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a chubby sirius part ii because my nine year old cousin sent me down a spiral of body shame (part i)

  • chubby sirius who rested books on his belly  so he could read while lying down without having to worry about his nose breaking because a hardback fell on it
  • chubby sirius who caught everything that he dropped while he was sitting (who needs a thigh gap when you can have chubby thighs perfect for catching pens and chocolate pieces)
  • chubby sirius who loved the way his thighs jiggled when he wore tight shorts and went up the stairs
  • chubby sirius who smirked every time he caught remus staring at his legs and biting his lip when he ran up the aforementioned stairs 
  • chubby sirius who charmed all the rings in the jewellery store to be the size of bangles because “it’s not my fault they don’t realise not everyone has just-bone fingers and let’s be real these are just as impractical”
  • chubby sirius who pinched his stomach rolls to ground himself when yet another one of malfoy’s little lackeys teased him about his weight
  • chubby sirius who loved the way his face fat accumulated on his cheekbones to make him look even more like a greek god (remus loved it too *wink wink nudge nudge*)
  • chubby sirius who along with lily plastered every advertisement that claimed to make you look thinner and thus more conventionally attractive with pictures of his and lily’s faces with their tongues out and eyeliner on fleek
  • chubby sirius who felt most comfortable in crop tops and absolutely rocked them
  • chubby sirius who loved himself and didn’t let any judgemental idiot change that

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Hermione handed in essays to several of her teachers in third year that were wrong to see if any of them actually read them or just gave her full marks. Remus wrote on the top "Miss Granger stop pulling a Lily and hand me in a correct essay on Monday" this was something even the brightest witch of her age didn't understand until she found out Remus had known Harry's mother
Marauders and Pokemon?

Don’t try and tell me the Marauders and the whole of Hogwarts didn’t play it:

• Remus is completely against it at first. It’s stupid and illogical, dangerous and dumb. He’s seen at least two people walk into walls and heard about the fifth year that supposedly fell in the lake
• Sirius thinks the complete opposite. Technology has officially peaked, virtual reality is here, and nothing will ever be better than this. Anyone that disagrees is an idiot, he says
• The four of them download the game and they’re all addicted within five minutes… even Remus
• Fighting over which team to pick, James wants Valor, Remus wants Mystic, Peter wants lunch?
• People subconsciously dressing like their trainer avatars
• There are at least three smashed iPhones each day
• Mcgonogall confiscates iPods constantly but the Slytherins started to rebel and steal them back obviously
• The Marauders taking late night hunting trips under the invisibility cloak but everyone is out so they don’t need it, but it gives an advantage
• Until Peter falls out of the cloak in front of Filch
• Each time a phone buzzes everyone checks theirs and groans because it’s not a rare
• Frank Longbottom swears he saw a house elf playing it?
• There is absolute HELL when the school network goes down. Plans for a school strike are made but the wifi comes back just in time
• Everyone singing the Pokemon theme at dinner??
• Dumbledore banned the game and GPS after complaints from Filch, but the ban was renounced when Sirius and James found him playing late at night in his dressing gown
• So many injuries? Madame Pomfrey and her first aid kit are living for this game
• Hagrid wanting to play but his hands are too big so he helps first years find gyms instead
• Lily Evans ‘hates’ the game, says it’s a demonstration of everything that’s wrong with society and calls James pathetic… she blushes when he catches her swearing at her phone when there’s a Pikachu in the boy’s bathroom. She goes in and gets it anyway.
• He finally asks her out, butterbeer and hunting at Hogsmeade? (She says yes)
• Sirius assumes he is invited. He is not. Remus goes with him instead, they hold hands and hunt but find nothing but Bellsprouts
• House alliances are made, Slytherins are working with Hufflepuff and everyone is fighting to pair up with Ravenclaw. Apparently only Ravenclaws work with Ravenclaws
• Actual fist fights when a rare Pokemon pops up!
• Peter finds Mew and Pikachu and Remus is furious because it’s Sirius’s fault that they missed that one in Hogsmeade, not that he cares, but how the hell did Peter get it? (He chatted up a Ravenclaw)
• Also an original Pokemon series re-watching party, in the Hufflepuff common room, all houses (and teachers) welcome. If they bring their own beanbags.

To Locronan 16/16

Any French translations will be at the end
you fell asleep and i started making funny faces at your kid to keep them amused and the steward mistook us for a couple au
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Thank you all for reading and loving this story. I’ve put my heart into it, and I’m very proud of how it turned out. 

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I think I just made a breakthrough

Ok so I was watching Half Blood Prince and I was wondering about snape’s spell Sectumsempra and he probably would have had to try it out on someone to know it worked right?

My guess is he caught James by surprise when he lost his cool, and got scared so he left him in the bathroom (kind of like Harry and Draco’s fight)

I think Lily might have been waiting for James outside and got suspicious when she saw SNAPE leaving with a ghost white look on his face

I think she found him in a pool of his own blood, shocked and horrified she asked him who did this to him. Before he went unconscious he breathed out snape.

When James was in the hospital she sought out Severus and confronted him in front of everybody, he in turn called her a mud blood to hide his fear and guilt.

Sound familiar?

The reason they stopped being friends wasn’t because he called her a mud blood

Do you think Lily Evens, (being the bad ass bitch she is) would swear never to talk to someone again because he called her a name?

No the reason she refused to talk to him was because he nearly killed James and Abused her to cover it up

And when he felt he hurt someone Lily cared about and wanted to protect

Imagine when he found Harry and Draco, Draco lying on the floor the way James had, except this time Lily’s son had hurt someone he had sworn to protect

And he realised that no matter how many years passed he’d never live down the regret and hatred of himself for betraying Lily.