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Sirius and Harry were in charge of candles.


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“She had a way of seeing the beauty in others, even, and perhaps most especially, when that person couldn’t see it in themselves.”

i love the idea of lily being unapologetically muggleborn. lily in hogwarts wearing her bellbottoms with her robes instead of the school sanctioned skirts or the trousers the boys wear. lily switching back to pens to the horror of the purebloods. lily evans strutting down diagon alley despite the war and the terror seeping with muggle culture, wearing her clunky heels corduroy bell bottoms and a star wars t-shirt. lily not letting the purebloods get her down. lily not leaving behind her identity while still embracing her new one. lily proudly wearing what others consider her shame. lily shoving her muggleborn status in the face of the people who want her dead just daring them to tell her what she is isn’t right. just unapologetically muggle born lily.

  • Sirius: From now on we'll be using code names, you will adress me as 'eagle 1'
  • Sirius: Marlene - codename: 'been there, done that'
  • Sirius: Remus is 'currently doing that'
  • Remus: *high fives Sirius*
  • Sirius: James is 'happened once in a dream'
  • Sirius: Lily - codename: 'if I had to pick a girl'
  • Sirius: Peter is 'eagle 2'
  • Peter: Oh, thank god

Lily is beyond ecstatic Harry brought someone with good taste home.
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Lily Evans Potter.

Lily is nine.

It made her happy that she managed to revive a dying flower.

It made her unhappy that Tuney snatched it away and crushed it.

Lily is ten.

It made her happy that she’s made a new friend, his name is Severus.

It made her unhappy that Tuney said he was “a freak, just like her.”

Lily is eleven.

It made her happy that she was going off to Hogwarts, with Sev.

It made her unhappy that Petunia didn’t come to drop her off to King’s Cross.

Lily is twelve.

It made her happy that she’s rooming with Marlene, Mary, Alice and Dorcas, her best friends, besides Sev, of course.

It made her unhappy that Sev had started hanging out with Mulciber, Nott and Malfoy, he had been talking to her much less now.

Lily is thirteen.

It made her happy that she was top of almost all of her classes.

It made her unhappy that Potter and his friends bullied Severus, and that he’d called her a mudblood.

Lily is fourteen.

It made her happy that had formed a friendship with Remus, she couldn’t understand how someone that nice was always with Potter and Black.

It made her unhappy that Potter would not stop asking her out.

Lily is fifteen.

It made her happy that she had managed to finally forgive Po—James and Black, forming a tentative friendship with the both of them.

It made her unhappy that Severus wouldn’t even look at her anymore.

Lily is sixteen.

It made her happy that James had finally plucked up the courage to kiss her,

It made her unhappy that there was a war looming.

Lily is seventeen.

It made her happy that she could cuddle with James by the Gryffindor fireplace, making fun of Sirius and Marlene for being caught in the broom cupboard, while Remus, Peter, Dorcas and Alice laughed openly.

It made her unhappy that there always was an empty spot for Mary, who’s Muggle parents didn’t let her come back for their last year because it was too dangerous.

Lily is eighteen.

It made her happy that she married James, at the Order headquarters. Marlene was her maid of honour, Sirius was James’ best man, Dumbledore officiated the wedding and Remus walked her down the aisle.

It made her unhappy that her family couldn’t make it due to safety reason, and Petunia had sent back the letter telling her about the wedding, back unopened.

Lily is nineteen.

It made her happy that she was pregnant and James wanted to make Sirius and Marlene the godparents.

It made her unhappy that four days after their announcement, Mar was found dead in her apartment. Sirius had hugged her, tight, and they’d cried the whole night.

Lily is twenty.

It made her happy that she had James and her four kids, Harry, Sirius, Remus and Peter. Alice and Frank had a baby boy too.

It made her unhappy that a prophecy had marked her baby for death, and they had to go into hiding.

Lily is twenty-one.

It made her happy that, even as she saw the green light, she knew her baby boy would survive.

It made her unhappy that she would never see him grow up.

just don’t get on their bad side-
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Quick Jily sketch cause I’m finalizing my designs for them so I can visualize them better in the Marauder’s Era fic I’m writing :D I keep wanting to make it a fancomic and not just a fic and… someone stop me before I get too ahead of myself lol


The marauders era: part one

Fancasts + name Meanings

Lily Marie Evans | Ciara Baxendale
Alice Loraine Fortescue | Alisha Boe
Hestia Hiran Jones | Rasika Navare
Marlene Helene McKinnon | Jenna Coleman
Mary Jeanette MacDonald | Lily Collins
Dorcas Selene Meadowes | Neelam Gill