lily cuda

“Stop the Devaluation of Feminized Jobs” - Lillian Cuda.

This piece is a commissioned t-shirt and sticker design for MisogynistShaming. I’m excited to see the final garment. If you’re interested in a commissioned piece, please email me at


Finally got around to photographing the amazing handmade pretties I got from my trade with Lana W. of Zephi and The Devil. Everything Lana creates is amazing and clearly infused with so much love and care. I have no idea where to stitch the patches or use the stickers yet because they’re so precious I want them on everything. Now go and buy everything in her shop, ok? :3

Crystal Heart Choker - Lillian Cuda.

A page from my sketchbook done early this year, referencing an already existing item which I can’t seem to find in order to link. If you know, please message me.