lily cole was so good in this movie!

bettysponytaiil  asked:

That Bughead love scene was totally Cole & Lili acting. There's no way in hell that was just an acting scene between two actors. You can't hide real feeling like that. So much goddamn sexual chemistry during that scene. That totally had so much fun filming that.

When I first saw him slamming her against the counter, I was like “is this from a secret camera from their own bedroom?” I mean that chemistry, wow! There are always make out scenes and sex scenes on tv-shows but only a handful of them makes you feel like you’re prying through a peephole or something. There’s a myth going around about Cruel Intentions that everyone that watches the movie can feel flustered during the sex scene because Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were dating at the time and it made the scene 10 times more intimate and sexy and it’s true. That’s what happened with that Bughead scene. I mean I don’t even remember any of the same, if so more raunchy, Varchie sex scene that was playing in pararell not because it wasn’t good but because it didn’t have that spark you know? After tonight for me Cole and Lili are definately an item. The two of them together is electrifing and if we can see that from miles away and through a screen then I’m 100% sure that they saw that too! ;)

anonymous asked:

Babe you saw Lili's tumblr posts 😍😍😍 Yhe Johnny Depp one looks so much like our season 2 Bughead 🙌🙌🙌

I saw, babe, I saw!!! Both pictures she reblogged, the biker Johny Depp one and the Amy Locane one that says  “I’m so tired of being good”, are from Cry-Baby, a 90s movie about a (actually quoting IMDB here)  bad boy with a heart of gold that wins the love of a good girl. Sounds familiar? Yeah, I think so too. Plus, I don’t believe the timing of Cole’s insta story pic of him with a bike and the caption “sons of anarcole”, directly referring to Son’s of Anarchy, a biker gang show, is random either. We’re getting Biker!Jughead in season 2, guys, I’m telling you and I freaking can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙌🙌 🙌