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  • someone: but matt mercer wouldn't like it if they made mccree gay!
  • matt: openly talks about mchanzo in a podcast interview and calls it "adorable" and literally says they "would be an adorable couple"
  • matt: shared a fluffy domestic headcanon about the kind of apartment hanzo and mccree would share
  • matt: is the voice of maccready from fallout 4, an openly, canonically bi/pan character
  • me: ?????????

talking with lily in london 


The Lily Mercer Show: Bishop Nehru

Lily linked up with Bishop while dude was touring in London. Sit back as they discuss The Wu, upcoming DOOM project as well as his latest visual for Exhale

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The Lily Mercer Show: Da$H

The May Annual is here!

Lily Mercer’s 10 most played songs during May.

1. Chuck Inglish ft Aston Matthews & Kashflow | Tangerine | P. Chuck Inglish
2. Joey Bada$$ ft Action Bronson | B.A.R’d | P. Chuck Strangers
3. Black Hippy | U.O.E.N.O. Remix | P. Childish Major
4. ItsNate ft Milkavelli | EASY | P. Sumgii
5. Robb Bank$ | All The Way Live | P. SpaceGhostPurrp & Nuri
6. TREE | Most Successful | P. TREE
7. Sir Michael Rocks ft Ab-Soul & Dash | In A Minute | P. Larry Fisherman
8. Earl Sweatshirt ft Mac Miller | Guild | P. RandomBlackDude
9. Jean Deaux | Birthday Suit | P. THEMpeople
10. Chance the Rapper | Paranoia | P. Nosaj Thing

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The Lily Mercer Show | 15.04.2013

Hosted by Rinse, curated by Lily Mercer, featuring RATKING


Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards

King Louie – Michael Jordan

King Louie – Goldie With The Pimpin (Remix)

Piff Gang – Elevator Music *EXCLUSIVE*

Piff Gang – Floatin’ *EXCLUSIVE*

Northern Lights – OtherSide

Raekwon – Restaurant

Ghostface Killah – Rise of the Black Suits

Flatbush Zombies – Inf Beams

A$AP Twelvyy feat. Da$h – Jay Reed

WORLD’S FAIR – ’96 Knicks

GrandeMarshall ft Remy Banks – Pretty Girls

GrandeMarshall – Yerp!

GrandeMarshall ft Joey Moon – Same Song

GrandeMarshall – & Still

Pro Era – Like Water

CJ Fly – The Error

Tyler, the Creator – 48

Vic Mensa – Orange Juice

RATKING – Wikispeaks

RATKING – 646-704-2610


RATKING – Piece Of Shit

OG Dutch Master – Dimez

Nitty Scott, MC – Language Arts

Vince Staples – Guns N Roses

Onis – Plenny S

P.F.K. – D O R O T H Y M A N T O O T H

Tree feat. Roc Marciano – Trynawin

Thelonious Martin ft J.Nolan – Roses (Reprise)

- NickTheFiasco

If you missed my June Annual, you can listen to it here.

My 10 best tracks from June.

1. Black Noi$e - Hold On
2. 100s - 1999
3. Quasimoto - Brothers Can’t See Me
4. RetroSushi ft Key! - Free Waffles
5. Mac Miller ft Ab-Soul - Matches
6. Giftz ft Tree, Joey Purp, Kami de Chukwu, Brian Fresco, Dally Auston & Caleb James - Nino Remix
7. FOREVER FC - Warning
8. Lucki Eck$ - Everything Out$ide
9. Flatbush ZOMBiES - Palm Trees
10. Nico Segal ft Chance the Rapper & Vic Mensa - Zion

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The Lily Mercer Show | 08.04.2013

Hosted by Rinse, curated by Lily Mercer, featuring Piff Gang


Danny Brown – Express Yourself

AMEN (Boohda Bond, Walker, Chief, Righteous Hyghed) – Cuttin’ Up

Farma Wesley – Feng Shui

King Louie – Goldie With The Pimpin (Remix)

Martin $ky – Polaroid

WORLD’S FAIR – ’96 Knicks

Flatbush Zombies – Inf Beams

Joey Badass – A Day in the Life

Troy Ave ft Nitty Scott MC, CJ Fly – We Ain’t You

Piff Gang – Floatin’ *EXCLUSIVE*

Piff Gang – Elevator Music *EXCLUSIVE*

Piff Gang – Piff Set *EXCLUSIVE*

Piff Gang – Smokin’ Friend *EXCLUSIVE*

Piff Gang – Skitz Pizzy *EXCLUSIVE*

Thelonious Martin ft J.Nolan – Roses (Reprise) *EXCLUSIVE*

Tyler, The Creator – Awkward

Tyler, The Creator – 48

CCL$ (Butch Dawson X Caveman) – Unidentified Killas

Oddyssey – Tallgeese

Oskee Mariotti ft Dave Of FatKidsBrotha – Break It Down

SDotBraddy – Cant Tell Me Shit

Childish Major ft Rome Fortune – Rights For Wrongs

Co$$ – Searching

GrandeMarshall – 1020s (Intrld)

Lava King Neechi – 4 Mom

Iman Omari – Energy

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The Lily Mercer Show: Sasha Keable

Lily talks to singer Sasha Keable about her recent collaborations and her new EP entitled ‘Black Book’.


Red Bull Music | H∆SHTAG$ - Don’t Call It #CloudRap (Ep. 3)

Red Bull’s music sector put mad work into creating their new series H∆SHTAG$, which as the title insinuates…it explores different up + coming, underground musical genres.

In this episode, they hand the mic over to Lily Mercer, Piff Gang (the fam), Main Attrakionz, Robb Bank$, SpaceGhostPurpp + Femi Obasaju of Okayplayer who deliver their opinions on #CloudRap, the internet’s effect on music as well as personifying music through quotes.

- NickTheFiasco