lily collins 2012


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I spoke about this moment before but I finally got around to making the gifs to go along with it so again, the thing I love about these moments is that at first she was like “lol you read comics how charming” and then later while she’s with Bill he asks her about Louis and she’s still mad/upset with him and yet she’s reading his favorite comic series and idk man I just think it’s really damn cute. I just love this movie entirely. That is all. 

“Sentivo il mio cuore battere,
sentivo il cuore di tutti.
Sentivo il rumore umano che facevamo la’ seduti,
nessuno che si muoveva,
nemmeno quando nella stanza calò il buio.”

- Raymond Carver: di cosa parliamo quando parliamo d’amore?
dal film stuck in love (2012).