lily cole


just wanna reminisce…

 For a long time, fashion held a really special place in my heart. But it all changed when social media kicked in. Nowadays, many young rich people get offered to do runways, prints and ad campaigns based upon the number of followers they have despite their talent-less asses. Everything is all about connections and $$$.

  Back then, there were so many unique girls who came in, worked their asses off and made a huge impact to the fashion industry. Their beauties also inspired many new bizarre categories in modelling, like “The Bombshells”, “The Russian Beauties”, “The Aliens” and “The Androgynous”, just to name a few.

  Gemma, Sasha, Jessica, Lily and Vlada were part of the highlights of the 2000s for me. The girls were (and still are) undeniably special. Their unique beauties even went on to inspire a new category in modelling, “The Doll Faces”. Although, the demure baby doll trend has kinda died down, what they had brought to the fashion scene in the last decade will never be forgotten… such good times.