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okay so on this post i got some FABULOUS replies from @k-lionheart and i honestly needed to elaborate on them bc they are so heckin good (high school au part 2):

  • allura as the soft sweet Badass™ who will literally take down anyone who bullies anyone 
  • she’s not a violent person but… she will Talk You Down till you Died to Death
  • knock over some kid’s lunch tray? you best believe she’s gonna find you and tell you off into next WEEK. push a kid in the hall?? boi she is more than ready to scold u in front of all ur friends. mess with PIDGE??? friend you have awakened a STORM
  • therefore everyone respects her a lot and goes to her when theyre having trouble with other kids bc not only will she help squash the problem but she will also look out for u and be ur school mom its so nice
  • once a kid was getting their lunch stolen every day and allura made sure to bring an extra one just for them for four weeks straight and she left little positive notes inside it was ?? so cute
  • and shiro is the proudest dad ever 
  • every time he hears someone talking about how she totally ruined some jerks life/helped out a classmate he just smiles and is so proud like “yeah, isn’t she great? she’s amazing! what a great, amazing girl!”
  • shiro is always giving her little gifts bc he Treats Her Right and so one day he wants to give her a lovely portrait of herself and who does he contact for the job??
  • why, everyone’s favorite emo art kid keith of course
  • art kid keith who basically lives in the art wing and draws the most beautiful portraits of the people he meets
  • his signature style is adding little stars and galaxy-like designs around the person he’s drawing and its just so pretty to look at
  • (he has this one drawing of lance standing on his desk and reading Shakespearean plays during english class and it is the most beautiful thing ever, he spent four days working on just his expression alone because he remembered how enthralled he looked and wanted to get it just right aw)
  • but yeah shiro comes up to him like “keith, know’s it going?” “you want to make a request don’t you” “wh”
  • they work out the details and keith draws shiro this enchanting portrait of allura, oh gosh its amazing, she’s laughing and there’s stars bouncing off of her face and constellations traced on her collarbone and shiro is Stunned at how Lucky He Is (”its just a painting dude calm down you can go see her in person right now” “i know its just.. she is so beautiful *wipes tear*” “hhhhhyggh”)
  • then our guy lance catches wind of this and Immediately wants in on the action
  • he just comes BARRELING INTO THE ART ROOM “keith!!!! wow funny seeing you here haha come here often?” “you literally just texted me that you were coming down here also you memorized my schedule so you could stick your tongue out at me every time u pass me in the hall” “…touché ”
  • “what do you want” “i want… HA i want you to draw me like one of your french girls ;))) (there’s no way in hell lance was gonna pass up a prime opportuinty to say that)” 
  • “… yea alright”
  • and lance just chokes on his spit 
  • keith is… actually being serious he has no other projects currently and his teacher said that he should be stepping out of the box a little bit more so this seemed like a good opportunity to… expand his horizons
  • lance is still choking on his spit he wasn’t prepared
  • “i- ffu- fuck… i mean… i wasn’t,, i actually,, shi t- okay okay yea cool whatever let’s do it,,, i don’t even care really… eat shit keith ill meet u after school at my house” “okay”
  • lance.exe has stopped working
  • and honestly…… ill just sum it up in that lance is a complete flustery mess and keith is as Calm and Cool as a Cucumber and hunk walks in on them bc he was supposed to study with lance that night R I P

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king and lionheart, where lily basically grew up with james as her king. they fell in love yada yada but it made me heart swell with cuteness overload

I believe you’re thinking of the first, but it could be the second.

Title: king and lionheart ( Alive excerpt)
Author: fssquiggles
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1 (out of 14)
Word Count: ~
Summary: The story of Prince James and his lionheart. All he’s ever done is watch her back, watch her leave, watch her protect him, because that is what a lionheart is supposed to do. James wonders why it can’t go both ways.

Title: King and Lionheart
Author: liiilyevans
Rating: Explicit
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 13,625
Summary: royalty + so you’re the rebel knight who has decided to conquer my land and oh shit with your helmet off you’re actually pretty hot au 

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While we’re on the subject:

  • A Lily Evans who isn’t Hermione 2.0, who enjoys breaking the rules as much as she does making sure everyone else follows them
  • A Lily who has always had a massive crush on James but never acted on it and snogged other boys after hours instead
  • A Lily who got detention every other week for sneaking around the castle after hours with her friends
  • A Lily whose idea of heaven is a sunny afternoon, a pack of Marlboro and Blondie playing on the stereo
  • A Lily who made the first move on James because Merlin, he was talking too much and she had other things on her mind
  • A Lily who was passionate about flying and Quidditch and God help you if you say anything she dislikes about her team because she will crush you
  • A Lily who always enjoyed the Marauders’ pranks and just so happened to lose her temper once and yell at James Potter
  • A Lily who is the reason why James is late for practice because she isn’t about to let him just leave the bed like that, not without some lazy morning sex
  • A Lily who is actually a teenager with hormones and an active libido and not a 40 year old in an eighteen year old body
Fire for Hair, Emeralds for Eyes, Constellations on her Skin

Jily Challenge @lamelylimes v @ofstagsanddoes

Theme: Celebrity AU

Prompt: (Let’s just say I took this prompt rather loosely.) Person A discovers that person B is their new (and far more famous) neighbour when they go out their front door to shout at the paparazzi to leave them alone and are told awkwardly that “we aren’t here for u today sir/miss”

Word Count: 943

Author’s Note: Thank you so much to @hmionegrangr for setting up @jilychallenge (You can still enter to be a part of Octobers!) and to @afathomableinfinity for being my wonderful Beta! I don’t know what I’d do without you!


James Potter thinks his new neighbor with fire for hair and emeralds for eyes and constellations on her skin is really fit.

So he does the only thing he knows how to do in situations like this.

He writes a song about her.

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two souls in tango, a fanmix for merida of clan dunbroch and hiccup horrendous haddock iii. the second of two fanmixes in honor of the recent jackunzel-mericcup week. [listen] [jackunzel mix]


soldier ingrid michaelson / bloom the paper kites / sleeping states gregory and the hawk / emmylou first aid kit / and then you greg laswell / this must be the place (naive melody) the lumineers / skinny (8-track bedroom piano version) pegasus bridge / we’re still here sleeping at last / somewhere only we know lily allen / king and lionheart of monsters and men

liner notes under the cut!

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It was never easy.

From the very beginning, our love story was one tainted with tears,
          harsh words, pain, loud yelling and bruised hearts.
With time, with adulthood and war and death, it became harder – 
          faith was slowly lost and love tougher to hold onto.

                                                         It was never easy, not for one second.

               But now, knowing what I know today,
                  knowing the tragic end of this tale,
                         I wouldn’t change a thing.

I wouldn’t trade the heated arguments, for they led to passionate reconciliations –
naked bodies pressed together, saying I’m sorry through gestures rather than uttered words. I wouldn’t trade the broken bones and bleeding cuts for we mended each other the best we could, kissing wounds and trying our best to take the pain away.

I wouldn’t trade the odd looks as we walked down the street, hands clasped together, for they led to the birth of a baby boy – the most important person in our lives, the light when everything around us turned  [ d a r k  ] .

              I wouldn’t change the pain because,
       as our bodies were lowered into the ground,
              our love was still as strong as it was 
              the night we exchanged our first kiss.

I wouldn’t change the hard, because the things that are harder pay off the most.

I wouldn’t change a thing, because we gave each other a  [  f o r e v e r  ]  within the numbered days, in spite of all the danger around us.

                                                       It was never easy, but it was worth it.


Some more cute pictures of Lily taken in the daylight. I’m glad she can stand in those legs, even if they don’t really fit into her joints quite. 

Lily is a Dollzone Miss Kitty on a Doll Chateau K-01 body with Soom MD Cheshire legs. 

Face up is by me, clothes from Alice Collections (shirt has been modified to fit her), eyes from Ersa Flora, and wig is from 1mim I think (got it second hand).


James & Lily | King and Lionheart


Lily got repainted this morning and while I was waiting for the MSC to dry and decided to change her outfit. While digging through our MSD clothing drawer I found these jeans that no one wears. So for shits and giggles I tried them on her and lo and behold she wears them, fabulously. 

Now all she really needs is a pair of glasses again. I’ve had no luck with finding her a new thin pair of silver glasses with lenses in them. So far every pair I’ve tried hasn’t fit under her wig and ears, they were all too thick. I need like teeny tiny MSD plastic ones!

Anyway, Lily is a DZ Miss Kitty on a DC K-01 body with Soom MD Cheshire paws. Pants are K2 (I think) and modified shirt is from AC. Wig is 1mim I think, and the eyes are from ersa-flora.

For BJD Day, it’s been forever since I’ve taken pictures of my own dolls. Unfortunately there’s no well lit spot right now in the new apartment, but that’s okay. Have a nightly feel image of Lily!

Lily is a Dollzone Miss Kitty on a Doll Chateau K-01 body with Soom MD Cheshire paws. Mods were done by me and a friend. Shirt is from Alice Collections and pants are from MoC’s K2 line. The tail I made myself, and the face up is my own too.