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It’s Sirius’s idea, because of course it is. Only James’s best friend would somehow convince the entire fifth year to play a game of Truth or Dare the weekend before their O.W.L.s. Yes, even Remus. Yes, even Lily. James is eternally grateful that Sirius would go through all this effort to get Evans in a situation where she would have to tolerate James (even though James can’t see the upside, from Sirius’s perspective, other than a little fun), and maybe even start to see his fun side in a non-threatening environment.

It’s definitely happening once Marlene McKinnon confirms to Sirius that yes, the girls are in, and James cannot wait for Saturday. He even procures a bottle of Firewhiskey from his super secret stash (yes, that Remus and Peter and Padfoot all know about, but it’s a secret, okay?) and once 10 p.m. rolls around, the party is on. 

The rules are simple. Standard magical truth or dare - you’re required to tell the truth; the magic knows. You can evade, if you want, if it’s not a lie, but if it’s not the outright truth, you have to take a shot. (Well, maybe that part isn’t too standard. It is a game organized by a one Sirius Black, after all.) 

It starts off harmless. Sirius dares McKinnon to kiss the person she finds most attractive in the room - when she pecks Lily on the lips, Sirius hoots and James rages. Surely that couldn’t be what Sirius intended to happen! 

Marlene goes next, finally getting Alice to confess that yes, she does have a crush on someone in Gryffindor, no, she will not reveal who - she wants the shot. Sirius changes the rules, demands everyone takes a shot when someone does, it’ll be way more fun that way. James appreciates it, thinks Lily might be a little more open-minded if she gets a little tipsy.

It turns out, it’s more than a little tipsy. Peter makes them drink when Alice inquires about his deepest fear - it has to do with his friends, but he won’t say more. James makes a note to ask him about that tomorrow, but now’s not the time.

Peter turns to Sirius, knowing he won’t back down from a dare, wanting to take a break from the fiery shots. He dares Sirius to strip down to his pants - and cringes immediately as he does so, realizing that wasn’t the best idea. 

“You know, Wormtail, if you wanted to get me naked, all you had to do was ask,” Sirius grins lasciviously as he talks. Remus audibly swallows from next to him - James doesn’t really want to see a mostly-naked Sirius, either, but it won’t be *that* bad; he is pretty fit after all. He mutters to his right side “Moony, don’t make a fuss, we don’t want to feed his ego after all.” 

As Sirius takes off his shirt, he turns directly to Lily. “Evans, truth or dare?” 

“Truth,” she answers, grinning, a beautiful smile lighting up her face. James wishes he could make her smile like that - one day, maybe. 

“You ever consider sleeping with one of the blokes here?” 

“Consider, yes, of course. And since I fully answered your stupidly-worded question, we won’t even have to take another shot!” She grins again, triumphant. So beautiful. Merlin, she’s perfect. James is in some deep shit. 

It’s her turn, though, and James is *shocked* when she turns directly to him and poses the most important question of the night. He wants to answer dare, he’s James Potter, after all, and he isn’t a sissy too afraid to do the dumb thing Evans would come up with. But he’s curious what she wants to know about him, so he goes with truth. 

“What’s with the nicknames? Wormtail, Moony, I swear you’ve been called Prongs a few times. What do they mean?”

Oh shit. That’s a hard one. He doesn’t really know how to answer this question honestly without revealing the truth about why they all have animal-seeming nicknames, so he tries to evade the question as smoothly as possible. “Unfortunately, I could tell you, but it’s because of a secret, and it’s not my secret to tell. So let’s drink?” Lily has a contemplative look on her face, like she was expecting something idiotic and immature. James is surprised at the grown-up sounding answer he managed to give. 

Remus nudges him, a grateful smile on his face, as he pulls up his full shot glass directly to his mouth. James watching the graceful way Remus takes the shot, no struggle at all, even with the fire, but also notices Sirius watching them, wondering what that’s about. He wants to ask Sirius, but he just had a turn, and Remus hasn’t gone yet, so that wouldn’t be fair.

There’s a collective gasp that goes around the circle when Remus, without hesitating, answers “Dare.” James was not expecting that, so he shoots out the first thing he can think of - Sirius’s dare from the beginning of the night. “Kiss the person you find most attractive.”

Remus gulps again, like James just asked him to reveal where he goes on full moons or something. Surely this isn’t a big deal - Remus has never admitted to having a crush, and James can’t help but admit he’s a bit curious. Slowly, Remus stands up, crosses the circle, and perches himself right in front of Sirius. He leans in, slowly, hesitantly, like he’s suddenly terrified of what he decided to do, btu all of a sudden, Sirius’s hand shoots out, cups Remus’s face gingerly, brings their mouths together. James watches for a second as Sirius and Remus kiss in earnest, nothing like the peck Marlene gave Lily what seems like so long ago. From where he’s sitting - not that he wants to watch - he’s pretty sure tongue is involved. Sirius breaks the kiss only to hoist Remus up and settle Remus on his lap, at which point, James decides, is enough. He clears his throat loudly, pulling them apart. When Remus jumps off Sirius startled, James can’t help but notice the tent that’s sprouted up in Sirius’s pants. Ughhh. Thankfully, Sirius stands up, grabs his clothes, heads towards the dorm, and starts walking away, only to turn around. “Moony, you coming?” 

“Hopefully,” Remus mutters as he stands up, causing a huge grin to sprout on Sirius’s face.


James is never letting Sirius plan a game of Truth or Dare, again.  

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Hermione handed in essays to several of her teachers in third year that were wrong to see if any of them actually read them or just gave her full marks. Remus wrote on the top "Miss Granger stop pulling a Lily and hand me in a correct essay on Monday" this was something even the brightest witch of her age didn't understand until she found out Remus had known Harry's mother
Little Things - MWPP Era

Sirius Black: Does homework at nighttime. Goes to be late. Wakes up early. Likes to take long showers in the morning. Talks in his sleep. Has nightmares before and after the school holidays. Worries constantly about Regulus. His first Boggart was becoming like his parents. Has a subscription to both Daily and Evening Prophets to do the crossword. Is good at puzzles. Likes chess. Likes making complicated strategies. Notices things that people miss. Makes up his own spells. Questions everything. Keeps up with Politics. Likes to declare that the Ministry are idiots at the oddest times. Recites his Magical Theory textbook to remain calm. Took Muggle Studies to piss off his mother. Is very good at Defense Against the Dark Arts. Is good at Potions as well. Struggled to produce a Corporeal Patronus even before Azkaban. When he did, the shape was a dog. The dog got smaller with stress. In the first war it was puppy-sized. Buys Professor McGonagall Christmas and Birthday presents every year. Proposed to pretty much all his teachers at some point. Wore Professor McGonagall’s hat for a whole day. Got a detention. Had a running contest with James at who could get the most detentions. He won. Only ever apologizes to his friends and when he means it. Is a wonderful lair. Has a perfect poker face. Laughs too much. Is a good listener for his friends. Hates looking at mirrors because he looks far to much like his father. Is jealous of James’ warm hazel eyes. Loves it when the Potter’s call him family or their son. Loves it when strangers ask if he and James are bothers. The reply is always yes. Is very British. His accent is very posh. He corrects people’s grammar. Pronounces everything perfectly. Has the neatest handwriting. Did the writing for the Marauders Map. Can speak Latin and French as well. Very good a playing the piano. Played a piece at James and Lily’s wedding. Likes Muggle music better. Goes shopping with Lily. Helped James pick the perfect ring. Helped Lily find the perfect wedding dress. Is best friends with Mrs Potter and Mrs Evans. Was the first person to kill someone in the war. Became more serious and focused during war. Became more reckless after Regulus died. Blamed himself. Crashed his father’s funeral. Pissed on his father’s grave. 

Remus Lupin: Has panic attacks around the Full Moon. Nightmares get worse around the Full Moon. Heavy sleeper. Not a morning person. Walks around like an angry zombie in the morning. Has to drink tea in the morning to function. Writes to his parents at least once a week. Ignores uniform policy and wears woolly jumpers to lessons. His mum taught him to knit and sew. Likes warm socks. Has a well-wore leather shoe collection. Likes the smell of old leather and books. Has the biggest feet and hands. Very tall. The tallest of the Marauders. Often had to duck through doorways in his parents house. Often banged his head when he forgot. The others found it funny. Grew over the forth year holiday. Stole James’ glasses and blamed it on Sirius. James believed him. Very quick reflexes. Werewolf-enhanced hearing and smell. First to complain when James and Lily didn’t use Hearing Charms in the boy’s dormitory. Amazing at DADA. Terrible at Potions. Blew up his cauldron at least once a term. Blamed it on James most of the time. Got on well with most his teachers. Spent afternoons with Hagrid drinking tea and pretending to eat his rock cakes. Madam Promfrey became his second mother. Thought before he spoke. Unless he was around his friends. Ranted about dumb politicians, the stupid Ministry and Werewolf laws to his friends. Was a lightweight. The most amusing out of the Marauders when drunk.They got him drunk just so he would make an idiot of himself. Had the worse handovers. Was a sarcastic prick. Had battle of wills with Lily. Cheated at chess when it looked like he was going to lose. Cheated anyway. Only Peter and Ron could beat him. 

Peter Pettigrew: Has only his mum. Writes to her a lot. Is the person to insist on photographs to take home. Is half Scottish. Has a very bad accent. Doesn’t know who his father is. Doesn’t care. Loves his mum. Snores in his sleep. Heavy sleeper. Sleeps the longest. Is a morning person. Likes baths more than showers. Likes to sing in the bath. Surprisingly good at singing. Hates rain. Likes summer and snow. Is very good at snow fights. Struggled with Charms and DADA. Best in the class at Herbology. Very good a Potions. Worried when they had to do practicals in class. First person in the year to complete their Apparation Exam. Hated doing homework. Often left it until the last moment. Had the most detentions for missing/incomplete/unacceptable homework. Complained about said detentions. First person to find a secret passage. Didn’t tell the others until they created the map. Came up with the idea of the map. Has a terrible sense of direction. Got lost a lot. Missed half his classes in first year because of this. Figured out where the Slytherin common room was. Covered for Sirius when they spied on Regulus. Very good at sneaking around. Amazing hearing. Sneaked into staff meetings to listen to what the teachers was saying about them. Good at finding hiding places. Played hide and seek with Sirius once. And won. Because he used his rat-form. 

James Potter: Spends half his life blind. Always breaking glasses. Always has a spare pair in his pocket and even more in his trunk. Learnt how to tell if a person was one of his friends by touching their face. Better at picking up his friends Magical Signature. Forgot to take glasses off when he went to bed. Mothered his friends into going to sleep even though he was the youngest. Light sleeper. Woke up to Sirius and Remus having nightmares all the time. Good listener. Not pushy. Easy to talk to. Hates tea. Practically lives on coffee. Takes coffee before every Quidditch match. And afterwards. And in the morning. Evening. Afternoon. In class. Basically drinks coffee wherever he goes. Found Sirius’ and Remus’ hatred of the stuff funny. Likes midnight snacks. His mum knows this. Leaves milk and cookies outside of his bedroom door at night. Complained that he didn’t need warm milk because he was no longer a baby. Loves warm milk. His mum knows this. Was the youngest of the Marauders. They liked to take advantage of this. Called it Baby-James-Sitting. He didn’t like it much. Threw a book at Sirius’ head when he found out what they called it. Sirius complained for two whole days. Hardly ever argued with Sirius. Often joked that they were the twins out of four brothers. Told McGonagall that it was like splitting a person in half attempting to put them in separate detentions. The mirrors were a Christmas present from his grandfather. Worried over the holidays when Sirius went home. They used the mirror every night. He slept with it under his pillow. Made sure that they all went to Remus’ on fall moon nights. Told his parents what they were doing for Remus. 

Lily Evans: Is terrible at Transfiguration and Astronomy. Fell asleep in History of Magic. Failed her Transfiguration OWL practical. Forgets to take quills to lessons. Spills ink everywhere. Uses Muggle pens. Doesn’t wear makeup. Complains about how knotty her hair is. Wishes she wasn’t a redhead. Stamps her foot when annoyed. Doesn’t like being wrong. Cannot say no to Padfoot’s puppy eyes. Cannot say no to Sirius in general when he’s being adorable. Likes to say no to James. Likes to argue with people even when she’s wrong. Last person to admit that she’s wrong. Very, very stubborn when she wants to be. Stands up for Human Rights. Is proud to call herself a Mudblood. Had a portable soapbox. Had a very loud voice. Did the commentary for a Quidditch match once and didn’t need to use the microphone. Wasn’t ever allowed to do it again. Is terrified of heights. Puked in their first flying lesson while airborne. Refused to go flying with James. Only went on Sirius’ motorbike while he was firmly on the ground. Secretly loved Sirius’ motorbike. Found James’ rants on Quidditch endearing. First kissed James when they were meant to be supervising first years in detention. Scared those children for life. Had sex for the first time with James in the boy’s dorm. Sirius walked in on them. She’d never blushed harder in her life. 

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Prompt: based on "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days…" ^^

I love this movie.

It all made sense now, she thought, champagne glass still in hand as she stared across the room at James, he was shaking hands with Bathilda Bagshot, the woman hosting this wretched event. Sirius and Remus stood near her, still talking about something or another, but she had stopped listening.

It had all been one massive ploy to get a job. That’s all she was to him, a rung on the ladder to success, a stepping stone, a tool to achieve something greater. And she had fallen for him.

And it was all so ironic, wasn’t it?

She knew that she wasn’t innocent in this, and if she hadn’t fallen for him, it might have even been a comical situation, after all, the only reason she had started going out with him was to write an article on how to lose a guy in ten days, so that she could get a better job. How fitting was it that the bloke that she had chosen to use, had chosen to use her as well?

She had been awful to him in the beginning. Doing everything she knew that men hated, so he would dump her, but he never did. Eventually, after she realized that she didn’t really want him to dump her, she figured he was keeping her around because he saw something in her, something that he liked and he wanted to fight for that, but this explanation made much more sense. 

Because no bloke would put up with everything he had unless he was getting something out of it and since she hadn’t slept with him…

“I have to go.” She chocked out, interrupting Sirius and Remus’s conversation.

“I told you not to do this.” Remus said quietly.

“No.” Lily shook her head, willing herself not to cry. “I’m glad you did. Saves me from a lot of embarrassment later on.”

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The Fairground: September, 1976 (x)

A couple of weeks into the beginning of their last year, a fair arrived at the nearest Muggle town to the school. That weekend, they used the Hogsmeade trip as an excuse to leave the castle and spent the day trying candyfloss and sampling the hideously unsafe rides. Sirius even won a goldfish. (It soon mysteriously disappeared once they returned to Hogwarts - he blamed Mrs Norris but the other boys had actually given the fish a chance by releasing it into the Black Lake, rather than put under the care of Messrs Black.)

220. Lily Luna looked like her grandmother, Lily Evans. When she went to Hogwarts, she came across a portrait of a greasy black haired man with a crooked nose. "Potter's spawn eh?" Asked the man. "Why yes," she replied, "I am Lily." "I should have known. You are just like her." "Who?" Lily asked. "Someone I knew long ago." "Oh. Well, I hope you liked her." "I did. Very much." The man smiled for the first time in a long time.