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Hahaha…. so this is what the Riverdale girls are up to on set… Lili and Camila reenacting Jughead’s phone call to mom is hilarious xD and kinda ironic cos Lili actually comes from Ohio (Cleveland) and her wanting to come back to Toledo is such a koinkidink hehe… and then Camila recording Lili and Marisol throwing what seems like a banana peel?? and trying to land it in the wastebin but failed lol. Plus Cole the spectator watching them throw…. and great to hear that the Pussycats are headed to SDCC this year too on July 22nd! Their enthusiasm is adorable. Oh and the boys roasting each other on their snses.. Riverdale cast are love.

Crossed Wires, Part 4 (Cole Sprouse x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Imagine: Upon Cole’s rejection of your feelings, you have vowed to leave show business for good. When you decide to attend the Teen Choice Awards as your last big event, he does something that surprises everyone.

“And the award for Choice Celebrity Couple is… Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart!”

The crowd went wild. While Riverdale cleaned up at the Teen Choice Awards this year, the Choice Celebrity Couple Award was a newly-introduced category, and stars from all aspects of show-business were vying for the title. Cole smiled gratefully, hugging KJ and Camilia before walking up to the stage with Lili hand-in-hand.

You sat at the end of the row, smiling politely and clapping for your friends. You’d initially refused to attend, but your agent convinced you–a of last hurrah of sorts (you couldn’t say no to free food). You had to admit, it was really fun to be on-stage with everyone to accept the Choice TV Drama Award, and hear everyone’s cheers when you were nominated for Choice TV Drama Actress (which went to Lili, of course).

Cole stood on stage, taking the surf board trophy from the presenters. He looked dapper as ever, trading in his sheep-shear jackets and striped hoodies for a fitted tuxedo and slicked hair. Despite everything, it made your heart flutter to see his James Dean smile.

“It is such an honor to receive the first ever Choice Celebrity Couple award,” Cole said. “I’d like to thank Roberto for bringing us all together, and Lili for being a great co-star… and KJ for staying out of our way!” Everyone laughed. KJ acted fake-angry.

“Yes, I’d like to thank our families and friends for supporting us in everything we do!” Lili said with a smile. The audience cheered.

“Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!” The audience chanted. Cole grinned, leaning into Lili. She wrapped her arms around his neck tilting her face into his. The audience screamed with excitement.

Your heart dropped. You stood up, excusing yourself to the restroom. You didn’t need or want to see this. Not on your last day in show-business. KJ grabbed your hand to try and make you stay, but you wrestled it out of his grasp.

You were almost out the door when you heard something from the stage.

“Wait,” Cole said.

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let your hair down [ Sirius Black x Ravenclaw!Reader]

request for a Sirius x Ravenclaw!Reader fic that involves Quidditch, parties, bickering, and a little somethin’-somethin’ at the end.

warnings: smut, cursing. likely nsfw.

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Little Do You Know // Cole Sprouse

Hey girl, I was just wondering if you could possibly do a Cole Sprouse imagine where you have feelings for him but you think he likes Lili and he has feelings for you but he thinks you like KJ, and like I don’t know he gets like kinda jealous and then somehow confesses his feelings in a super fluffy way 💛💛

I’m so sorry that this doesn’t exactly show the jealousy you wanted and that I took foreverrrr to post this, it’s been a tough week for me (and I’ve only just got my Tumblr up and running again) and I’d like to apologize, but things will get better. I promise x 

Word Count: 1,280

Warnings: None

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott.

“Cole!” You laughed as he threw grapes at you. Your hands were up, trying to defend yourself, but it was really no use, because the childish male in front of you would end up throwing them as soon as you took your hands away from your face. “You’re such a little kid! Stop!” Your cheeks hurt from laughing so much, but you had a huge grin on your face because of the boy sitting in front of you, who you adored so much.

“So Cole, I was wonde-“ you went to ask the recently dyed brunette a question, but were interrupted by Lili Reinhart, your co-star and one of your friends. You weren’t as close to her as you were with Camila, KJ or Cole, but you and Lili did hang out between sets sometimes and you had been to lunch with her a few times.

“(Y/N)!” You heard the familiar voice of KJ call out your name, you turned around, and in those few seconds of you turning to face KJ, you saw Lili sit down next to Cole. You took a deep breath, standing up and giving KJ a hug. “Hey buddy. How has your morning been?” You asked the taller male, sitting back down. You could hear the pair talking about stuff that was meaningless to you.

“Hey, do you guys wanna go out to lunch? Camila, Casey and Madelaine are already out and they’re wondering if you guys want to tag along?” KJ asked, looking at the three of you. You nodded standing up and grabbing your bag from the seat next to you.

“We’ll meet you there. I need to talk to Cole about a few things.” Lili looked at you and KJ, smiling softly. You nodded, looking at Cole and smiling at him. “Just text me when you two are on your way,” you said to Cole, turning around and walking towards KJ’s car, starting a small conversation with him.

*Cole’s POV*

“Why have you not asked her out yet!” Lili exclaims once you and KJ were out of sight, looking at Cole with a wild look in her eyes. She had always loved the idea of you and Cole together, ever since you had started on the show. Cole took a deep breath, shaking his head.

“I’m convinced KJ likes her, and he’s her age, Lili! He’s 19. She’s 19. I’m 24! That’s a 5, almost 6 year age gap. I’m not sure if she like’s that or not.” Cole sighed, turning his phone on and looking at the time, but not before looking at the lock screen, which was a picture of you and him together at your birthday dinner (which had just recently passed. So you had just turned 19. He was turning 25 soon.) He smiled, shaking his head and looking at Lili. “Shall we go get lunch now, with our darling friends, Betty?” He grinned, standing up and slinging his camera bag over his shoulder. Lili laughed, standing up also and nodding. “Of course, my dear Jughead.”

“(Y/N)!” KJ exclaimed, making you, finally, pay attention to him. You looked over at the dyed ginger, giving him an apologetic smile. “Sorry. Lost in my thoughts once again. What were you saying?” You asked, biting on your thumb nail and taking a deep breath. Music from your ‘its so extra’ playlist (it’s an actual thing, guys. Follow it on Spotify @brandenisonn) was playing in the background.

“I was saying, why have you not made a move on Cole yet? You two are so alike, and you are both so happy when you’re with each other. Like, I’m surprised you two aren’t married yet.” KJ laughs, making you blush. You ran your fingers through your hair and took a deep breath. Once you two had made it to the restaurant where you and the cast members would be hanging out, you grabbed your black bomber jacket. Your hands were in the pockets as you walked next to KJ, thanking him when he opened the door and let you walk through first. He muttered something under his breath about losers going first or something like that, but you just laughed, slapping him on the arm.

“Hello, my amazing friends. I missed you all so much, even though just yesterday I was crashing a car with all of you in it!” You greeted your cast members, referring to the last episode you had just previously filmed. You sat down in the booth, next to Camila and taking a sip from her water she had on front of her.

You had all ordered food, and Cole and Lili had joined you, so you were all squished into a booth. All 7 of you. KJ, you and Cole were all in one side of the booth, and Casey, Madelaine, Lili and Camilla were all squished into the other side. You were all eating, stealing each other’s food and laughing.

It had been a pretty long day, so Cole had invited him to your apartment, suggesting that you two could play video games and just eat a bunch of junk food, or binge watch a TV Show.

“Today was amazing!” You exclaimed as you walked into Cole’s small, but decently put together apartment. You placed your jacket on the coat rack that was by the front door, kicking your Converse off and walking into Cole’s kitchen, opening the fridge. “Did you want a soda, Cole!?” You called out, hearing the familiar beep from the PS4 and the start-up sound, followed by a ‘yes please!’

You walked into the living room, placing the two bottles of soda on the coffee table and falling onto the couch, pulling the throw blanket over your legs and watching Cole set the surround sound speakers up. “I’ve never actually used these before.” He laughs a little, untangling some of the wires.

“I’ll be on Instagram; photographing your process.” You laughed, opening your Instagram and seeing you were tagged in a few photos. You saw they were posted by your cast mates, making you let a breath out and open them. The first one was posted by Lili, surprisingly. It was before she had approached you, and you were trying to avoid the grapes being thrown at you by the dark haired beauty that had a huge grin across his face. You scroll down to the next one, which was posted by Camila. It was when the two of you were squished next to each other in the booth. You could tell KJ had been cropped out, but you could just see his hand reaching across to grab the salt. You laughed, the photo being another happy photo of you two. You smiled, quickly turning off your phone when Cole sat down next to you, handing you the controller. “Pick a movie.”

You had fallen asleep long before the movie had finished, your head resting on Cole’s thigh, his arm resting over your side. Cole looked down at you, biting his lip as he started to speak. “I know I don’t show it. And I know you’ll probably never know. You might, but you also might not. I love you so much, I don’t like Lili, I don’t like Madelaine, I don’t like Camila, I like you. I want you to be mine, but I know you probably will never like me in that way. You always tell me I’m your best friend, and it kills me. But I love you so much and I hope that one day, you’ll share these feelings too.”

But little did he know, that you had heard the whole thing, and you loved him too.

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Lots of interviews with Lili and Cole cos it’s a day before the second final Riverdale episode! Here’s a roundup of the interviews that you might have missed, including an inside sneak peek into Episode 12! Btw someone oughta tell Cole that his hair playing is highly distracting lol…go wear a beanie xD

Cole Sprouse On Jughead’s Tough Times & FP Jones’ Arrest On ‘Riverdale’

Inside look into episode 12! LOVE how Betty stood up to her mom and defended Jughead’s dad <33 

haha love this! The cast are actually aware of the same fan theories that we do hehe.. especially the one about Kevin, and also Archie being the actual target for the murder instead of Jason Blossom… and the one where these are all happening in Jughead’s mind.

“I think Betty is past the point of being embarrassed. She’s in recovery mode and she’s at the point where she goes “I can’t lose him (Jughead)”….”

lukastarkiller  asked:

im working on a story that retells 3 classic children's stories, and one of them is peter pan. i am wondering if i could have some advice on which of these options would be the best for making the usage of tiger lily not racist: 1 eliminating the native tribe entirely and not using her, 2 making them into aliens or amazons or some other fantasy element, or 3 eliminating the native tribe but making tiger lily a lost boy (other lost boys are female and poc as well, so it wouldn't be strange)

Retelling Tiger Lily

There’s option 4: picking a Tribe to research and represent and not being afraid to do it and do it right.  I’ve never seen a modern-day adaptation of Peter Pan have the cojones to actually pick up Tiger Lily and do her justice and maintain that she is Indigenous. 

Last year, Pan tried the route of making Tiger Lily & co. straight-up non-Native and a fantasy culture and in fact drew from Mongolian inspiration for elements like her headdress. This choice received boatloads of criticism for stripping away a Tiger Lily that could have been, including from Native American outlets such as Indian Country Today Media Network. Why not write the Tiger Lily that should have been? Neverland is described as a coastal/tropical area, with the pirates and the mermaids and so on,  and there is a wealth of coastal Native cultures to pick from.

- Rodriguez


They lived!Au. Because we all need something a bit cheerful and fun on a day like today. And because I actually remembered to write something for once.

“You need to hold still.” Lily held a small paint brush in one hand and a pallet of face paints in the other. She could think of a thousand spells that would make this much easier, but James had insisted that this give this years Halloween the ‘Good ol’ muggle try.’ Normally Lily appreciated his enthusiasm in giving the muggle way a chance, but she was simply too exhausted to feel appreciation at the moment.

“You’re getting it in my eye.”

“Grace, you have to hold still.” Lily repeated, using the tip of her small finger to wipe the edge of her daughter’s eye. “Did I get it?”

“Yes. Are you done yet?” She was trying to be patient and Lily appreciated it. Her older daughter, Joy, had pushed Lily’s hands away in a huff and declared that she would do it herself. She was five, so Lily was looking forward to seeing how that turned out.

“You two about ready?” James walked into the room carrying their youngest son, David who was dressed as a parrot, on his shoulders. James of course, was a pirate.

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Lily Collins to Co-Star Opposite Nicholas Hoult in Biopic ‘Tolkien’
Lily Collins is set to star opposite Nicholas Hoult in Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment’s J.R.R. Tolkien biopic “Tolkien.” Collins will play Edith Bratt, Tolkien’s great …
By Justin Kroll

Lily Collins is set to star opposite Nicholas Hoult in Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment’s J.R.R. Tolkien biopic “Tolkien.” 

Collins will play Edith Bratt, Tolkien’s great love, and eventual wife who inspired the elven princess characters in the Lord of the Rings” saga. Finnish director Dome Karukoski will helm the movie. 

 The film’s script by David Gleeson and Stephen Beresford focuses on the author as he finds friendship, love, and artistic inspiration among a group of classmates prior to the outbreak of World War I in 1914. He served in the British armed forces from 1916 to 1920, then wrote the three “Lord of the Rings” novels while working at Pembroke College. Tolkien died in 1973. 

Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment have been developing the project since 2013. Tolkien’s epic novels served as the basis for the film trilogies “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.” 

“The Hobbit” was first published in 1937. Tolkien then wrote “The Lord of the Rings” between 1937 and 1949 as what was initially intended to be a sequel, but the story became much larger — and ultimately one of the best-selling novels of all time with more than 150 million copies sold.  

Collins is coming off the Sundance pic “To the Bone,” which earned her some of the reviews of her career. Netflix acquired the distribution rights for that film and recently released it this past July. 

She was also seen in the Netflix movie “Okja” and has a starring role on the Amazon drama series “The Last Tycoon.” She is repped by CAA, LBI Entertainment, and Definition Entertainment.

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The Marauders (and Snape and Lily) as Star Wars characters AU…..

I’ve been on a random HP nostalgia kick recently so this was probably inevitable XD But hey, they grew up in the 70s so the first Star Wars would have actually been in theatres then?? (ignoring the time-travelling EU and prequel costumes, and any implied family relations!)

Some of these are a bit random – I was tossing up between making Peter be Anakin since he also literally loses an arm, but Snape and Anakin just have a lot of narrative parallels (a.k.a. Mr “tragic anti-hero/villain guy with a somewhat… intense… love for a childhood friend who makes the worst life decisions and destroys everyone they love but turns back from the Dark Side with much controversy”) … aaand my hand slipped. ¯\_(シ)_/¯