lily is a monster

A Puppy for Bucky

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve, Natasha, Sam, Tony, Sam (OC)

Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, fluff, angst, talk of PTSD

Word Count: 4,782


Driving a motorcycle was scary in and of itself. Driving a motorcycle in New York City was down right terrifying. But driving a motorcycle, in New York City, on Black Friday when it was snowing was down right suicidal.

You zipped through traffic as fast as you could while still being safe, cursing yourself for being late to work. You spent half of your drive swearing at ignorant tourists that ran into the middle of the road without looking and the other half laying on your horn as you raced through Midtown Manhattan. You were so caught up in your thoughts you didn’t notice the cab that jumped the line at the red light as you bobbed around a group of people more concerned with their cell phones than traffic. You careened into the side of it and flew over your handle bars. With a loud yelp, you slammed into the unforgiving pavement and rolled a few feet before coming to a stop on the ground.

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Here’s a reminder that Snape referred to Lily as “Lily Potter” after her marriage to James.

Snape might not have liked James, but Snape respected Lily’s decision to marry James – even after the two had passed.

Saving Kittens Thing

Bleeding heart James Potter does his level best to save seven cats from a terrible fate, but Lily Evans, his heartless monster fiancée, tries to thwart him at every turn.

week one.

Lily Evans to James Potter: no

James Potter: i haven’t asked a question.

Lily Potter: and yet

James Potter: but how did u know???

Lily Potter: your 762 cat pictures uploaded to the cloud james

James Potter: right.

James Potter: it’s just, hes been hanging around the office for the last two weeks…
Lily Evans: you don’t even like cats??

James Potter: but he likes me. maybe I never liked them bc they were all assholes?

James Potter: chicken or egg, u know?

Lily Evans: amazing

Lily Evans: see u in a few

Lily Evans: no to cat. yes to takeout for stressing me out

James Potter: ur stressed? im marrying an unsupportive woman in 7 weeks??

Lily Evans: *kiss emoji* eggrolls.

James Potter: yessir

James Potter to Lily Evans: but look at how CUTE he is

Lily Evans: no

James Potter: he likes milk

Lily Evans: impeachment song voice: no. no. no. no. no. nono. nononono.

James Potter: killjoy!

Lily Evans: remember the squirrel

James Potter: that was one. time.

Lily Evans: and yet, i have veto power

James Potter: will u always have veto power? like for the next sixty years?

Lily Evans: we had to call professionals in??? almost got kicked out??? our lease specifically and unequivocally forbids pets of any kind???

James Potter: technicality, yes, but as mum owns the building, pretty sure i could sway her w/ wedding leverage

Lily Evans: we are NOT having swans, geese, ducks, or other fowl at our wedding. so no leverage for u.

James Potter: killjoy!!!!!

week two.

James Potter to Lily Evans: he is a SHE

Lily Evans: …?

James Potter: THE CAT

Lily Evans: how do u

Lily Evans: nvnmd

James Potter: check ur snaps!!!

Lily Evans to James Potter: james. when u get home we need to talk abt appropriate things to snapchat.

Lily Evans: example: cats giving birth? not appropriate!!

Lily Evans: also, are u under the bushes in front of your work?


James Potter: except cats!

James Potter: and six of them.

James Potter: seven including boots.

Lily Evans: boots?

James Potter: have u seen HER feet? boots.

James Potter: the Miracle of Life. im transformed.                                             

Lily Evans: oh boy

Lily Evans to James Potter: babe. ur going to get fired for sending too many snapchats on work hours.

James Potter: my dad is the boss?

Lily Evans: he asked me to text sense into u. or to bribe u.

James Potter: rude.

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