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Wolfstar Laser tagging. (Modern Day AU)

“So why did you bring us here Evans?”

“Sirius, show some excitement. We are here to play laser tag!!” Lily said gleefully, jumping up and down.

“Yeah, because that sounds sooooo interesting,”quipped Sirius, utterly bored.

“You don’t even know what it is,” Lily snapped.

“I know what it is, and I am not interested,” Sirius scoffed.

“You haven’t even played it yet!!” Lily yelled.

“I know. And I am not interested,” Sirius enunciated slowly, as if speaking to a mentally retarded person.

“Remus!!” Lily said desperately.

Remus pouted, “Pads, don’t be such a spoil-sport. Come on, Lily and I love this game. Come on Pads, for me, pleeeeease,” Remus looked at Sirius, and Lily had to stifle her laughter because Remus was giving Sirius his puppy face. Sirius caved in. “Fine, let’s play it,”Sirius muttered.

“Excellent!! I will explain you all the rules.” Lily quickly explained the rules to everyone.

“So, all clear?” Remus asked everyone and clarified, and everyone nodded.

“So how will the teams be?” Emmeline asked, looking around.

“I have an idea. Why don’t we play against our significant others?” Frank cocked his head to the side, and smirked at Alice. Alice flipped him off, “Whatever team I’ll be in, we will still win Frank.”

That is a fantastic idea Frank,” Marlene grinned. “This is gonna be fucking amazing, and shut up James, you can’t always have Lily on your team,” Marlene said flatly to James, who seemed to be pouting.

“Fine,” James said, “I will beat Lily and win.”

“We will just see to that Potter,” Lily scoffed back.

“Jeez. You all already started getting competitive. Okay, fine we will play against our significant others, but we still need to sort people, and also choose the captains,” Mary pointed out.

There was muttering of yeses everywhere. 

“So how do we select the captains?” Alice asked with her hands on her hips.

“Ladies, and gentlemen, behold your glorious and jaw-dropping captain,” Sirius said and took a bow.

“No one’s making you a captain Black, you didn’t even want to play it in the first place,” Lily retorted. “Let’s make chits and draw two, and they’ll be the captains.”

Everyone agreed to it, even a sulky Sirius (only because Remus convinced him) though on the condition that he gets to draw the chits.

Finally Emmeline and Alice became the team leaders, which meant Marlene was with Alice (A.N here Emmeline and Marlene are a couple, Frank and Alice {yes I ship them a lot, fight me} Jily, Wolfstar, and Mary and Peter) and Frank was with Emmeline.

“Waaaait,” yelled Sirius. “What now Padfoot?” James sighed.

“Who gets to pick first?” Sirius raised his eyebrows.

“Good question,” James muttered. “Fine, you girls, rock-paper-scissor it out.”

Emmeline and Alice looked at each other and shrugged. Alice won, and said, “James.”

James moved towards Alice and Marlene, and Lily went towards Emmeline and Frank. Lily whispered something in Em’s ears, and Em nodded and said, “Remus.”

Remus high-fived Lily as Sirius ran towards James. Alice chose Peter, and Mary moved towards Lily’s group.

So the final members are Lily, Remus, Frank, Emmeline and Mary in one team, and Sirius, James, Alice, Peter and Marlene in the other. 

“LET’S DO THIS!!!” Sirius yelled.

“Alright alright, come on, let’s put on the vests,” Lily said, and everyone started putting on their suit.

Sirius strode over to Lily and smirked and whispered, “Evans, you could’ve just said I would see Remus in Army suit, and I would’ve agreed within the blink of an eye.”

Lily laughed, and said, “Maybe I will ask Remus to always wear an Army suit to convince you to do anything.” “It’s on,” Sirius winked at her.

“Alright, we are moving out losers,” Alice yelled, and the group went away.

“Alright, so what’s the plan?” Mary asked.

“We beat the hell out of them, and their stupid smug smiles,” Remus said.

“Blimey Remus, who knew you could be so competitive?” Frank grinned.

“Waaaait,” Lily said, looking around “Do not fall into their trap, don’t have a small talk, shoot them at sight.”

Everyone highfived each other, took their laser guns and went away.

Remus was now into full competitive mode, and damn him if would let the other team win, because he would never hear the end of it from Sirius and James. 

Remus moved cautiously, sticking close to the wall, and listening closely, and peering around, his laser gun in his hand.

Remus squinted, trying to see clearly, because it was a bit dark. he saw a figure out there, wearing suit darker than their own team’s. The person was facing the other way, so Remus ran forward before they could turn back, and shot her, recognising her hair.

“Hah! Take that Alice!!” Remus yelled and ran away before she could even shoot him, and heard her frustrated yell behind him.

Remus now stopped, breathing hard. He looked around, seeing a figure way ahead of him, but he could not recognise if the person was on his team or not. “Better not risk it”, Remus mumbled, and keeping his eyes on the figure he started walking backwards, until a sharp point was thrust in his back. “Shit,” Remus muttered and turned around to see a smirking Sirius, with his gun pointed at Remus. and they were also both in a dead end.

Remus wanted to win desperately and damn him if he would let Sirius or James win. Suddenly Remus had an idea, and he smirked.
“Well look Moony, look who’s about to die,” drawled Sirius.

Remus raised his hands, “I know, Pads. But,” Remus said slowly, “I think I died already when I saw you in that military vest. I mean, I wanted to take you right then and there, but I had to resist so much.” Remus could see this was working, as Sirius had already lowered his gun and was now licking his lip. “And since I am as well dead, and there is no one else here, I might just…” Remus advanced slowly, and his hand caressed Sirius’s collarbone. Remus leaned in, and let his lips skim over Sirius’s jawline. Sirius whimpered and Remus smiled, and though his intentions were different, Remus would be lying if he was not enjoying this.

Remus kissed behind Sirius’s ear, his hand on Sirius’s lower back, pulling him closer. Sirius’s hand fisted Remus’s vest, and pulled him closer. Remus grazed Sirius’s lips, pulled back, and then kissed Sirius hungrily. He forced open Sirius’s mouth and pushed his tongue in. By now, Sirius had completely abandoned his gun and his one hand was in Remus’s hair, the other behind his back. Remus pushed Sirius against the wall, kissing him fervently. He did find Sirius very hot in that Army jacket, and there was something in kissing Sirius in the dark  in a corner with low neon lights high above. Sirius was now completely into Remus, his eyes closed. Remus pulled back, and before Sirius could understand what was happening (still dizzied by the kiss) Remus shot Sirius and started to  run away, cackling, listening to Sirius’s furious yells and footsteps behind him.

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