lily and vivian

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I'm still not over Pushing Daisies. There is so much I don't understand, why was it cancelled, how could they just leave us like this, there were so many unsolved plot lines! Where's Chuck's dad, how will Lily and Vivian get over the shock that Chuck's alive, will Emerson's daughter live with him or is her mom near, is Olive ever gonna find out about Ned waking the dead, are she and Randy Man gonna last, how are Ned's brothers and what about his father? How could they tell us that he's still around but not where he's been or whether he'll ever reveal himself to Ned, are Chuck and him gonna be happy forever, what happens when he gets old but Chuck doesn't? I just really wish there were at least two seasons more so that the character development wouldn't have been so rushed and the plot holes were solved and I also just really miss the story telling and I miss Ned and I miss Pushing Daisies.

I feel like Emerson is the only one in Pushing Daisies who has a good grasp on reality.

Ned’s a fuckin’ necromancer so while that may be his reality, it’s not really anyone else’s besides Chuck; his alive agained girlfriend that he can’t touch lest he kill her. Chuck, should technically be dead, but she’s not so her reality is just skewed by that fact alone. Come on, you’re dead, then you’re not dead? Reality doesn’t really matter anymore when you’ve cheated death.

Olive is too in-love with Ned to notice things around her for what they are, like her relationship with Ned is nothing more than an unrequited love that will never be requited, which she knows but still continues to hope against. Poor Olive.

Lily and Vivian are shut-ins with an entire room dedicated to cheese and Lily has spent a lifetime pretending her daughter is her unrelated niece, and poor Vivian has just gone with it.

Basically, those five have locked themselves in their own world, half in and half out of the real world that Emerson lives in and this poor guy is just trying to keep them in touch with it and out of bad situations and all he wants to do is find his daughter, knit things, and make some coin while enjoying the occasional a la mode pie.


Happy Technicolor Tuesday! Here you can see what some of our costumes, sets, and even makeup looked like in glorious color. All pictures by Christopher Higgins, except for the last one, which was taken by Brent Madison.

The Case of the Gilded Lily coming soon to Shipwrecked Comedy!

Huh…so I was looking at the aunts’s eye makeup today, and I noticed that Lily has winged eyeliner, whereas Vivian does not. 

Some may disagree, but I’ve found that winged liner makes one’s eyes l appear lower, in a sense, more down-turned, whereas straighter liner makes they eyes appear wider, with more range. 

Basically, their eyeliner tells you everything you need to know about their outlook. 

I freakin’ love makeup.


all the relationships in pushing daisies |→ ned and the aunts

“Nobody remembers your father, Ned. What they do talk about is how you turned out to be such a nice, wonderful boy–man, even.”

Pushing Daisies Kickstarter Campaign

Reblog and like this if you’re a Pushing Daisies fan who wants Bryan Fuller to make a movie that actually wraps up the show!! 

Seriously, I’d give so much money to a Kickstarter campaign, if any show deserves a better wrap up it’s Pushing Daisies.  It was a magical, wonderful, colorful, sweet, fun, hilarious, perfectly casted, story book wonder about death and love and friendship and it DESERVES to have a real ending!  I wanna know what the heck happened with Ned and Chuck’s dads!  I wanna see what Lily and Vivian do now that they know Chuck’s alive.  I want to see Olive actually happy and over Ned, running her awesome mac and cheese restaurant.  I WANT ALL OF THEM, ESPECIALLY NED, TO SING!!   

Way back in like, March/April Bryan Fuller said he’d love to make a Pushing Daisies movie, and was considering a Kickstarter campaign to help make it happen.  SO C'MON PUSHING DAISIES FANS!!  Let’s get the hype back up and make this happen!  WOO!


10 -  Tyler Smith, Lizzie Garcia, Alejandra Triana

9  - Jenna Meilman and  Trinity Bonilla

8 - Daniel Paula 

7 -  Camille Cabrera 

6 - Barbara Perdomo and  Luke Hendley

5 - Anessa Zivic and Aimee Brotten

4 - Quinn Starner and Skye Ayala

3 - Lily Gentile

2 - Kayla Mak

1 - Vivian Ruiz and Joziah German