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^^ And, last but not least, the Exceeds:


Gajeel, Levy and Lily from Chapter 544! They are finally reunited (this time for good, hehe)!!! ^^ Gajeel’s smile while he’s looking at Levy is amazing! Levy is so relieved and happy!  And Lily is so happy, too! Just look at his precious eyes! The three of them share such a beautiful hug, filled with joy and relief! Jet and Droy are also extremely cheerful, which once again shows how much their relationship with Gajeel has developed over time! The last panel with all of them in it is amazing! 


Gajeel, Levy and Lily from Chapter 537. ^^ Levy is so relieved that Makarov is alive and thus she is crying tears of joy. 

“You can’t put on a smiling face… Unless your belly is full! ”

A color collab with the awesome manga colorists! ❤
@oldfriend7876 colored Lucy and Mavis (as well as some details on the table)
@thatsvicchan colored Juvia and Gajeel (plus the table and some details on it)
@pennytf colored Gray and Carla (plus the background)
@elieglory3173 colored Natsu and Wendy (also some details on the table)
• and i colored Erza and Lily and Happy (also some table details )
I really had so much fun coloring with all of you ❤


Guys I love sparkles. Throw back to some photos from 2015! Oh my god we’re already in 2017 arent we? Aaaaah.
@royallily’s amazing Bloom cosplay that I was just absolutely in love with. Yeah okay, I’ve never seen the show but you can tell just at a glance that this woman absolutely nailed this character. And those wings right? I know she paid a ton for them, I cant remember where she got them from but they were just so pretty and had such a nice natural reflective glow to them and matched the costume so perfectly.
Nailed it babe. <3
Also it’s come to my attention that the colors are distorted on the mobile app. Try checking it out on desktop.

Levy is Extremely Caring and Attentive to Gajeel

This is what Gajeel said in Chapter 486 during his fight with Bloodman:

As it can be seen, immediately after hearing Gajeel’s words, Levy became incredibly frightened and worried. She couldn’t believe that Gajeel had actually said something like that.

After some moments, Levy jumped between Gajeel and Bloodman in order to protect Gajeel with her Solid Script Magic. Then, the first thing she told Gajeel was:

She remembered Gajeel’s exact words from before. Even though Gajeel hadn’t given much thought to the way he had worded that reply of his and, just like he stated here, he had simply tried to come up with a good comeback while saying that, Levy had still become really anxious because of his words.

She jumped in front of Gajeel exactly in order to prevent his words from happening. She wanted to protect him, no matter the cost. 

Right after that, she made her absolute wish even more clear:

And, of course, Levy’s words deeply touched Gajeel’s heart, as he realised once again just how far she’d go in order to protect him:

Also, another instance that showed just how much Levy values Gajeel’s words and how attentive she is to everything he says is represented by Chapter 471:

Here, Gajeel promised Levy that he would bring her back to the guild. Thus, he basically promised her that both of them would eventually be fine. This promise was extremely important to Levy and made her feel much better, as it can be seen in this panel:

Panther Lily was glad to hear Gajeel’s words, as well. :)

Later, in Chapter 502, right after the reunion between Gajeel and Levy had taken place, Levy said this to Gajeel:

This way, Levy reminded Gajeel of his promise from Chapter 471, thus proving that she hadn’t forgotten it, of course. She then showed him how incredibly important it was to her and how much she wanted Gajeel to keep his promise:

Gajeel perfectly understood Levy’s wish and concerns and he promised that he would absolutely keep his word:

Gajeel understood how much he meant for Levy and how much she wanted him to be safe, just as much as he wanted her to be completely protected. Thus, this way, Gajeel assured Levy for good that both of them would eventually be fine and that he would do everything needed so that both of them would make it back to the guild, safe and sound. c: