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okay so i got some bad news. my laptop is broken and needs to be sent to have repairs done which means i can’t access any of my fics or post my new chapter of ‘somebody told me you loved me again’ right now BUT within a week or so it should be up and i can once again become somewhat relevant again.

also, i’m in my last week of university and can i take a moment to say that i did it. i got through the hardest and most mental health destroying academic year i have ever done. i’ve never struggled so hard yet simultaenously wanted to keep going so badly.

so y'know, silver linings and all that…

his most trusted advisor

“Not Harry, please, not Harry”                                                                  “Stand aside you silly girl….stand aside, now”

I think it is indeed very remarkable, that the dark lord really tried to grant Snape his wish to spare Lilys life. Why should he care for the wish of that very young death eater? The most evil wizard alive. And nobody who feels any regret to kill others.

Voldemort may be evil, but he is also pretty intelligent and despises incompetence.

I think it is a sign he really felt some respect for Snape at that time. Seems he was already at that age able to be a trusted advisor, somebody you can rely on.  

While begging Voldemort for Lilys life he saved Harrys life without knowing at that time…..Interesting Voldemort never found out to the end, what the real reason was.

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James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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The fact that Lily and the Marauders went to Hogwarts in the 70s doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

Imagine Lily in bell bottoms. Imagine her bringing a record player and vinyl records to Hogwarts.

Imagine Peter with a Beatles haircut.

Imagine Remus wearing a Fourth Doctor scarf and him and Lily fangirling over Doctor Who.

Imagine Lily introducing Sirius to classic rock and Sirius becoming a punkhead and wearing Muggle band t-shirts.

Lily calling James “groovy” and him freaking out because he doesn’t know what that means.

I want more 70s Marauders!