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I just realized my dvd of “We Bought a Zoo” doesn’t have any special features!!!! D: So if anyone has a link to the deleted scene with Colin Ford and Elle Fanning on the roof in the rain where Colin is like “i would kiss you, but that would be such a cliche”. Also the scene where Colin gives Elle a picture of one of his regular creepy drawings but with a sun in it ^.^ I’M DYING HERE AND I CAN’T FIND THEM ANYWHERE. Just to be specific, its these scenes: (x) and (x) PLEEEAASSEEE!?!?!?

anyone have the deleted scenes from we bought a zoo?

that movie is seriously one of my favorites now.

the sub plot in the deleted scenes, albeit not important to the story, was still pretty good. and then you really get to see the development between Lily and Dylan. You didn’t get to see it much in the movie other than her giving him sandwiches (terribly cliche, but adorable) but in the deleted scenes there are just some adorable scenes between the two of them. ESPECIALLY THE DELETED ENDING. that was just so cute.

problems of a fangirl, man. 

and elle fanning and colin ford, KISS NOW. 


“Lily & Dylan | In front of you.” by OhChizzz