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Comfort Part One - Severus Snape x Reader

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Pairing: Severus Snape x Reader


Hiya! I’m not too sure if you take such specific requests as this but I was wondering if you could write something where the reader has a chronic pain condition where her whole body hurts all the time and there’s no cure or pain relief so sev looks after her and comforts her? I have a condition called EDS and I’m going through a bit of a rough patch atm and it sounds a bit silly but I often imagine sev comforting me and helping me through it haha x I adore you blog and writing ❤️

Word Count: 694 Yeah super short, srry

Warnings: Chronic pain condition, Torture threats, Serious situation… Which I love to write.. Heh.

A/N: O.M.G. I am soooo late and I feel so terrible about it! Korean Thanks Giving as ended a week ago and I think I have stalled so long! I’m so sorry, and I promise to be more active than before. :) Oh.. Not to mention I had to part this fic because I couldn’t write sad stuff all in one day.. Haha.. Ha.. Send in requests, guys!

[Y/N] = Your Name

[Y/H/C] = Your Hair Color

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Part Two

“Severus?” You called out, as you felt a hand on your forehead. It was your husband, non other than Severus Snape, who was your everything. You sighed happily when you locked eyes with him. “You’ve been gone for so long..”

“I know, [Y/N], I know.”

“Have you been to Lily and James’ grave again?” You asked, trying not to show jealousy. Severus kissed your forehead, but still didn’t say anything. “Sev, I’m not mad. I’m just.. Managing everything to myself was lonely without you.”

Severus tensed as you started sobbing and wrapped his arms around you. He whispered apologizes and smoothed your [Y/H/C] hair out of your streaming face to keep them dry. You sat up in bed to hug him properly.

“I always put fresh Lily flowers on the gravestones and I didn’t visit them in so long.. Next time you visit them, please do it for me.” You mumbled, which made your husband chuckle softly. You looked up at him.

“Such a [Y/H].”

You grinned. “[Y/H]s never forget who helped them.” You said, but soon you grimaced. Severus gently, but quickly laid you back on the bed. “Sev, I’m..”

Not okay.” Severus said firmly, and you saw his eyes watering. Your [Y/E/C] eyes soon did the same. “I - I’m sorry. I lashed out on you. I’m just upset.”

“I’m sorry too, I should have come to St. Mungos sooner.” You muttered, blushing. Severus opened a cupboard from the hospital walls and pulled out a cauldron and some vials. He rushed about the room, opening his old black suitcase and taking out jars of every size.

Severus shook his head as he started filling the cauldron with some liquid in the biggest jar. “Yes, you should have, but I’m not mad about that, [Y/N].”

“Then.. What? What are you upset about?” You asked, wincing as you clutched your arm. It felt like something was pinching your flesh. HARD. Severus heard your moan and started to work swifter.

“You’d rather not know.” He said, then sighed, because he knew you were bound to find out sooner or later. You started to protest, but intead of a clever comment, you let out a scream.

Severus frantially waved his wand over the cauldron, but grunted when he didn’t succeed, because he was hurrying too much. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and finished with the potion. “The Dark Lord is back.” He said, earning a small gasp from you.

“What…? But.. Since when?” You asked, wide eyed. “Potter, he.. He tried to warn everyone.”

Severus nodded, pouring the goo into a tall vial. He placed it beside our bed to cool it off. He climbed in bed beside you, but you could feel him getting hesitant of the idea of touching you.

Instead of waiting, you quickly touched him. You pressed your lips on his, and pulled away before he could. Severus tried to smile, but it seemed like he wasn’t used to smiling at Hogwarts, because the edge of his lips was dragged down like it was heavy.

You hated ruining the moment, but you flinched when the back of your hand stung painfully. Severus quickly held out the tall vial for you to drink. You gulped it down, and after a short second, the pain didn’t poke through your nerves anymore.

You spoke up, inturrupting the silence. “Is that why St. Mungos isn’t completely in business?” Your husband hesitantly pulled you so that you were leaning on his chest. He began stroking you hair without a word.

You figured that was a yes, because this Slytherin tended to ignore the question if it was a question he didn’t want to answer. You sighed and snuggled under his chin, which helped you find comfort everytime you did.


A/N: This is the very first time I cried as I wrote something.. To write this fic, I researched EDS, and I saw how painful it was, and I truly am so sorry to hear the person who requested this has a condition like that. But stay strong, I’m rooting for you to stand ;)

Some Theoretical Harry Potter Ages

Right, so I’m not sure if J.K. Rowling has confirmed any of these ages officially, but using facts from canon and a little math, I sat down and worked out that wizards are powerful old motherfucking creatures and should be feared. 

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Headcanon: Jessa

After they finally settled in New York to start a family, sometimes Jem or Tessa would claim they had to work outside the city, got absent for a whole day, and came back with small gifts for the other. This one time, it was the first time it had happened simultaneously, and it was after a silent brother had announced Tessa was carrying a baby girl in her belly. Tessa had inquired if she’d be able to go on a trip, and when the brother said yes, she told Jem she’d go to Chicago for Business, and Jem said he’d go to California to visit relatives.

At the day of their acclaimed trips, however, they did meet in the bone city, at a gravestone on which was engraved the name of an old friend. After the shock of the meeting, Tessa was the first to calm down. She asked him if he went there often, and he said yes, and he asked her the same thing, and her answer was the same. They didn’t need to ask why the other didn’t tell: They had the same reason. They didn’t want to hurt each other. Jem, then, took out of his pocket a lily. Tessa said, “Lily?” and Jem only replied, “Lilian?” Tessa only thought for seconds, and then nodded; the name rhymed with the name engraved on the stone beautifully. They then stood and talked to their old friend about how excited they are about the unborn Lilian Carstairs, and how they wished she could meet him. Jem left the lily at the gravestone and said, “She’d want to say hello,” and then they left, feeling strangely relieved.

padfootandprongsftw  asked:

Remus going to James and Lily's gravestones everyday after they die and pretending Sirius is there with him and that he didn't betray them and having this one sided conversation with all of them and oh gOD I hate myself

Oh no… I don’t even know if I can handle this..

  • Remus was heartbroken after James and Lily died
  • He couldn’t believe that his best friends in the world had either died or turned traitor
  • It was just too painful to bear
  • Even though he couldn’t go see Harry, who was now living with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, Remus still visited Godric’s Hollow daily
  • He would apparate just outside of town, wearing his Muggle clothes
  • Then he’d walk past the house and try not to look at it
  • He always failed
  • He’d stare at the ruin of the Potter house, reading the messages accumulating on the magical sign
  • Once he had read every new addition- this always took a while- he’d continue his walk to the cemetery
  • He’d find James and Lily’s gravestones and place some fresh flowers on them- lilies every time
  • While he was there, he’d talk to the graves and to the vacancy at his feet, where he’d pretend that Sirius was laying in his dog form
  • He’d talk to James and Lily and pretend that he was relaying Sirius’s words back to them
  • “Harry’s doing well, from what I hear. Sirius wanted to break into the Dursley’s and steal Harry but I told him that wouldn’t go over very well.”
  • “Dumbledore keeps offering a teaching position, but I don’t think it’s right for me to go back to Hogwarts.”
  • “Sirius has fleas again.”
  • “You got mentioned in the Prophet again- third time this month.”
  • He’d just sit there for an hour or two, talking to the headstones, silently crying
  • Nothing would bring the Potters back, but he did what he could to keep his eye on Harry, which wasn’t much but he’d drop in on Little Whinging and cast an invisibility spell on himself
  • He’d give a little report to the gravestones after his visit

This hurts me so much