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Jily Fanfic Recommendations

So I haven’t made a Jily rec post in about 2 years, but I have started reading them a lot again, so here are some recent reads/favourites:

Title: So This Is Love
Author: petalstofish
Summary:  James accidentally calls Lily Evans, Lily Potter, while arguing.

Title: Sunshine in My Eyes
Author: monroeslittle
Summary:  Mr. and Mrs. Evans are killed when Lily’s only a girl, and she’s supposed to go to a home with her sister. Instead, a relative they didn’t know they had comes to collect them, and introduces Lily to manners, magic, and a life that’s just the slightest bit different from the life she was supposed to live.

Title: The Shortest Order
Author: fyeahjamesandlily
Summary: Pretending to be in love with James Potter would be hard for Lily Evans… except for the small fact that she’s pretty certain she’s been in love with him since sixth year anyway.  

Title: Pepper Up, Peppermint
Author: fyeahjamesandlily
Summary: The jolly chime of the doorbell cut through Lily’s medicine-induced fog, rousing her. Even after the last echoes died away, she made no move from her nest on the sofa. She was closest to the door, sure, but she was also closest to death.

Title: Pas De Deux
Author: petalstofish
Summary:  James wanders into a shop on Christmas Eve and meets a ballerina named Lily  

Title: Untitled
Author: snapslikethis
Summary: ‘brought together by a minor car accident’ au  

Title: At First Glance
Author: jamesdeerly/house_of_loyalty
Summary: It started with the goodbye of their sixth year. This is what Lily knows to be true.It was the first goodbye they had said as friends. Not as enemies, not as a potential couple, just as friends…

wonderfulchaos69  asked:

I'm so glad you liked the fic~! <3 And if you decide to draw all the Servamp costumes, that would be absolutely awesome! I originally imagined sneaking Hugh in as Harry Potter, because I thought it'd be funny. But I had no idea how to include that besides having him be quite proud of his costume until he saw Mahiru and then be like: "... you may win this round, insolent fool, but you will rue the day you made a mockery of me!"

I LOVED THE FIC SOOOOO MUCH. I was a giggling mess, it was so cute and perfect~ And it took me awhile…. but I drew their costumes from the fan fic as a token of my appreciation!! (you had some great choices @wonderfulchaos69 !! This was fun to do!) 

I loved the way you wrote Lily~ The ballerina fairy costume was too cute!!<3

Sailor Moon Ophelia and Tuxedo Mask Hyde was something I didn’t know I needed. ;w; BLESS THIS IDEA. 

Zombie Sakuya was great as well. :D (It was kinda hard to draw his zombie makeup but I like the outcome anyway!) poor Lily when he saw Sakkun lol…. ;w;

Just the mention of baby Tsubaki’s Winnie the Pooh costume made me collapse from the cuteness. Also that last minute Mafia Wrath idea was great, I laughed when she said:  “I’m joining the mafia for Halloween.”

Also here’s your Hugh idea as well!

THANKS A MILLION FOR THIS FIC!!! <3 now I must return to answering the rest of my asks in my inbox… TwT

If anyone is a fan of this au I highly recommend this fanfic! 

Marauders Dancers AU

(Okay bear with me here while i try to write 

So @betweenlightandshadows once mentioned this and after I ran into some folks I knew so my mind started running like a puppy who missed their human…)

Gryffindor Productions is a platform that students can use to come up with creative and unique dance performances. So the gang is up for creating a fusion of different styles and just an all-round badass and extremely diverse dance number. 

James - Specifically Desi! James as a classical bharatanatyam dancer. He was forced to take something up as a child so that he could “reconnect with his roots” or something like that. Initially it was whatever but after a while he loved it. The story telling, the grace and power that work with the music and beats and the bright jewelry on his tan skin with the fierce makeup. Red and gold dhoti and just James’ fingers showing crisp hand gestures (mudras) and having a very expressive face because of it. 

Ballerina! Lily - She studied ballet since she was extremely little and she wants to join the Hogwarts Dance Academy, so while she has classical dance in the bag, she needed something unique and different to give her that edge to get a scholarship. She finds out about the Marauders’  past performances mixing classical Indian dance with modern western hip hop and she’s intrigued. Ballerina Lily storms her way into the group and just dances to whatever music they throw at her with untouchable grace. 

Musical Prodigy! Sirius - Sirius claims that he cannot dance (he knows ballroom and he secretly learnt jazz but no one is allowed to know about it okay?) but he is a musical prodigy. He’s the reason the Marauders can get such flawless tracks that blend into each other like they were meant to. He can feel the emotions of the music and the dancers and he delivers music that leaves you with goosebumps. He has to work closely with the choreographers to make sure that they understand the tone and mood of the music and that the music compliments their individual style and personalities. 

Freestyle! Remus - Remus always wanted to be a dancer but never had the opportunity but he did have the internet. He learnt to dance on his own by practicing in front of a mirror. James “discovered” him on the street when he was performing to random songs that came on the radio. Remus just wants to dance and he will and can dance to almost anything and everything. He’s taken up his own mission titled ‘Mission: Make Padfoot Dance” and he will stoped at nothing to get Sirius to dance with him 

Tap Dancing! Peter - His mom has a dance studio and teaches tap dancing and Peter is an absolute natural at it. He’s super fast on his feet and super bouncy and everyone knows that despite his insecurities, when he’s dancing, there’s a smile on his face because that’s the one thing he’s good at and he knows it. None of the other Marauders can so it gives him something to be proud of. 

This is all a mess but a mess I wanted to share … @punkrockprofessor