I don’t always like to post this. But I’m doing it for two reasons: #1 lilsey is my center square. I was her center square today. You know that’s my favorite, special spot. We’re kind of sisters.

#2 a lot of new people mixed with some old favorites. So I’m sharing.

meyecael Big Y at #1

jewels we’re both dying in the Chicago humidity and it’s really the first hot day. also, she’s gorgeous. and much love to her sister.

cposiasca12011 hands, arms, shoulders yknow I love a participant.

elvisbrady the facial hair looks great, idk what he’s talking about

lilsey my center square sister. we took a nap together, I don’t even think she knows. I’m a creep like that.

savylessthanthree moving and such. always good to post celeb man candy. and mumford lyrics.

abangnotawhimper it’s not SST without Jess.

farflungfriend I don’t even think hands are hot, but he makes them sexy.

therealweagle my favorite V picture. So hot.

God that is one good box

misterprankster I definitely wish I was his tumblr crush

abangnotawhimper I want to borrow her brain for a day

comedyandpoetry I view him as the tumblr guru…he has all answers for everything in life

lilsey we just took a shower together

tacolulz gets the best spot and a special place in my heart

deathbycex the first person on tumblr that I really admired

dirtyredbird always welcome in the box, so glad the move went well!

tina13thegreen will soon be in my city

julietslife posted some honest, real, raw, and awesome posts over the past few days and I can’t wait to read more. adore her heart.