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Albus is an old man now, and finally ready to move on. He dies peacefully in his sleep, unafraid because his father’s always told him that there’s no reason to fear death.

When he opens his eyes, the first thing he sees is a face. He’s seen it in pictures before, young and smiling amidst his three best friends, laughing at Albus’s grandparents’ wedding, newspaper clippings showing him as an escaped prisoner. He recognizes this man to be his dad’s godfather, the brave man that Harry’s said grew up in a horrible house and would’ve given his life to keep his best friends safe without a second thought, who lived twelve years with dementors, escaped and was forced to live quietly in his old, dark house, who died so unexpectedly at the hand of his own cousin. He knows that this man is brave and valiant and bold.

In the moment it take him to recognize this, the handsome face cracks into a smug smile. Sirius Black opens his mouth, and Albus is ready, sure he’s going to say something simple and beautiful and wise; and then Sirius says, “Albus Snivellus Potter.

Imagine children of Hephaestus being born with parts of their bodies being made of metal. It varies how weird or horrific the placement of these parts are. Many children with born with metal limbs build better, more stylish ones for themselves

Imagine children of Aphrodite that are born with the power to change their appearance, but they can’t control it. They change when their emotions are high or just randomly throughout the day. Sometimes they’ll have two different faces and not be able to do anything about it

Imagine children of Apollo being literally made of light. There’s always a soft glow coming from their eyes, nose, and mouth. They get hard to look at when they’re mad but they also make good flashlights

Imagine children of Ares who just casually spill blood all the time. Out of their mouths, ears, eyes, and noses. Just randomly, no warning. Sometime random small wounds will open up on their arms, legs, and faces. New campers are very scared of them

Imagine children of Athena who physically shut down from information over load; they can’t move, can’t speak, don’t even breathe so their brains can review all the things they know. When they’re in this state you can literally see words and pictures flash across their eyes. Don’t disturb them in this state, it won’t be good for either of you

Imagine children of Demeter who have flowers and other flora growing out of their bodies. Little roses (thorns and all) growing out of their heads, lilies growing from their shoulders. Sometimes their hair will start turning green

Imagine children of Dionysus with grape juice for blood. When they get older, it ferments and turns to wine. They can will vines to grow out of their bodies, though the grapes on those vines will make anyone else sick

Imagine children of Hermes who talk so fast, their voice can’t catch up. They’ll be talking and suddenly, their voice gives out. But they still keep talking. When they stop, their voice keeps going once it’s able to catch up

Imagine children of Hades with see through skin. All the bones, veins, organs, and everything is visible. Sometimes, depending on a lot of things, their skin is more translucent than normal

Imagine children of Poseidon being born with aquatic features; scales, gills, webbed hands/feet, slimy skin, etc. Some are able to go fine without water, while some need it or they get sick. They won’t die but they will be quite miserable

Imagine children of Zeus who are made of lightning. You can see it under their skin, jumping from one body part to the next. Their eyes have lightning and them always look like colored storm clouds. Touching them is always an endeavor in trying not to get shocked too badly

Imagine really cool side effects to being half all powerful God

A sister post to James’ POV of Harry’s time at Hogwarts

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Body Heat

Request: Can you write a Sirius Black x Reader but the reader is James’ sister and Sirius tries to flirt with the reader and James is all like are you flirting with my sister and Sirius fires back or something?
Warning(s): Bar scenes, drinking, swearing, intense hugging(?), major Sirius feels. Honestly, just look at the title.
Note: This is my first Marauders’ imagine, so feedback is appreciated.

⇢  A Sirius Black x Reader work where the reader is James’ younger twin sister.

Most brothers preferred to keep their social life separate from their siblings’. James Potter was no exception. Which is why, when Lily and Marlene urged you to meet the Marauders at the bar with them, you fervently declined.

“A bar? Filled to the brim with drunkards? James would never let me out of his sight,” you argued, moving away as Marlene approached you with a tube of lipstick. “I’m not going.”

She crossed her arms, her lower lip jutting out. “Please, Y/N.” Marlene gestured at your attire: Black hot pants and a long sleeved crop top. “You’re already dressed for it.”

You glared down at your outfit, tugging at the hem of your shorts. “I didn’t know you guys chose clothes for me to wear to a bar.”

“What did you think? Your arse is hanging out for tea with the Minister of Magic?”

Lily gave Marlene a warning look as you flushed a bright red. “Don’t listen to her, Y/N. Your arse is not hanging out.” She paused, giving you a once over. “Well…You’ll blend in, at least.”

You groaned, pinching the bridge of your nose. “James is going to kill me.”

“So what?” Marlene interjected. “He’s your brother, not your dad. Who cares what he thinks?”

I do; he’s my brother.”

A slight snort came out from Lily. “Marlene is right. You’re your own woman. You shouldn’t let the opinion of that arrogant toerag dictate your decisions.”

You and Marlene exchange glances. It was quite obvious that, over the years, James’ crush was becoming less unrequited. And although it was disturbing at first, you quickly accepted the idea that one of your best friends fancied your brother.

“You mean that arrogant toerag you so happen to like?” you said, raising an eyebrow. 

Lily raised hers back defiantly. “I don’t like James Potter.”

“Yeah, right,” Marlene scoffed. “That’s like saying Y/N doesn’t have the hots Sirius Black.”

You frowned, ignoring the slight amount of heat rising to your cheeks. “But I don’t.”

Now it was Lily and Marlene who gave each other incredulous looks. It was clear neither of them believed your poorly concealed lie. They knew, no matter how much you denied it, that you had developed a crush on Sirius the moment he gave you a bundle of white flowers for Christmas. Just the thought of his hand brushing against your cheek as he tucked a single flower behind your ear made your butterflies come alive.

“Let’s pretend, for now, that we believe you.” Marlene checked the time. “But in this moment, I hear the firewhisky calling my name. Are you coming?”

“Sirius will be there,” Lily sang.

You threw your head back defeat. “Fine.” You paused. “But not because I want to see Sirius.”

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Share a heads dorm/common room?

Check out this post, plus here are a bunch more:

Title: Alarming and Beautiful
Romance, Angst
Word Count:
What she didn’t realize until after she agreed to go out with him was that these things were piling on his shoulders until he was hunched under the weight of the world and it was all he could do not to throw it off and watch it shatter.

Title: Breaking Locks
Romance, Smut
Word Count:
Jily oneshot: smut indeed. A chance meeting in the shower.

Title: A Matter of Technique  
Author: B.C Daily
Rating: K+
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 7,009
Summary: Caught in the act of trying to learn how to waltz, James’s dancing troubles result in some interesting consequences.

Title: Nothing Like a Bath to Help You Relax
Author: EllaMennowPea
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humour, Smut
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,357
Summary: Lily relieves some tension in the warm bath and James happens to wander in…  

Title: What About Now?
Author: SiriusUntiltheVeryEnd
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 21 [WIP]
Word Count: 101,294
Summary: She noticed him, of course she noticed him but Lily didn’t let her gaze linger. She had always thought James was fit, but she didn’t particularly want to. James Potter was trouble and she had enough problems.

Title: Tears on the Balcony
Author: ByeByeBirdie
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 51
Word Count: ~522,000
Summary: Lily & James have hated each other ever since their initial meeting took a wrong turn. After a shocking goodbye at the end of their 6th year, are things going to be any different in the following year when they are forced to work together as Head Boy and Head Girl.

Title: Before The Fawn
Author: andelyn kinsey
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 52 [WIP/Abandoned]
Word Count: 508,841
Summary: Before Harry, before Godric’s Hollow, before the Dark Lord was defied three times… Lily Evans and James Potter discovered that neither of them were what the other had expected, and embarked on a relationship that would change the world as they knew it.

Title: Only
Author: LunarArtemis
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,464
Summary: Lily is bored one night and who just happens to be available? Lily and James find themselves in a situation where the sexual tension can be cut with a knife on James’ bed! 7th year!

Title: Lily’s Headache
Author: foxredwinter
Rating: K+
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 3,672
Summary: Lily’s headache and a late night meeting helps her to see a few new things about James.  LEJP.

Title: Untitled
Author: fanfic-tastic
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: AU Where James comes home after a long Quidditch practice and heads to the head boy/girl dorms immediately to shower and barges in on Lily showering accidentally.

Title: Fire Burning
Author: CHSPatriot09
Romance, Angst
Word Count:
What if Hogwarts held a Yule Ball during Lily and James’ seventh year? What if Lily finally realized that she really did love James? This is not a song fic in any way. Rated M for some strong language, mild suggestiveness, sexuality, and a lemon.

… somehow ended up doodling chibi icons for [Animus/JobSetAU]…

She didn’t know when it had happened. She wasn’t even sure why it had happened, but …but suddenly, she noticed; Lily realised she was paying attention to him. And it was confusing her.

“James is playing mighty well today, isn’t he?” Marlene said next to her, smiling and cheering along with the rest of Gryffindor house. She applauded and woo’d loudly when James brought them another goal.

Lily tried smiling, but only ended up grimacing a little at her friend’s enthusiasm and kept her eyes on the pitch.

“You all right, Lily?” Alice asked on her other side. The girl was showing her support as well, bundled up in her scarf coloured red and gold, but she was nowhere near as bad as Marlene (or Sirius standing in front of them) in terms of volume.

“You get them, Potter!” Sirius yelled, waving his small flag passionately.

“Go James!” Peter cheered.

Lily rolled her eyes and turned to Alice. “I’m fine. It’s just that Black spotted the Snitch ages ago, but he still hasn’t tried to catch it yet.”

Alice blinked. “That’s curious. I wonder why he would wait.”

Lily didn’t answer. She didn’t have the faintest idea either, but what was nagging her mind was the fact that she’d noticed at all. Since when had Regulus Black been on her radar?

“And there goes a point to Slytherin! About time, that. Suppose it can’t have been easy for poor Travers to perform today, I hear his girlfriend broke up with him last weekend. Speaking of performance, I hear that was part of the reason why she dumped him—”

“JORKINS!” Professor McGonagall roared.

“Sorry, Professor!” Bertha Jorkins said, and resumed commenting the game.

“What an absolute idiot,” Marlene said, looking somewhat disgusted. “Doesn’t she realise Travers would kill her for that if he could get away with it?”

“She does meet our house’s criteria of being reckless well enough,” Lily agreed.

“You’re being a bit hard on her,” said Alice. “I don’t think she knows what—“

“Oh, she knows,” Lily and Marlene chorused.

“That’s what makes it worse,” said Marlene.

The match continued and Lily’s attention was once more on the younger Black. He was circling around above the goal posts, giving the impression of boredom, yet Lily observed the way his back never fully turned toward the left side of the Quidditch pitch. He was the definition of Slytherin, it seemed. He was pretending to be something he was not.

What’s he playing at?

She wondered if her newfound interest in the boy was his doing as well. Did he spike her pumpkin juice, perhaps? He certainly was clever enough, since he too was a member of the Slug Club and according to Professor Slughorn he was the one most likely to become the male Slytherin prefect next year. And he never did act like the other imbeciles she’d seen strutting around yelling ‘mudblood’ at people. In fact, he minded his own business at all times.

A part of her reluctantly admired that. She never did seem able to do so herself. Perhaps if she had then …No, she scolded herself. Petunia would still have found something else to complain about, even if she and Severus hadn’t found Dumbledore’s letter.

That was another thing. The Black sibling rivalry. While Sirius Black wasn’t Lily’s favourite person, she still felt for his unfortunate family situation. The distance between him and his brother was predictably a sore spot and she sympathised deeply. However …It was a fact that the usual instigator of their public rows was Sirius. Regulus would at most sneer at his brother and friends, but nothing more to Lily’s knowledge.

There was a cheer as Slytherin scored another point, and Lily snapped out of her thoughts– only to find the person in question looking back at her.

Still perched up high and elegantly on his broom, Regulus arched an eyebrow her way; his grey eyes rapidly switching from their usual reserved look to mildly amused. Lily realised that it must indeed look strange for her to be the only one not fixated on the other end of the pitch. But still she was reluctant to let her gaze go.

Regulus Black had somehow wormed his way into her brain and she wanted to figure out why, even if that meant she had to suffer his smirk.

Things voldemort should have made into horcruxes:
  1. A penny, he then should have gave that penny to a stranger and told them to pass it on , the result would be Harry Potter never being able to find the penny.

  2. His underwear , who wants to have to take someone’s underwear off of them?!

  3. A dead battery, who would suspect that?

  4. Lily and James’ tombstone. Could harry destroy his parents graves?

Draco and Harry, at some point

Draco: Hey Potter!
Harry, lazy: What is it again, Malfoy?
Draco: I saw you and that Weasley girl making out last night.
Harry: Yeah? What about it?
Harry: Hey, her name’s Ginny!
Draco: I’m disturbed.
Harry: Huh
Draco: She looks like your mum.
Harry: [slack-jawed]
Sirius, in the afterlife: [exhales]
James: [snickering]
Lily: [wide-eyed]
Snape: . . .
Harry: A-are you saying that because you’re... jealous or something?
Draco:    h  u  h

The fact that Lily and the Marauders went to Hogwarts in the 70s doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

Imagine Lily Evans in bell bottoms. Imagine her bringing a record player and vinyl records to Hogwarts.

Imagine Peter Pettigrew with a Beatles haircut.

Imagine Remus Lupin wearing a Tom Baker scarf and being a Whovian.

Imagine Lily introducing Sirius Black to classic rock and Sirius wearing band t-shirts all the time and becoming a metal head.

Lily taking James to the cinema and watching his head explode (could you imagine James watching the first Star Wars when it came out in 1977!!!!!)

I want more 70s Marauders!