The Snowball Effect: Part 16

(( OOC: Lily, Marlene, Peter: @sirussly Mary: @arabella-prongs Dorcas: @lizziebennetnotinjapan ))

Remus: *enters the common room, his expression gaunt*

Remus: *casts them a quick look, voice tight as he struggles to maintain his composure* 

Remus: *turns to make his way back to the dorm, trembling* 

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The Snowball Effect: Part 8

(( OOC: Lily and Peter: @sirussly ))

Remus: *looking like a giant bundle of nerves as he fidgets in the common room, waiting* 

Remus: *sighs* Honestly James, is the proximity really necessary? 

James: Absolutely. 

Peter: *curled up in the corner looking sour* 

James: He’s just bitter that Emmeline turned him down and he’s gonna be stuck all by his lonesome tonight…

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The Snowball Effect: Part 10

(( OOC: Lily, Marlene: @sirussly Mary: @arabella-prongs Dorcas: @lizziebennetnotinjapan Erin: Oddoo ))

*the group sits at a table in The Three Broomsticks, sipping hot chocolate and goofing off*

Mary: *attempts to calculate the trajectory of her marshmallow*

*the marshmallow falls onto the table, alongside other poorly aimed marshmallows*

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The Snowball Effect: Part 11

(( OOC: Lily, Marlene: @sirussly Mary: @arabella-prongs Dorcas: @lizziebennetnotinjapan Erin: Oddoo ))

*the group leaves The Three Broomsticks, the sky above filled with stars*

Mary: *quickly looks away, blushing at Remus having caught her staring* 

Sirius: *shudders, teeth chattering* 

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