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Clay Hair Recolors Updated

New haircolor palette because I finally wanted to make my own without using mostly Pooklet’s colors. It’s still very similar to the old palette but a lot of the colors are not so shiny anymore. Also I got rid of a few colors, but I added some new ones. :)
My old alpha hair retextures probably won’t be updated to this palette, cause there are just too many. Sorry about that, but I hope you’ll understand! ._.

Here are the links to all updated hairs. They all have my new 65 colors and also new file names - so please make sure to remove the old files if you redownload them. :)

pushing daisies🌻

meet Ned

now meet Charlotte 

they were childhood sweethearts

but in the future Charlotte was murdered

while this was happening Ned is partners with Emerson, a private detective

Ned can help Emerson because he has this gift, where he can touch any living thing and bring it back to life but the consequences are if that living things stays alive for more than a minute another living thing in close proximity will die to take their place ( and if you bring someone back to life another human will take it’s place, it can’t be an animal ) and when he touches them again they die forever

So Ned touches the murder victum’s and ask who murdered them and immediately touch them again

but he kept charlotte alive

and of course that still like each other being childhood sweethearts and all but the problem is he can’t touch charlotte or she’ll die forever

they did come up with some pretty good idea’s though

now meet Olive, she’s a waitress that works at the pie hole

And Finally Meet Vivian and Lily, Charlotte’s Aunts

the things that make me love this show

Art by Gilmec on DeviantArt

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I'm still not over Pushing Daisies. There is so much I don't understand, why was it cancelled, how could they just leave us like this, there were so many unsolved plot lines! Where's Chuck's dad, how will Lily and Vivian get over the shock that Chuck's alive, will Emerson's daughter live with him or is her mom near, is Olive ever gonna find out about Ned waking the dead, are she and Randy Man gonna last, how are Ned's brothers and what about his father? How could they tell us that he's still around but not where he's been or whether he'll ever reveal himself to Ned, are Chuck and him gonna be happy forever, what happens when he gets old but Chuck doesn't? I just really wish there were at least two seasons more so that the character development wouldn't have been so rushed and the plot holes were solved and I also just really miss the story telling and I miss Ned and I miss Pushing Daisies.

I feel like Emerson is the only one in Pushing Daisies who has a good grasp on reality.

Ned’s a fuckin’ necromancer so while that may be his reality, it’s not really anyone else’s besides Chuck; his alive agained girlfriend that he can’t touch lest he kill her. Chuck, should technically be dead, but she’s not so her reality is just skewed by that fact alone. Come on, you’re dead, then you’re not dead? Reality doesn’t really matter anymore when you’ve cheated death.

Olive is too in-love with Ned to notice things around her for what they are, like her relationship with Ned is nothing more than an unrequited love that will never be requited, which she knows but still continues to hope against. Poor Olive.

Lily and Vivian are shut-ins with an entire room dedicated to cheese and Lily has spent a lifetime pretending her daughter is her unrelated niece, and poor Vivian has just gone with it.

Basically, those five have locked themselves in their own world, half in and half out of the real world that Emerson lives in and this poor guy is just trying to keep them in touch with it and out of bad situations and all he wants to do is find his daughter, knit things, and make some coin while enjoying the occasional a la mode pie.

Huh…so I was looking at the aunts’s eye makeup today, and I noticed that Lily has winged eyeliner, whereas Vivian does not. 

Some may disagree, but I’ve found that winged liner makes one’s eyes l appear lower, in a sense, more down-turned, whereas straighter liner makes they eyes appear wider, with more range. 

Basically, their eyeliner tells you everything you need to know about their outlook. 

I freakin’ love makeup.

the deadliest of dames

listen it’s probably (definitely) too soon to be writing fig and ford fic but when has that ever stopped me before??? so here is a little drabble that i might turn into a longer fic later on !!

also….look at this….a link to the case of the gilded lily kickstarter….wonder how that got here 

Vivian Nightingale was not an easy dame to find, especially in a town like this, with more shadows than there are cigarettes and more secrets than there are matches to light ‘em.

But Ford knew where to find her. He always did.

And so here he was, leaning in the doorway of her dressing room, watching her powder her nose. Her hair is in curlers, her latest bombshell dress hidden under her silk robe, but to Ford, she had never looked so beautiful.

“Hey, Viv,” he said, twisting his hat in his hands, and Vivian’s eyes shot up to meet his in the mirror, her body stilling in surprise. 

For a moment, he thought he saw something flicker in her gaze, some kind of deep emotion, but then she was moving again, reaching for her lipstick, her eyes flicking away from his.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in,” she said, puckering her lips to apply her reddest shade. “What can I do you for?”

“I got a case,” he replied, stepping further into the room. His eyes don’t leave her, but that’s nothing new. Vivian was the type of broad you couldn’t look away from. Like a mouse watching a cobra, Fig had said once, puffing away on a cigarette, her heels kicked up on her desk. Waiting for it to strike. But Ford knew better. Vivian Nightingale was a whole other kinda deadly.

She let out a one-note laugh. “You’ve always got a case.”

“This one’s big,” he said, “and it’s gotta do with our mutual friend.”

A pause. Her eyes flicked back up to meet his, but this time, her expression was careful, cautious; that light he’d seen before had been extinguished. “I’m listening.”

He placed his hat back on his head.


all the relationships in pushing daisies |→ ned and the aunts

“Nobody remembers your father, Ned. What they do talk about is how you turned out to be such a nice, wonderful boy–man, even.”

Toxic Nightingale

My entry for @shipwreckedcomedy ‘s Fanfiction Contest, for their new short film ‘The Case of The Gilded Lily’ 

I know it’s not exactly the prompt but I loved the idea too much to waste it! 

I enjoyed writing this, and I hope I got their characters right! 

The Kickstarter

Basis of Song

Words: 576

Rating: T + Mentions of Smoking, and Drinking.

Summary: Ford Phillips is at another show of hers, and she of course notices.

Her hands were graceful as she sang, a twist of the wrist, a glance to the side with a flutter of eyelashes, she was intoxicating.

And the way she looked at him, truly his undoing. As Vivian Nightingale moved through the room, running a hand over a few heads, only to stop in front of him, leaning down “With the taste of a poisoned paradise.” Her eyes bright and blue bore into the darkness within his own, “I’m addicted to you, don’t you know you’re toxic.”

With a twist of her heels, her auburn hair faced him, her red dress flaring out at the ankles, “And I love what you do…” She smelled like sunshine, but glowed like seduction, once again his undoing… He was falling, hard. “Don’t you know that you’re toxic?”

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