anytime, anywhere, just ask, s/o! He can be rather affectionate when he wants to, so all those hugs would really warm his heart. He’d definitely be super grateful. <3

South Italy: Romano would be a blushing mess every time his s/o asked for a hug, honestly. He loves giving hugs, especially to his wonderful s/o, but physical affection kind of embarrasses him. Especially if the two of you are in public when a hug is requested. That won’t stop him from doing it of course, but he won’t make eye contact and might grumble a little about how needy his s/o is. Plus, they’re just so cute when they get all nervous and ask for hugs … help him, his heart is pounding. <3

Lithuania: Toris can be a little shy when it comes to physical affection as well but he’d be less tsundere about it than South Italy. He just isn’t used to having someone so close to him that they want to hug him all the time. Or really anyone that cares about him on a deep level. It’s something that will take him a while to get used to, so in the meantime his s/o will just need to be patient. If his s/o asks for a hug in public, especially if it’s in front of Russia or Poland, he’d die of embarrassment but would be overjoyed all at the same time. Can he have another, please? <3

Russia: Awww s/o, you’re so cute~! Ivan would absolutely love it if his s/o gave him hugs, especially if they did it on a regular basis. The poor man grew up without much love in his life so he really needs it now. To know that his s/o is pushing past their natural shyness just to hold him makes him feel really special. He’d be like a ray of sunshine every time they asked for a hug, even if he was in a bad mood before. He would give them extra long, snuggly hugs that would end with him patting their head affectionately while smiling. <3

-Mod Lily

FP’s Kid (Part 2) - Jughead x Reader

Heres a Part Two guys! involved another anon request in here too so I do hope that this is okay!

Masterlist   Part 1

Originally posted by kylogue

“(y/n)….” he almost whispered, a tear blooming in his eye as he gripped her hand tighter. The smile from the photos lit up her face once again and so did his,

“Please say you remember?” he didn’t reply but simply leaned forward, resting his hand on her cheek and pushing his lips to hers. She smiled into the kiss before he pulled away his hand staying in her hair,

“that was new.” she mumbled,

“Did you mind?”
“Not at all.” he smiled at her, “we should go back in, before lunch finishes. She stood up offering him her hand before fixing her jacket again and the tough exterior was back.

They walked into the cafeteria once again smiling at one another, hands brushing against one another’s only to find an almost uproar. "HEY!” she screamed, getting everyone’s attention immediately, “What the HELL is going on here?” her authority shone through again as some random kid in a serpents jackets answered,

“These River kids are looking for Jughead, we said he wasn’t here.” she nodded thinking as Jughead looked up from her to find Betty and the others confused,

“What do you want?” she asked almost viciously, “This is Southside, you have no right to come here and start demanding shit.” He was shocked a little at her attitude but was also a little turned on by her dominant side,

“We’re here for Jughead.” Betty spoke up trying to match her ferociousness but failed,

“Why would…” Jughead placed a hand on her shoulder and held her back a little,

“It’s fine. I’ll be back in a minute.” he spoke quietly and left with them being watched cautiously by the others.

He never came back after that moment. He hadn’t returned to her again and once again Joaquin had to help her pick up the pieces. It wasn’t until she was leaving the bar one evening that she saw him again. Leaning against a lamppost on the opposite side of the street, looking down away from you with his hands in his pockets and the fine rain dampening his hair and making it shine a little in the lamp light. She remained still when she saw him. Watching as he occasionally looked down at his feet before back down the street until finally he looked up at her, catching her eye as you looked at each other for a moment. Jughead pushed away from the lamppost and continued to look at her removing his hands from his pockets and clenching his fists at his side. She noticed he had not made any move in which to come over to her so, swallowing her pride and biting her cheek she approached him.  "What are you doing here.“ she shouted as she got nearer,

"I’m here to see you.” he replied just as loudly as she stopped halfway there. The road was empty as the only traffic was the rows of parked bikes,

“You have no right!” she spat, once again showing her infamous attitude from school, “You have no right to come back here, to me, after you disappeared.” her façade was breaking as she became that defenseless girl she had been out on the grass that day. She couldn’t help but walk towards him as she continued, even through she wanted to be repulsed by him, by the way he lied and didn’t even seemed bothered about anyone’s feelings accept his and his Riverdale bitch, “That was one bloody long minute, Jones.” he towered  over her again, under the light everything stood out about him and she hated it,

“I’m sorry…”
“No you’re not.” she hit her fists against his chest interrupting him and he let you, “You remembered me, Jughead. You kissed me, then you left again but this time it was on you.” he took her wrists in his hands stopping her easily,

“I had to sort some things out but…”
“but what, Jones?” she asked looking up at him and meeting his eyes again,

“but I’m back now. For good, okay? I’m up here with this foster family, I have my place at Southside, the others? They’re back at Riverdale where they belong and I’m here, where I belong.” His grip on her wrists loosened and he lowered them to his sides, moving so that his fingers were entwined with hers, “come with me? Please?” he begged slightly, and with a small tear in her eye and no real protest she allowed him to pull her away.

The inside of the caravan had been cleaned up from when she was last there, after FP had been taken wrongly,

“(y/n),” he spoke softly as she looked around noticing how everything had been placed back exactly how it had been, but without the empty beer bottles before taking out her phone and fiddling with it for a moment, “I’m not leaving again, I promise you.” she noticed pictures on the table, spilling out of an open box and, picking a few up, she flicked through. Each one was one of her and Jughead, or her and his family and then, just her.

He touched her shoulder which caused the girl to look at him again. He caressed her cheek and moved towards, taking the photos from her hands and placing them down again and turned her face to his gently to kiss her. She kissed back a little tentatively at first but he smiled into the kiss, his hands running down the sides of her body and picking her up carrying her to the kitchen and pushing her up against the cupboard her head banging against it lightly as he pulled her top from her body his lips making it further and further down, taking his top off just as a bang came from the door.

“Who the hell.” Jughead looked behind him confused as she groaned a little but smirked,

“you’ll see.” pulling his jumper back over his head he opened the door as she pulled only her jacket around her. A group stood at the door and Jughead looked back to her,

“We heard your dad could have named names but didn’t.”
“We’re your family, Jughead” she said from the doorway looking at his confused face, “I text them.”

“That’s yours, if you want it,” the guy said gesturing to a leather jacket clutched in his hand before handing it over. She admired how Jughead smirked, throwing the jacket over is shoulders, “One condition. You hurt (y/n) again, your gone.” Joaquin appeared from the back, warning him and looking at his sister and her lack of attire annoyingly.

Jughead stared simply at her, stepping close once again and slipping his arm around her pulling the jacket tighter around her looking at her and their matching jackets almost admiringly. 

His gaze returned to her as he stepped closer, brushing her hair back from her face.

“She’s safe, with me. Now, excuse us gentlemen.” Jugheads confidence rocketed as his eyes got darker as she pulled at his leather collar jokingly back into the caravan as the men left, Joaquin leaving last.

“Now, serpent boy. Where were we?”

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I was so upset that Jughead and Betty’s make out scene was interrupted(!!) but they showed the dog on the next scene so I was like ‘AWWWW it’s Hotdog!’ ... Well played, writers.

they manipulated my anger with a dog. what can I say?? guess I just have to wait for bughead’s uninterrupted love scenes on season 2

anonymous asked:

Excuse me if this is random, but how would Prussia, America, England, and Romano react if their s/o out if nowhere said "Trust fall!" and then started falling. Would any of them actually catch their s/o? 😂 (I tried this with my significant other, and he tried to catch me but I ended up knocking over and we both fell)

Hello my fellow Hetalia lover~! Sorry for the slow response, like I said things at home have been a bit crazy. This is a super cute ask though and it was fun to imagine these guys reactions. :D Thanks a bunches for sending this in doll, and I hope my reply makes you smile~! 

Prussia: Gilbert would react immediately, making sure that he grabs his s/o before they can even come close to hitting the ground. He’s got great instincts so it would be easy for him. He’d keep them in his arms, looking down  at them with a big grin. He’d probably tease them a little by pretending he’s going to drop them before he pulls them up into a hug. He’d be insistent on trying this trust fall for himself but would do it at some time his s/o wasn’t expecting and they’d both end up falling over.

England: You startled him! Arthur drops whatever he’s holding to immediately catch his s/o. He almost wasn’t able to catch his s/o because of his surprise but at the last moment, he manages to grab them before they hit the ground. He stares at his s/o for a moment before he leans down and gives them a kiss. Then he’d pull them back up and scold them for doing that out of the blue. What if you had gotten hurt?!

South Italy: This poor guy. Romano would loose his cool and not be sure what to do, so he’d up just falling to the ground under his s/o, so that they don’t get hurt. He was just too shocked to catch them, but now they’re laying on top of him and well, it’s not all that bad. It’s pretty nice actually … He’d definitely be annoyed with his s/o for doing that randomly and nearly giving him a heart attack. But he’d enjoy holding them close for a little longer than necessary.

America: He’d catch his s/o so fast, they barely had a chance to fall at all! Alfred would laugh at the look on his s/o’s face before lifting them up into his arms bridal style. He’d just be very amused that they tried to pull a stunt like that, but he’d also be pleased that his s/o trusts him to catch them. He’d spin around in a circle a couple of times until both him and his s/o are dizzy and then they’d lay down on the ground together. You’re so silly s/o!

-Mod Lily


{Southside serpent Jughead} 

Everyone keeps looking at me and Jughead weirdly and betty and the guys keep asking us weird question about why we are so close and why we are inseparable, We were both scared they knew what we were and who we are. Me and Jughead where walking home together “what if they know?” I asked “they can’t know how would they find out?” He asked “I don’t know but I’m worried” I said “What about?” He asked “what if they find out and tell everyone we can’t afford people knowing” I said “Hey as long as we have each other nothing matters” he said wrapping his arms around me “Youre right” I said “when the hell were you going to tell us?” Archie said waiting outside his house with betty and Ronnie “what do you mean?” I asked “don’t play Fucking dumb with us” Archie snapped “dont speak to her like that” jug said “leave it” I said “What’s your problem?” Jug said “Maybe you and your girlfriend are Fucking apart of the separts” Archie snapped “and?” I said “when was you gonna tell us?” Betty asked “is it really important?” I asked “Yeah it does because all serpents are Fucking back stabber who don’t care about anyone but themselves” Archie snapped “You know nothing” I snapped sick of Archie having a chip on his shoulder “I know more then you think” he said “Come on babe I know when we aren’t welcome” jug said holding my hand

We walked for awhile in silence not knowing what to say about what just happened “How did they know?” I asked “When Archie went to the Southside to find the one who beaten up moose my dad talked to Archie and his dad” he said “as long as we’ve got each other we’ll be fine right?” I said “of course” he said “nothing will ever come between us babe” he added “I love you juggie” I said “I love you too babe I promise things will get better” he said “as long as I’ve got you my life is always getting better” I said.

We walked back to my house which was on the outskirts of riverdale not to far from the serpents, Me and my dad are the only serpents that like living on the outskirts of riverdale, My dad always gets along with jug which makes it easier for my dad to let him stay. We explained to my dad what happened and my dad said they Will come around and if they don’t it’s not meant to be.

My dad was right they came around a few days after and they talked to us about being apart of the serpents and they treated us the same well at least they treated jug the same since he wasn’t really a serpent just his dad but I was born to be apart of the serpents

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