lily montgomery

anonymous asked:

Hey can you do kissing with Lily's characters too?

Nora Montgomery:

~Hesitant when kissing you at first

~She gets a bit tense when kissing you

~But she quickly relaxes into the kiss after she realizes how gentle you are

~Doesn’t want it to be heated unless it’s the right time

~Wants you to be in control

Mary Eunice McKee (non-possessed):

~Very shy kisser

~But quickly gets slightly addicted to kissing you

~Doesn’t put her hands on you

~Until you finally convince her to do so

~Sweetest of kisses

Mary Eunice McKee (possessed):

~Very rough

~Always in control no matter what

~Always a heated kiss

~Kisses you out of nowhere

~And most likely shoves you against a wall

Misty Day:

~Passionate kisses

~Grinning into the kisses


~Tugging you down (usually on a bed) when the kiss lasts long

~Kisses while dancing together

Aileen Wuornos:

~Forceful kisses

~Lots of tongue

~Very wild

~Digs her nails into your skin when kissing you

~Sometimes cackles when you moan into the kiss

Shelby Miller:

~Loving as hell

~Lingers her lips on yours even when the kiss is done

~Always gentle

~She blushes when kissing you sometimes

~Makes sure you enjoy the kiss fully

(Thank you for this lovely request, darling anon!!! I hope I did okay with Lily’s characters!! Much love, xoxo)