whomping willow

The flying car incident as seen by Lily and James

James: What the hell? Why can’t they pass?

Lily: This year is going to be awesome. First the house elf and now they are going to miss the train.

James: Maybe they’ll get through it’s not el– Nope it’s gone.

Lily: Have you ever gotten to the school without the train?

James: I haven’t but Moony has. Don’t worry there are other ways. I’m sure Molly and Arthur will figure something out. I’m pretty sure they can use the Floo Network if Dumbledore permits it.

Lily: Where are they going? Why aren’t they waiting for Molly and Arthur?

James: Calm down, they’ll probably wait by the car. Hedwig attracts too much unwanted attention.

*Harry and Ron reach the car*

Lily: James, why is Ronald on the driver seat? Why is he staRTING THE CAR? HARRY JAMES POTTER IF YOU GET IN THAT CAR–

*Harry and Ron fly the car*

James: This boy is even more reckless than Padfoot, incredible. All those Muggles are seeing a flying car Harry, are you kidding me?

Lily: Did he– What the– What is this mess? Will they fly that thing to Hogwarts?

James:  Apparently. Molly’s going to finish Ron. 

Lily: She better or else I will.

*Harry and Ron fly to Hogwarts safely except for the last bit because the car starts to have problems*

Lily: That’s what you get for flying a fucking car all the way from King’s Cross to Hogwarts. They are going to crash into the lake and get eaten by the giant squid.

James: *shocked* Whoa Evans, giant squid has never eaten a student before, I’m guessing it has digestion issues. Besides I’m sure Ron will land it on the ground it’s not that far aw– LOOK OUT FOR THE WHOMPING WILLOW!


James: Well, I thought we were a menace to Hogwarts but we never crashed into Whomping Willow with an illegally enchanted Ford Anglia.

Lily: Of course you haven’t because at least you guys thought before you acted. This child is giving me anxiety and I’m not even alive.

James: I haven’t seen the Whomping Willow that angry since Peter pushed the wrong knot.

Lily: They are lucky they don’t have at least five different bones broken.

*Harry and Ron make their way to Great Hall talking about Snape and they run into him*

James: Why does it have to be Snivellus?

Lily: Ssh. Harry deserves this.

James: No one deserves *gesturing Snape as a whole* that.

Lily: Shut it 

James: Snappy Lily is my least favourite Lily.

*Snape gets McGonagall and Dumbledore comes, too*

James: *under his breath* Oh this is going to be good, the whole gang is here.

Lily: *looks at James Like she’s going to kill him* They are going to get expelled.

James: No, they are not. If Sirius and I finished that bloody school, the boy who lived certainly can.

*Harry and Ron talk to McGonagall and Dumbledore* 

Lily: Thank heavens, they won’t expel them.

James: *laughing* Look at Snape’s face, he looks like someone told him to go wash his hair.

Lily: When will you stop making fun of important situations?

James: When they are life or death matters.

Lily: *angry* They could have died.

James: But they didn’t. I am sorry I did not panic as much as you want me to but a part of you knows that he won’t, can’t be expelled from Hogwarts, too. They are alright, Lils. That’s what matters, yeah?

Lily: Yeah I guess so. It doesn’t change the fact that Harry and Ron are somehow more dangerous than you and Sirius.

James: *a little offended* I highly doubt that.

Lily: Well, we’ll see that, won’t we?

James: *talking to himself* You don’t know half the things we pulled off.

Lily: What?

James: Nothing Lils.

Marauders Era Preference: Sharing a bed


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  • Sirius loves his job most of the time. It is not exactly what he’s ever dreamed of, but he helps people and gets to argue with assholes, it’s all good. Maybe law is not his true call, but hey, he knows he is a good lawyer, so what’s the problem? 
  • Huh, there are a lot of problems actually, but Sirius doesn’t like to think about them.
  • It’s real life, not a damn novel after all. He has to survive.
  • Sirius’s life is boring. He wakes up at 6, spends all day in his office and then either goes home alone (he can’t even get a dog, he has no time for it) or visits James and Lily or Peter. They always want to see him, but Sirius doesn’t want to see anyone lately. He’s tired, maybe.
  • The fact that he meets the man his dreams when he’d long given up on relationships proves how cruel the world is. The fact that he meets the man of his dreams when he’s almost given up on everything left proves that sometimes it is not.
  • Sirius doesn’t believe in a book romance or love at first sight, but if he said that nothing changed the moment Remus Lupin walked in his office, he’d lie.
  • Because Remus is magical. His messy tawny curls, tentative smile, large sweater and clumsy movements look so out of place, but so naturally charming that Sirius has to look away from him to think normally.
  • Remus’s case isn’t complicated. It isn’t even his case, but the small bookshop’s he works in and he is the only employee except the owner, who never had time to talk in person. Sirius didn’t have any reason to ask him to come again. No reason at all.
  • He did ask him to come again. Then again and again, and every day before the trial. They barely talk about the case, too busy arguing about Disney and Marvel, and Remus always brings his favorite tea.
  • Sirius might be gone. 
  • But it’s not his fault, anyone would be gone after seeing Remus. Or talking to him, especially after talking to him.
  • Remus is smart, Remus is funny, Remus is nice
  • Sirius is boring, sad and whiny. There’s no way Remus’ll want to hang out with him after this ends. Sirius wants the trial to never happen.
  • It is an interesting coincidence that since Remus appeared in his life, Sirius started feeling like drawing again. It’s painful at first and his works are not half as good as they used to be, but it brings the air back to him. He feels free again.
  • James, Lily and Peter are happy for him. He joins more often than before and he actually enjoys time with them. They are so excited to see him back that Sirius feels guilty about avoiding them for so long, but better late than never, right?
  • Even his job doesn’t seem a chore anymore. He slowly learns to like it.
  • Everything is too good to be real, Sirius knows it. He also knows that soon Remus will go away and it hurts more than it should.
  • The trial ends well for the bookshop, which isn’t surprising. The case was really easy. Remus comes up to Sirius after it, which is kind of surprising.
  • He says something about the trial and the owner of the bookshop, says thanks, but Sirius can’t manage to listen or reply properly. The thought that it’s their last conversation doesn’t leave his head. 
  • This is why he freezes when he hears next Remus’s words. He must be hallucinating.
  • “What?”
  • “I said, do you maybe want to have a coffee together some time? As a date.”
  • Is double hallucination a thing? God, he hopes not.
  • “Yes! I mean, yeah, sure, I really do want. Coffee. And a date. Maybe now?”
  • Waiting seems stupid now that he knows Remus wants him too. If they don’t have a date right now, he’ll think about it all the time.
  • Remus grins widely and nods, taking Sirius’s hand in his. They head outside and maybe, they’ll be fine. As long as Remus holds his hand like that, they’ll work it all out. 

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Can you write a headcanon where Severus is a kid, but has a twin sister? (They're both magical) And can it take place where they both first meet Lily? You can write whatever happens between the three from there - I just always had this mini headcanon in my head and thought you'd be the perfect person to write it. I hope that's okay. Thanks!

“Sev!  Sev, Sev, Sev, Sev, Sev!”

“Oi!”  Tobias lowered his newspaper as his son dashed through the living room and out through the back door.  “Stop running, boy!”

Moments later, his twin followed in his wake, a huge grin across her face.  “Sev!  Sev!  Sev!  SEV!”

“Stop yelling, Lori!”

“I’m after Sev!”

Tobias’ hand snatched out and gripped the small child’s upper arm. Lori drew to a halt, and squirmed in front of her father.  “Stop,” he hissed, “yelling.”

“Sorry,” she murmured, wriggling out of her father’s grip.  She solemnly walked through the house, out of the kitchen door and slowly moved down the path.  She slid her hand over the red finger marks at the top of her opposite arm, and gently rubbed the pain away.  When she reached the back gate, she launched into a run down the back alley. “SEV!  SEV!  SEV!”

“Your children are feral,” Tobias complained, angrily slatting the newspaper onto the kitchen table.  

The two children sat opposite each other in complete silence.

At first, Tobias relished the peace and quiet, but after half an hour, he became suspicious.  Barely moving his newspaper, he glanced around at his two small children.  Sure enough, Severus was smirking.  He looked over at Lori, who pursed her lips and then grinned. Back to Severus, who now looked miserable, and then thoughtful, and then ecstatic.  Back to Lori, who had placed a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle.

Tobias put the newspaper down and headed for the kitchen.

“What are they doing?”


“Your freaky kids.  What are they doing?”

Eileen was pale and drawn, and she wrung her hands on her apron.  “I thought they’d been ever so quiet and well behaved.”

“Quiet,” Tobias murmured, his voice low, “yes.  Well behaved?  I’m not so sure.”

Eileen silently moved towards the living room and glanced through the doorway.  “They’re sitting ever so still.”  She turned back to her husband.  “Boys and girls should be seen and not heard,” she recited.

“It’s unnatural,” he said, standing so close to her, the hairs on her forearms raised.  “It’s unnatural that they’re sitting there in silence.  Doing.  Nothing. They’re not reading.  They’re not playing.  They’re just…silent.”

“I told them,” Eileen said, hastily.  “After all that yelling the other day, I told them to sit down and behave themselves.”

Tobias firmly gripped his wife and spun her around so she could see the children.  He moved close to her ear, his body pressed up against her back.  “They’re talking to each other.”

Eileen didn’t dare speak.

“They’re talking to each other, aren’t they?” he said again, shaking her slightly.  “Those freaky kids are talking to each other through their bloody minds.”

“I don’t know wha-”

Tobias moved away roughly.  “I’m going the pub.”  He stood at the door, pulling his boots on, ignoring the laces. “Just…”  He sighed loudly.  “Just make sure they don’t do that weird stuff in public, all right?”

“It’s your fault.”

“It’s not.”

“It is.”

“It’s not!”

“It is!  You went yelling through the house!”

“You went running through the house!”

Severus stooped and snatched a handful of long grass from the riverbank, and threw it at his sister.  

“That’s it!” Lori squealed, and grabbed her own handful, chasing him down the bank.  He was quick, but his sister was nimble.  Where Severus stumbled, Lori kept her feet and she’d soon caught him up.  Her little hand reached out and grabbed the neck of his shirt, and she stuffed the grass triumphantly down his back.

“Argh!” he yelled, pulling his shirt off, and shaking the grass out. “You’re for it now!”  

Lori’s laughter rang out loudly, and she charged off ahead, her brother following in her footsteps.

When he finally caught up, his sister was deep in the bushes at the playground.  “Lori?” he called breathlessly.  His lungs felt red hot from all of the running.

“Here,” she hissed, waving her hand.  “Look!”

Severus crept forward and placed his hand into his sister’s, leaning his dirty haired head against her own.  “What?”


He glanced up and he saw her – a cheerful looking girl with flowing auburn hair, swinging recklessly high on the playground apparatus.

“What about her?”

“Look!” Lori hissed again, and Severus watched in awe as the girl flew through the air, hanging too long in the atmosphere to have been an ordinary dismount from the swing.

“You’re a freak!  I’m going to tell Mum!” another girl shouted, and ran off across the park, leaving the auburn haired girl looking shocked, and rather hurt.

The sadness on her face was too much and Severus couldn’t contain himself.  “You’re not a freak!”  He pulled Lori with him out of the bushes, and when the girl gave them both an appraising look, he soon regretted his haste.

“Who are you?” she said, cautiously.

Lori pulled herself up to her full height, and gripped Severus’ hand. “We’re the same as you.”

“I don’t think you are,” the other girl said, nervously.

“You might have posh clothes,” Lori said, her voice tinged with sadness, “but you’re one of us.”

“You’re a witch,” Severus explained.

“And so am I,” Lori agreed.  “And our mum.  And Sev here is a wizard.”

The girl scoffed.  “A wizard? Prove it.”

Severus looked at Lori, and she nodded.  He ran across to the other side of the apparatus.

“Whisper in my ear,” Lori said to the girl.  “Anything you like, and I’ll tell Sev, and he’ll shout it back.”

“That doesn’t sound very impressive.”

“I’ll tell him through our minds.”


“Anything.  Tell me something Severus can’t have ever known.”

“My name is Lily, and I was born on the 30th of January,” Lily whispered, as softly as she could.

Lori grinned, and looked over at her brother.

“MY NAME IS LILY AND I WAS BORN ON THE 30TH OF JANUARY!” Severus hollered triumphantly.

He ran back, his cheeks flushing from the exertion.  “Well?” he demanded.

“And I’m the same as you?” Lily said, excitedly.

Lori nodded happily.  “Just the same as us!”

“Where’ve you been?” Lily said, placing her hands on her hips as she saw Severus kicking his way across the field, his gaze focused on his feet. “I’ve been coming down here all week. Why didn’t you tell me you were going away?”  

“Didn’t go away,” he mumbled.

She frowned.  “Where’s Lori?”

Her question was met with silence.


He finally looked up, and Lily was shocked to see tear marks on his mucky cheeks.  “Sev, where’s Lori?”

“She got real sick,” he said, his voice small.  “They’ve taken her to hospital.”

“Can we visit?”

He shrugged.  “They said I can’t.  Might catch it.”

“What is it?”


Lily laughed in relief.  “Oh, Sev, she’ll be fine!  You get vaccinated against Rubella, and you don’t get that sick.”

“Wizards don’t have vaccines.  Not for Muggle stuff.”  His black eyes were darker than ever.  “Not meant to catch Muggle stuff.”

“But she’ll be all right, won’t she?  Witches and wizards are stronger than Muggles, right?”

Severus shrugged.  “Mum says that sometimes it shows up funny.”  He sighed.  “I expect you’re right.”  He gave Lily a small smile.  “I’m glad you’re our friend.  I’ll tell Lori you wanted to visit.”  

“Are you going to tell her silently?”

He laughed.  “Not from here.  But I could probably go to the hospital and look through the window.”  He grinned.  “Nobody will know.  And we can talk through windows.”

“Look,” Tobias said, sitting across from his son.  “You’ve got to speak.  Out loud.  Not just in your head no more.”

Severus stared back, his face betraying no emotion.

Exasperated, Tobias ran his hands through his hair, and looked back towards Eileen.  “A bit of help, love?”  He turned back to his son and grasped his hands.  “You’ve got to be normal, right?  You’re going this posh school next week, and you can’t be silent when you’re there.”

Severus didn’t say a word.

“Leave him,” she said, softly placing a hand on Tobias’ shoulder. “If he doesn’t feel up to it, there’s no point pushing it.  I’ll write to the school.  They’ll understand.”

And the school understood.  Some teachers understood more than others – Slughorn and McGonagall and Pomfrey.  Some teachers, like Binns, didn’t even notice.  But the kids were more wary of the strangely silent boy, who barely spoke, apart from to greet Lily Evans in the hall.

He was a curious choice for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post, but Dumbledore was scraping the barrel for staff. He remembered the oddly quiet Slytherin boy with curious intensity, and sent an owl to where he lived with his mother and his father amongst the Muggles.

He only stayed a year, of course, but the lad spoke a little more than when he was a student – not much, but a little.  His studying was exemplary, and he knew far more about dark objects, artefacts and folklore than Dumbledore felt comfortable with.

And then, a fortnight before the end of term, he announced that he had to go on a sudden trip – but his marking was done, and he’d be back before Monday.

The curse exploded up his arm, and Severus groaned in agony.  He cast furiously, trying to stem the flow, sweat beading on his forehead, but his wand work was feeble, and no match for the dark magic.

He knew that if he made it back to the school, Dumbledore might’ve been able to help him, but he realised that he didn’t care.  All that mattered was making the stone work, and so, he flipped it over and over in his palm until he found what he was looking for.

“Sev!  Sev, Sev, Sev, Sev, Sev!”

Severus grinned broadly.  “Hi Lori.”

And he closed his eyes.

Studying date (Young!Remus Lupin x Reader)

You and Remus have been dating for a while now, and even since you started dating you always studied together on Fridays.
You would go to the Gryffindor common room because there was always people in the (Y/h) common room doing their homework too and you wanted to be alone.

You are walking towards the transfiguration classroom after your last class, charms, to find Remus so you can go to his common room together.
You stop next to the door and lean against the wall holding your charms book to your chest.
After sometime, you get tired of holding the book and put it inside your bagpack with the other books.
You sit on the floor because your back aches from standing leaning against the wall.

The door to the classroom opens and Lily and Marlene get out.
“Oh hi, (Y/n)! I suppose you’re waiting for Remus. Mcgonagall made us stay a little bit more because of Malfoy’s rudeness and Sirius’ outburst. What a pair of gits.” Lily says. “Either way, the guys are inside gathering their things. Bye! Have a good time with Remus!”
You feel your cheeks heat up but despite your embarrassment you answer her with a “Thanks! Bye Lily, bye Marls!”
“Oh look who we have here, hello Mrs. Moony!” James says and offers you his hand to help you get up. You gladly take his hand and get up of the floor.
“Hi James. Is Remus going to stay in there any longer? I’m a bit tired of waiting you know.” You say, laughing and with your checks even redder.
Remus exits the classroom with Sirius and Peter and greets you with a kiss on the cheek, at which the other guys make gagging sounds.
Remus and you roll your eyes simultaneously.

When you arrive at the common room, Remus and you take the seats in front of the fireplace and start taking your books out of your bagpacks.

When you’ve finished the charms, transfiguration and potions essays and you only have to answer two questions for professor Binns, you notice someone’s stare and turn around, only to find Remus staring at you.
“Remus, stop staring.” You say, not to be mean or anything, but it makes you a bit uncomfortable.
“Sorry love, but you’re cuter than the essay.”
He leans in and kisses you. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him back.
You keep kissing repeatedly until Remus pulls apart and pulls you on top of his lap.
You kiss him deeply and run your fingers through his hair and he moans. You laugh a bit and he blushes.
“S'rry baby.”
“It’s okay Remmy.”
He kisses you again, but more passionately this time. He starts running his hands up and down you arms and then your tights.
He squeezes your inner tight and now it’s your time to moan.
He pulls your shirt up so he can run his hands up and down your waist.
Suddenly the common room door opens and you pull apart.
Remus gives you a peck on the lips and helps you get off his lap quickly.
With a wave of your wand both your clothes and hair look nice again.
You look down at the parchment in front of you and scratch your face with the top of your quill.
“Hey guys.” Marlene greets the both of you. “ You’ve got the common room to yourselves, I would think you would make a profit out of that.” She says and you blush and keep looking at the parchment, trying to concentrate on the words written on it.
“Well, I guess you’re busy with other things. See you later!”
“Bye.” Remus says softly.
Once she’s gone Remus bursts out laughing and you look up at him weirdly.
“It’s just, omg (Y/n), you’re so cute when you’re trying to hide something, and even cuter when you blush.” He says and you blush again and it makes you laugh.
You both end up laughing like mad men.

Hardly ever did your study sessions end up being study sessions, but you loved it that way.

Just got inspired and decided to write my first imagine. Hope you like it guys! Alex xx
Girlfriend- Lily Evans

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Pairing: Lily Evans x Reader

Characters: Lily Evans, James Potter

Warnings: Swearing

Request: N/A

Word Count: 538

Author: Charlotte

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"I don't often sail on the Snily ship" Saw your post about this today and I just wondered why? It's unusual that such a pro-Snape blog isn't a Snily blog. Why don't you like them as a couple?

Hmmmm, interesting one.

It’s not that I’m adverse to Snily per se, but I think the way that canon is presented, it slams the door shut on their relationship just around the time that you’d imagine they’d be of an age to really explore any interest in each other.

If Snape’s Worst Memory occurred a year later, then I think I would absolutely take a summer of experimentation between the pair around their OWL year as extremely credible.

I’d also follow Snily with a canon divergent reading - a reading where the adults are perhaps more in line with the ages of Rickman, Oldman, Thewlis etc - a Snily where they were together at school, and post-Hogwarts Snape went down the Death Eater path, and Lily went down the Order path, and the two broke up.

I also quite like “interesting” fics, so whilst I am confident there is little support in canon for the idea of Snape having any sort of relationship with Lily post-Snape’s Worst Memory, I also quite enjoy the odd fic that I’ve read where Lily tries to track down Snape whilst he’s a Death Eater.

But I am very anti the idea that Lily somehow justifies Snape’s character, or James’ character, or well, anyone’s character.  I don’t like the way that sometimes we talk in fandom about Lily’s decision being indicative of who was right and who was wrong, and I don’t like the idea that’s sometimes presented that if Snape had been a little different, then he’d have ‘won’ Lily instead of James ‘winning’ Lily.

Neither male character (or any other character!) ‘deserves’ Lily.  Alas, she’s barely written as a character within the text, to ensure that the reveal that she was Snape’s best friend and his motivation was a shock, so I can see why people unintentionally fall down that path…but I think it’s a grim reading.

I would absolutely be behind an older Marauder gang though.  I really like the idea of Snape and Lily quietly dating at Hogwarts, perhaps having a year or two out of school where they lived together.  I love the headcanon of Snape trying to gain his Potions mastery, but him having doors opened by the likes of the Malfoys - so whilst it looks like he has his life together, he’s being coerced and courted and seduced by the purebloods, and ultimately, it leads to Lily walking away from him - and the angst of losing her completely propels him down the dark path, because now there’s nothing to hold him back.

And then, from there, James has had plenty of time to grow up and change, and can show Lily who he has become - and the whole group have lots of time for growing into their positions within the Order and the Death Eaters, and we could learn about what a slow burn Peter’s betrayal was…

…yes, that I can get behind.  I’d love for the betrayal to have occurred with the adults at 31 instead of 21, and although I really enjoy the notion that there wasn’t a sexual element to Snape’s love of Lily (and it was love not lust), I think a genuine lost lover is a pretty credible read as well.

okay but just imagine sirius being quidditch commentator/gossip queen
  • ‘just letting everyone know that gryffindor captain james is very single and very ready to mingle if your name is lily evans’
  • ‘jones is no doubt slightly distracted by the fact his girlfriend cheated on him, sorry ‘bout that mate’
  • ‘no eliza i will not ask remus out for you’
  • ‘if flemming was as good at flirting as he is at blocking goals then maybe he wouldn’t have been rejected by dorcas meadowes last week’
  • ‘benjy stop laughing and start playing you’re not as funny as you think you are’
  • ‘to the person who asked if emmeline vance had a boyfriend i’m just gonna tell you now you’re not good enough for her’
  • ‘excellent beating from lockley there, managing to nearly knock out turner whilst maintaining that perfect hair, how does he do it?’
  • ‘yes professor this is all highly important informatio… no it’s not nonsense…. look now you’ve made me miss a goal’
  • ‘lily evans says she’ll go on a date with james potter if he scores thirteen times - don’t smirk you bastard you’ll never do it’
  • ‘gryffindor’s daley has seen the snitch! oh wait he’s lost it. now daley was it you i saw trip down the stairs yesterday?’
  • ‘and turner passes to west who passes to samson who - drops it. its important to note none of the ravenclaw chasers are speaking to each other, i don’t know why, only that it involves a bottle of firewhiskey, a game of truth or dare, and west’s pet cat’
  • ‘dorcas meadowes would like it to be known she rejected flemming because she has no obligation to date someone just because they think she’s hot’
  • ‘update on the james and lily situation; james has scored eight goals and lily has now got JP painted on her cheek’
  • ‘if tom denvers can afford the new nimbus then he can bloody afford to pay me the four galleons he owes me’
  • ‘gryffindor now lead 140 - 70, peter pettigrew really needs gryffindor to win or he has to pay lois knight ten sickles and then he won’t be able to buy me a birthday present’
  • ‘if ravenclaw would hurry up and lose so we can start the party that would be great’
  • ‘party? i don’t know who gave you the impression there would a party tonight professor’
  • ‘of course i’m sure, professor, i would know if there was a party happening tonight. i can assure you there isn’t a party in the gryffindor common room at seven-thirty pm. if there was though i would tell gideon prewett to bring his own bloody firewhiskey this time because i’m not paying for his ridiculous drinking habits’
  • ‘oh james scored again, him and evans are both smiling far too much if you ask me’
  • ‘yes marlene i did say seven-thirty pm. what do you mean you’re busy?’