Imagine the marauders going to a carnival or fair.
Sirius and James being extra about everything.
James screaming from the top of the Ferris wheel that he loves lily.
Peter Just eating everything.
Sirius thinking he’s going to die on some rides and holding either James or Remus’ hand.
Sirius and James throwing stuff from the top of rides too try and hit people.
Them trying to climb off a ride amid getting kicked off
Them just having the best time ever with each other and being happy
Before tragedy strikes.

  • James: That is a good point. But I didn't marry you for good points. I married you to blindly support me no matter how ridiculous I'm being.
  • Lily: This is why I had to rewrite our wedding vows.
Fine Frenzy - Chapter 4

Fine Frenzy Masterlist

Their remaining time at Hogwarts seemed to pass extremely fast. Almost every seventh year spent the afternoons with studying to the N.E.W.T.s, trying their best to prepare themselves for the last exams.

Marlene and Sirius had a hard time with their little arrangement. It wasn’t so easy just disappear together; not when their friends noticed everything, and Lily already knew Marlene had someone.

But there was something in the hiding that added even more excitement for it, and even though they needed to spend a lot of time with their books, they still found some alone-time if they really wanted to. Even if that meant sometimes they avoided sleeping to sneak out in the middle of the night, or skipped a study session in the library with their friends. No one was surprised by this, since neither Sirius nor Marlene was the type who can sit in the quiet library for hours.

But thanks for that, sometimes they had to stay awake up all night to finish an essay or just catch up with their studies.

It was a warm night in May when Marlene dozed off on the couch in the common room after she finished a Transfiguration and Potion essay, but was too sleepy and exhausted to walk up to her dormitory. The sun just started to come up when she woke up; but it wasn’t the light what made her eyes open. It was the jarring sound as the portrait hole opened and closed, and after she sat up she froze, seeing James and Peter with Remus between them, followed by Sirius. James nodded at her with a tired smile, Peter waved with a grin. “Long night.” – He murmured. Remus walked with the help of them, eyes closed and didn’t seem as he would notice anything from his surroundings. They walked up to the boys’ dormitory, but Sirius collapsed next to Marlene in his disheveled clothes, resting his head on her shoulder. “Morning, babe.”

Her eyes were still widened. “What the hell happened?”

“Nothing.” – He said easily with a tired, raspy voice.

“Really?” – She asked sarcastically. He leaned closer and put a hand between her thighs, burying his face in the crook of her neck, eyes still closed. He opened his mouth to answer, but Marlene cut him off with a shriek. – “You’re bleeding!”

He looked down on himself, seeing a dark, red line on his grey t-shirt. “Oh, it’s just a scratch.” – He’d already put his head back, but Marlene slipped backwards in the couch.

“No, it isn’t! Take your shirt off.”

“Babe, I’m not sure I can manage to do anything right now.” – He started smugly. “But if you really want it I’ll just lie back and you can ride me, I promise I won’t complain.”

She sighed. “I want to heal you, you idiot.”

“That’s a special kind of healing.” – He joked, but drew his shirt off before leaned back on the couch.

And it wasn’t just a scratch, but at least it wasn’t really deep either. She stopped the bleeding and tried to vanish the scar too with a few spells, but a light white line still remained on his chest. “You’re really good at this.”

She smiled. “I have to be.”

“Oh, yes. You want to be a healer, right? Good to know you will treat me after I catch some asshole dark wizards.”

Marlene placed her wand down on the table. “Why are you so sure? There will be a lot of other healers.”

“I’ll tell them Marlene McKinnon the only one who can touch me.” – He breathed out. – “Because she has a lot of experience with me and knows my body very well.”

Sirius knew she’d respond something sarcastic to this, but she was too quiet. She watched him, worried and a bit scared as well. Surely, the boys have done some really stupid things before, but this isn’t looked like just a prank. Or if it was, it went terrible. He slowly opened his eyes, seeing Marlene watching him. “Ask away.”

“What happened?”

He never heard so much concern behind her words and saw so much worry in her big eyes; maybe this, maybe the fact he trusted her more and more – or maybe something else, but he didn’t even think of lying. “You can’t talk about this to anyone.” – He said lowly and seriously. She nodded quickly, eyebrows furrowed. Sirius leaned closer and started to speak quietly. “Remus is a werewolf.” – Marlene’s mouth slightly opened, but before she could’ve process the information, he continued. – “And we’re all illegal animagi. James, Peter and me.”

Sirius couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh, seeing Marlene shocked face. Then he explained everything to her from the start, and she listened in silence, both from surprise and amazement. She always knew the boys had a really close friendship, but became an illegal animagi for their friend… though, Sirius loved pretty much everything that wasn’t allowed.

They sat in silence for another minute, and as Marlene’s surprise changed into a wonderment in her eyes, Sirius started to smile. “What?”

“Nothing.” – She laughed and shook her head. – “You’re just… it’s a really nice thing what you do. Reckless, really, but… nice too.”

He tiredly smiled at her again. The sun was up and the early birds already started to fill the common room. “You should get some sleep.”

“Mhm.” – He nodded with closed eyes. Marlene walked up with him into his dorm, casting one last spell on his wounded chest. The others were already fast asleep after she managed to vanish the scar, but when she stood up from the edge of the bed, he gently closed his fingers around her wrist. – “Sleep with me.” – She stared at him for a second before looked around in the room. – “I’ll pull the curtains off, don’t worry so much.” – He added, and she crawled next to him after a deep sigh.

“You’re awfully needy sometimes.” – She said as she pulled her against his chest.

He ignored her comment. “Thanks for healing me, Marls.”

But she couldn’t respond, because Sirius pressed a kiss on her cheek, and something popped into her mind which made her numb.

After all those long weeks having sex, they kissed several parts of each other’s’ bodies – except their lips. Not even once. She quickly turned her back at him, because suddenly, she felt an unbearable compulsion to kiss Sirius. He wrapped an arm around her and she was sure after two minutes he was sound asleep, but Marlene’s eyes were still wide open under the shadows of the deep red curtains.

Well, of course he hasn’t kissed me, He was too busy with other parts of my body. And I haven’t kissed him either.

Her mind raced along with her heartbeat, and she couldn’t understand why is that even bothered her at all. It was just about kissing. The lack of kissing…

She huffed and as started to get angry at herself, she wiped the thoughts away. It’s not important, it is not… she repeated in her mind until she fell asleep.

“Great.” – She whispered to herself as she woke up, but Sirius was nowhere. She stayed still for a couple more seconds, but there was silence, so she decided it’s safe to leave.

Except Lily and James were lying in his bed. She froze with the edge of the red curtains in her hand while Lily quickly sat up. “Are you kidding me?!”

Are you kidding me? After all those time, she really had to catch her now, when they haven’t done anything?

“Sirius is the guy you were talking about?”

Marlene stood up with a sigh and stopped in front of James’ bed. He awkwardly ran his fingers through his hair. “Yes. But…”

“Why haven’t you told me? Did you know about this?” – She turned her head towards James.

“No, of course not!” – He said with too much shock in his voice. We’re going to talk about this, Sirius.

Lily growled and stood up as well. “Marlene, listen…”

But this time Marlene cut her off. “No, you listen. This is exactly why I haven’t told you! Because I knew you will preach me about how wrong is this all and I shouldn’t do this but I don’t care, Lily, I feel myself completely fine! I don’t need your lecture.”

Lily’s features hardened. “Excuse me, I didn’t know being a friend is a sin!”

James slowly stood up. “Girls, I think you could…”

“Shut up.” – They said to him at the same time, and Marlene continued. – “Being a friend means you support your friend’s decision, not trying to judge them.”

Lily stepped closer and turned her voice down. “Marlene, I’m not judging you or any of your decision! I’m just worry about you, and you know that.”

“You don’t need to.” – She replied quietly. – “We both want our relationship stay physical.” – Lily plopped down on the edge of her boyfriend’s bed – who already disappeared from the room. – “And what’s the difference when you thought I’m doing this with another guy?”

She looked up at her. “Because… you’re friends. One of you will get hurt. It’s like, you already love each other in a kind of way, and adding physical contact to that…”

“Lily…” – She started and sat down next to her friend. – “I’m not going to fall in love with him. And I’m sure he won’t either.” – The thought left a strange, clutching feeling in her chest that she tried to avoid. – “I’m sorry I lied. But you really no need to worry.”

She sighed again. “I’m sorry I shouted at you. Just try to be careful, okay?”

Marlene nodded and hugged her friend with a grin on their faces. Soon they walked down to the Great Hall to join to the boys for lunch; she sat in front of Sirius. “Hello, Sirius.”

“Morning, Marls.” – He raised his eyebrows but smirked too, which slowly disappeared from his lips.

“Do you remember when I told you I won’t touch any part of your body ever again if you break my rules?”

He glared at her before turned his head towards his friend with angry eyes. “James!”

“Don’t blame him, he just can’t lie. Just like you.”

“Forgive him, Marly. They literally discuss everything.” – Lily said. Remus and Peter didn’t seem surprised either; they probably figure it out what’s happening too.

“Take this as a lesson you shouldn’t lie to your friends.” – James added and Marlene didn’t ever try to argue anymore. She sighed and started to eat, but a slight of anger still stayed with her and she wasn’t sure what caused it.

She left the table first, but Sirius hurried after her. “Are you angry with me?”

Marlene glanced at him from the corner of her eyes while they walked up on the stairs. “I told you to keep your mouth shut and you still told James. I’m not happy.”

He stopped in front of her in the corridor and placed his palms on her waist. “I’m sure I can make it up… somehow.”

Marlene raised an eyebrow. “You missed the “I won’t touch any part of your body” part.”

“But I can touch you, yes?”

His tone and the fact she knew how good he’d make it up made her shiver with anticipation, but didn’t want to give in right away. “After the exams, Sirius. I had a lot to study. But then you’ll have to work for it really hard.”

He pulled her closer. “Oh, I’m gonna give you what you want, doll.”

“I think you want it more, Sirius.” – She said with innocent eyes, leaving the grinning boy in the middle of the corridor.

How did I miss this?

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*Hogwarts Circa de 1977. Lily Evans finds herself in detention with the marauders*

Peter: I can’t believe we got caught.

James: I know it was almost like she hunted us down. Like instead of deer season it was James season.

Sirius: Potato, Patato.

Remus: Who says patato?

Sirius: That is besides the point I was taken down like a sick dog.

Remus: I don’t think that expression means what you think it means.

Peter: It’s sick as a dog. Why would we hurt a sick dog?

James: *Grabbing Sirius* What kind of monster would hurt something so beautiful?

Sirius: I know I know who would dare hurt such art?

Remus: And Narcissus drowned looking at his own shadow.

James: Hey in a greek myth would you be Cerberus?

Remus: Why on earth would I be Cerberus?

Sirius: Because of your furry problem?

Remus: I can think of five choices right now better than Cerberus.

Lily: What? 

James, Peter, Sirius, and Remus: *All suddenly realize Lily is also in the room.*

((OOC: Lily Evans is online and confused as ever))

  • Ron: Why are you naked?
  • Harry: I don't have clothes.
  • Ron: *opens closet* You have shirts, pants, jackets, hi Draco, socks...

Emma Watson was perfect for her character!

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Kissing Styles...

James Potter: Very… very eager, but trying really… really hard to restrain himself. Knows how to do fun things with his tongue… has had a lot of practice. All in all… he’s what people like to describe as “fun”… 8/10 

Sirius Black: Knows how to adapt. Can pretty much match anyone’s kissing style, but likes deep, intense kissing the most… Also likes biting and hickeys. As talented as he is pretty. Down for basically anything… An enjoyable experience all the way around. 11/10

Remus Lupin: Nervous. Starts off slow… then kisses like it’s the last time he’ll ever kiss someone because he always feels like it’s the last time anyone will ever want to kiss him… 6/10 when he’s nervous… 9/10 when he relaxes and let’s go. 

Peter Pettigrew: Sweats a lot… too much tongue… 4/10  

Lily Evans: Expert kisser, knows her shit… at least as far as technicalities go… but lacks spontaneity. Get’s flustered when she doesn’t see something coming like James’ tongue tricks… also gets distracted easily (”SHIT! That’s due tomorrow!”)… Overall, needs some work. 6.5/10

Frank Longbottom: Handles you like you’re made of glass… very gentle… very sweet… enjoys kissing the spot just beneath your ear. Hates biting because he’s worried he’ll hurt you. Often stops to stare or chat. Worships the ground you walk on… 8/10 for kissing… 20/10 for making you feel like a goddess. 

Alice Longbottom: Kinky as fuck. 9/10

Dorcas Meadowes: Kinkier than fuck. Kisses like she owns your ass. Also hella gay. 10/10

Marlene McKinnon: Also also hella gay… less kinky. Uses a lot of tongue… but does it right. 9/10 

Mary Macdonald: Mary sue to the max… every kiss is like a reenactment of “The Notebook”. Disney-esque. 7/10

Regulus Black: Untrusting. Tends to panic if things go too quick… or too slow… or not exactly how he planned it. Perfectionist… and a bit of a control freak… doesn’t really know how to adapt to other kissing styles. 4.5/10

Narcissa Malfoy: Reserved… until between the sheets, then she will eat you alive. Mother fucking queen. Savage. Always tops. 10/10

Lucius Malfoy: Fun to look at… Terrible kisser. -5 stars. Two thumbs way down… would not recommend…. 0/10……………. alright… 2/10 for being pretty… Also… submissive af.  

Bellatrix Lestrange: Will rip your goddam lip off. 0/10…. unless you’re into that.

Fenrir Greyback: Will rip your goddam head off. -54/10

Severus Snape: Ew.